This was posted 6 years 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Chemist Warehouse Free Shipping Site Wide >$20


As per the title, free shipping site wide min. spend $20. Must add the code during check out to get the free shipping.

Possible bargain: Swisse Men's Ultivite 120 tablets $29.99 delivered >$5 cheaper than Priceline

Add a free sample if you're spending over $30

Email says the code is valid for 7 days but still continues to work.

Good luck ^_^

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    Time to buy all the things and sell to China!!!

    • Most of their items are from China anyway.

      • Break the cycle maaaaaaaaaan

        • Step 1. Buy products.
          Step 2. Wait for products.
          Step 3. …
          Step 4. Profit!

      • They made in China, but not selling there. For exported only.

      • which ones are made in China? I thought Blackmores and Swisse were Australian?

        • Swisse is made in switzerland, thats why they call it swisse

  • Maybe Groupon can bring back the Chemist Warehouse deal ?

    • Good thinking. But i don't think the codes can stack.

    • but you cant use 2 coupons together. i.e. the groupon one to get $25 off (you paid groupon $20)
      this one to get free shipping.

      unless Anyone know a way to use 2 coupons together on chemist warehouse?

    • I bought one of those $25 deals…….and ended up with $50 because they hadn't sent the code through. When I asked them about it, they just gave me a code - which turned out to be for $50.

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    Can I get the entertainment card discount if purchasing online?

  • Do they pricematch? Priceline has a massive sale on now and they're too far from where I live

    • According to comments here, yes they do

      Official info here

      • Is online store regarded as Retail store too?

        I have price matched b4 but didn't get the 10% as per T n C

        • I have no experience with price matching at CW which is why I linked what I linked.

          Best to call them up and ask :)

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      I work for chemist warehouse. Yes we do price match, even if its a competitors sale price.

    • Can confirm that pricematch works. You have to pay your order in full and then email them with your order number and links to the cheaper products on the competitor's website within 24 hours, then they refund you the difference plus 10%. Managed to get $5 off my $21 order, price matching with 'Your Discount Chemist' :)

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    Don't forget cash rewards and don't use ad blockers, apparently I had an ad blocker and I didn't know. But thanks to TA and Darienne I have been able to save a few of my transactions

    • Thanks, I had two orders from chemist warehouse via cash rewards. It didn't tracked.

      • +1

        Send them an inquiry (Cash Rewards) they will fix it up

        • Thanks, I will do that.

    • here's the link and info below

      Cashback for Existing Customers: 1.20%
      Cashback for New Customers: 2.40%

  • do they still have 1/2 price vitamins?

  • great chance to get those curash baby wipes! they're so damn heavy.

  • They have some good specials on Musashi at the moment

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    It works. Thanks. Perfect timing.

  • +1

    Thanks OP.
    Anyone tried Enya body washes?

  • +1

    Thanks for posting OP, I grabbed a few things thanks.

    There is also a goof deal on morning fresh:

    Morning Fresh Dishwashing Liquid
    ANY 3 FOR $5

    Starts Fri, 24 Jun. 2016 - Ends Sun, 10 Jul. 2016
    400ml. Assorted Variants

  • Where do you put in the code? I always get a bit worried when i need to click 'pay' first not knowing what comes next.

  • Any good men parfume ;) need recommendation.

    • What sort of a 'smell' are you after ? Citrussy ? Woody ? Musky? Watery ? How do you want it to sustain through the day (same strength or changes notes)? my personal favs are euphoria by CK, David off Cool water, Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme, Code by Armani etc

      • +1

        I second the last 3, been a big fan of Armani Code, ever since it was Black Code! haven't had Euphoria but liked the sample I tried in store.

        David off Cool water, Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme, Code by Armani

        Woody oriental seem to be the ones I prefer (before I even know that's what they are)

        • +1

          Cool. I have also been using Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren, Chrome Azzaro and Ferrari Red (for a little over 15 years now !) Give it a go, I hope you like em :)

        • +1

          Thanks for the suggestions :)

          I've had Chrome a long time ago

          I'm currently not buying fragrances because I have too many & trying to get through some… I haven't bought any for about 2 years and I'm still overstocked!

          I love Polo Double Black, check it out if you get the chance. I think I've tried the Sport / Blue in store only.

          My next fragrance, once the embargo is lifted, is supposed to be Mercedes Benz, Club…

      • I bought Versace Pour Homme awhile back from CW but the smell don't hold long. Just wondering if they don't sell genuine product? My friend bought the same one from DJ and it can keep whole day.

      • Real men splash face with 100% pure brake fluid after a shave, very refreshing.

    • Broot is the best

    • Dunhill Desire Red, Code by Armani, Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren, Eternity by CK are my favourites..

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    Thank you for posting.

