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Issey Miyake for Men EDT 125ml Spray $69.99 Shipped @ Chemist Warehouse


MYER and DJ’s selling for $142.
Good deal for those needing it now
Smells good too (subjective of course so I recommend you test it first)

Free shipping code: FS7824 (thanks nismo). Original deal post

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    It's says it's a Toilet Spray… Glen 20 is cheaper.

    If I paid $69.99 for this, my wife would have a Issey fit !!!

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      You are back

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      I voted YES.

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        We should all vote in what we believe in and ignore all the bullies out there that chastise people that don't agree with them.

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          That's how you get anti-vaxxers ffs

        • Yes that's right, vote for your beliefs without either belittling others nor getting swayed by others.
          I really hope that neg wasn't from you jv.

        • Welcome back jv. Yes, I missed some of your albeit dry but sometimes funny humour :-)

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          I really hope that neg wasn't from you jv.

          Nope, it's from one of the bully yes voters that stalks my comments. They know who they are…

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          bully yes voters

          How many times have you made off-topic comments about voting no and other inappropriate comments in the last 2 or so days since you came back from your "holiday"? I've seen at least 4. You are the real bully, jv.

          Your delusional grandeur in thinking that yes voters stalk your comments is quite sad.

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          @ripsnorter: LOL you're so mad ripsnorter. Get over it.

        • @ripsnorter: Rubbish. He's just saying it's an OPINION vote, so don't let whiners and control freaks try to shame people into abandoning their own OPINION.

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          He's just saying it's an OPINION vote

          Did you even read my comment? Or are you too blind to your vote no belief that you will kowtow to whatever jv says? My point was that jv continuously brings up the marriage equality debate on Ozbargain when this is meant to be a forum for discussing bargains, not politics. For example:

          Great weather in the Whitsundays… Everyone there voted 'No'
          Nope, it's from one of the bully yes voters - By the way, this comment makes no sense as why would a yes voter downvote a "I voted YES" comment; jv just wanted to draw attention to himself and play the victim.
          Are you a Homme ?
          I still voted No.

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          @ripsnorter: Regardless, vote no.

        • My point was that jv continuously brings up the marriage equality debate

          No, someone else did that actually.

          Great weather in the Whitsundays… Everyone there voted 'No'

          LOL. You just don't 'get' JV.

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          No, someone else did that actually.

          continuously brings up the marriage equality debate

          There are multiple off-topic comments over multiple deal posts that are not relevant to the deal at all.

          LOL. You just don't 'get' JV.

          I clearly don't. I don't understand why it is funny to continuously bring up the marriage equality debate and to continuously plaster 'vote no' comments across Ozbargain, which is meant to be a bargains website.

        • @ripsnorter:

          Vote no.

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      Wife? We all thought you were a she

      • I still voted No.

      • Did you assume JV's gender?

        • We all did

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      +15 and -16 votes at the time of me commenting… controversial

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      I had to upvote this because OzB just isn't the same without jv.

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      Welcome back, missed you :')

    • Opening a window is cheaper.

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    have this and love it!

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      Are you a Homme ?

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        Doesn’t matter if he’s a homme or not we all vote NO

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          The link specifically says the product is for Hommes.

        • Sup homme?

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          Sup homme?

          What you do in your home is your business…

        • @jv: And keep it there. Keep it away from our children, out of schools, entertainment, and just our faces in general.

        • @GregMonarch:

          don't let whiners and control freaks try to shame people into abandoning their own OPINION.

          Keep it away from our children, out of schools, entertainment, and just our faces in general.

          You are a hypocrite and a bully. Stop your whining and trying to control everybody. Like it or not, homosexual people exist and you can't just hide them all and sanitise the world the way you in your backward view want to do it. Either move to a new country or back to the 1950s.

        • @GregMonarch:

          I do care they keep telling other people how to think
          People can live anyway they choose. But they don't automatically get the right to control other's opinions

          Do you not understand the face-slappingly obvious incongruence of your comments?

          As for "laws of nature and common sense.", you're exaggerating. It sad that you value your outdated opinion over the lives of other human beings. We're expanding the availability of marriage, not changing the laws of nature. Pretty common sense.

  • your username doesnt check with buying non RRP

  • +2

    This is really good value…. And it's a nice scent. Very fresh but not over powering.

    • 100% agree

    • i usually go for scents that also have a matching deodorant stick for that whole layered scent experience, which sort of limits me to old spice and tabac and one or 2 others.

      • That's one thing that has always stopped me buying aftershave, etc. i.e. Do people that use such things still use deodorant? Otherwise you'd have two completely different odors.

  • +2

    I thought this was normal price at cw, anyway, a good fragrance for work

    • Maybe… But I think not for the large bottle. I might be wrong. The next size down is 60, and priceline and others are all between 60-90 for the smaller bottles.