    I have got Finish Classic 60 Tablets @12.99
    21.65cents each

    there is more cheaper ones Finish Classic Tablet 110 Pack @19.99 (18.17cents each)

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Have been waiting for a free shipping code for quite some time (couldn't wait any longer so we drove all the way to the physical store last month :/)

    Great opportunities to stock up/ try out the L'oreal Paris make up range Ladies!! They have a 50% off sale the entire range at the moment.

    Every time their stuff is on sale I have to compete with a million other people and can never get what I want so this is perfect :)

  • another reason to buy online is so that you can pay with your amex via paypal

  • They have Cetaphil 1L products for $14.99.

    I prefer QV Wash - similar per L price - $19 for 1.25L, which seems like it's the standard price.

  • +1

    Thanks worked for me. Brought 180 dose metamucil and panamax to get it over $20

  • For those that dosed, current banner says $2 shipping until Thursday 18th.

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    I just used this code and it said it was still valid…Order went through too!

  • +1

    It is still working as of today

  • +1

    ….and still working today 18th Sept

  • +1

    just used it , and still works. thanks OP

  • +1

    Working today, thanks OP!!

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    Wow great deal, only just found it because of a dupe post.
    Don't forget to add the free sample(s) to your order.

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    Awesome how this is still working! Thanks OP :)

    • +1

      Ha ha no idea, but have used it a few times now :) cheers

  • Got an order today with no samples :(

    • Last order I requested 2 and got 1, but there was a note on the invoice saying something about 'sorry we are unable to provide your second sample'

      Which, I wasn't entitled to anyway, was just trying my luck.

      • I got nothing out of all the samples

        • Did you check for any notes on the paperwork? They may have been out of stock, or you asked for too many, how many did you put in the cart?

        • @nismo:

          all of them lol yes there was a stamp my last order gave me one of each

  • thanks … its still valid

  • Tried it a few days back and they asked for the original email to confirm validity :(

    • Strange.

      I could forward it to you, but not sure if that would work.

      I think other people have received the email very recently but mine is from early July! I say this because other post have popped up & been marked as duplicates.

  • +1

    Fantastic deal! Used the code today. Hopefully the code will last forever.

  • My location is Sydney NSW. Does anyone know when my order will arrive at my address? Please let me know about your personal experiences with ordering online with Chemist Warehouse.

    • My personal experience is within 1 week, sometimes a bit longer (Melb), if there's any delays CW usually advise by a separate email.

      Plenty of useful shipping info here

      Also note that Xmas / Boxing day may cause slight delays..

      • Thank you for the response. My place is walking distance from my nearest Chemist Warehouse store. The thing is they do not have every thing that is available in their catalogues. We save money shopping in Chemist Warehouse from toothbrushes to chia seeds. Going by the unit price. My local CW store do not do rainchecks. Christmas/Boxing Day delays are understandable. Do you know where in Australia the orders get shipped from?

        • I'm not 100% certain, but the head office is in Preston, Victoria (if that even matters) and my orders originate here too, though I don't always check.

          There is a reference to 'multiple distribution centres' on the shipping page, so I cannot assume all orders are dispatched from Vic.

          The contact page also lists a Qld address so who knows, best to call them and ask if you really need this answered before placing an order:

          I just remembered that lately all CW orders have been Picked & Packed by a sister company; ePharmacy, so yeah… Even more confusion!

          For me, with free shipping it's no brainer, closest to home is not walking distance and in a very busy area of a neighbouring suburb and often don't have what we want.

  • How does this work? I went to check out but there isn't any place to put in the coupon code. Can someone please advise? Thanks.

    • +1

      OK, didn't see the tiny print at the bottom for entering the code! Code works. Thank you!!!!! I wish i have found this a month ago.

      • Good work :)

        You can always re-use it - it's not a once only code ;)

  • FS7824 doesn't seem to work anymore.

  • Yes, I just tried and it doesn't work anymore. :( Bummer…they are losing the business.

  • +3

    Thanks guys, marked as expired!

    Ah well, 6 months was a good run, for a code that said "Valid For 7 Days" :)

    • +1

      I feel a bit sad actually. haha.

      I thought it would go on forever.

      Thanks so much nismo!

      PS you have great taste in cars.

    • +3

      It's working again!

      • +1

        Excellent! Thanks for the update ^_^

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    Confirmed that the code still works! Yay!

  • +1

    Still worked today. Thanks!

  • +1

    Still working.

  • +1

    Code still good 28/3.

  • +2

    Still working 05/04.

  • +2

    Worked today 11/4.

  • +1

    Worked today 12/4

  • +1

    Used it twice today 14/4 to put through 2 x $30 orders to get a few free samples. A wonderful code which just keeps on giving. An added bonus is the 2.7% pricepal founders cashback which I place in my wife's account when it eventually comes.

  • +2

    Still working 19/5

  • +2

    Worked today 24/05

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