  • +3
  • +3

    Would I be time travelled back to the mid nineties if I sprayed this?

    • +4

      If I could tuuuuuuurn back time…

    • -1

      nah you need brut or Old Spice for that ..

      • brut and old spice would be at least the 50's.

  • Can we pick up in-store?

    • Yes for sure. The first store I went to didn't have stock… so maybe call ahead?

  • +16

    I buy my fragrances from Fragrancex.com
    They are pretty much the american equivalent to chemist warehouse, genuine fragrances bought in bulk/grey imported?

    They currently have the tester of this one for $45

    Free worldwide postage with coupon FSW (but can't stack with 15% off coupon)
    or 15% off coupon if your buying a bunch of stuff and want to pay the $20 postage.
    They also offer a sweet 7% cashback with cash rewards.
    Delivery takes 2 weeks usually.

    • +1

      Really helpful, have saved and will use the site in the near future.

  • So if I get this will I finally be able to use all those free condom deals in the past so it'll kinda pay for itself?!

    • +1

      Yes, tried and tested.

    • +3

      Think you might be mistaking this for chloroform - this relies on a different social principal, and will most likely work best when additional expenditure is directed towards dinner and a movie. Good luck!

  • +1

    How long does the fragrance last?

    • +3

      It lasts for the majority of the day for me. It's the fragrance which nets me the most positive reactions from ladies at work. Thanks OP!

      • Is that because it's a manly, or an interior designer scent though?

        • This isn't a "rugged" scent if that's what you're looking for.

          It's a little lighter, sharper and almost a fresh citrus.

  • One of my favourite sprays…would highly recommend. Its got a fresh and citrusy smell which is not too overpowering. It doesn't smell cheap either and I'd say it makes a great summer fragrance. The smell tends to last a few hours too and I can even smell hints on it on my clothes.

  • -1

    Some info for those that are interested, Issey Miyake test on animals.
    Source: Cruelty Free Kitty

    • +1

      So, pretty much all the name brand perfume is tested on animals; and the cruelty free ones smell like the aforementioned Glen 20?

    • +1

      LOL, do they seriously think that picture of the dog is supposed to shock/turn people off!? It's hilarious! For goodness sake… it's just a smell - not sulphuric acid. The animals are probably better cared for, fed, bathed, defleaed, etc. than a socialist greenie's armpit.

  • i am not quite sure why chemist warehouse always sells fragrances cheaper than myer/dj. does the smell differently?

    • Everything is more expensive at myer/dj. They have to rent the space and pay the staff(Dedicated to frag sales). There's nothing diff to the one you get in the pharmacy, there's no such thing as lower quality or diluted with water. That is illegal! I use to think myer/dj sell the higher quality version of all fragrance but that is BS!

    • Nope, it's exactly the same

  • +1

    Why would you want this? Andy by Hamish is cheaper and better.

  • +1

    Kind of want to buy this but my mate at work wears it. Can't rock up smelling the same!

    • depends i people reckon he smells great then you can copy and also wear, if colleagues reckon he stinks then consider it market research and don’t buy it.

    • +2

      Of course you should. And wear the same clothes, buy the same car (including colour), order the same lunch, etc… and accuse him of imitating you until he gets creeped-out and leaves. Then you can wear whatever you like.

  • Great price for one of my favourite sprays, I'm stocking up.

  • Is it OK for daily use?

  • +1

    For those of you with an Entertainement book don't forget there is a $10 voucher in there that you can use for purchases over $50 to bring the price down further.

    • Thanks so much!

  • +7

    Smelled this, was not a huge fan. Met attractive girl who said if she smells this on a guy it makes her want to rip his clothes off.

    It is now my daily fragrance.

    • +1

      I don't want to waste my clothes.

    • +1

      Should spray it on the yes voters then.

      • Well that's one way to try and get some action.. I normally try a hello or a right swipe.

  • +2

    there is this 3 pack (125ml EDT, Shower Gel, After Shave) for $74.95 http://www.chemistwarehouse.com.au/Buy/64027/Issey-Miyake-Fo...

    • can now be got for $67.49 using FRENZY for 10% off and free delivery with shipster

    • Hmm tempting to try..I assumed that the perfume in this 3 pack is exactly the same as the one posted here? Seem to have good review through a quick google search

      • should be - i did do a few searches to confirm that the 125ML IS a EDT

      • yes, and recommended by the lovely lady at the Chemist Warehouse

  • How about the "intense" version of this EDT? Same size, $30 cheaper.


    • Awesome, post it

      • "Temporarily Low Stock Online - Please Try Your Local Store"

        So may not be available, anyway it's probably better to go in store to test it out in case it's too strong as some reviews suggest.

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