Group Buy, Vouchers, etc... Positive Experiences

I thought that I might post my experiences to date with these companies, because I notice that most of the discussion tends to be negative.

gold coast fishing charters - Paid $50pp (half price) for a deep sea reef charter, including lunch, tackle, bait. Had a superb day out and caught plenty of fish for dinner.

coffee club - paid $20 for $40 worth of food and drink at the coffee club. I had calamari and a couple of beers…Calamari was prepared perfectly, I was very surprised ! the mrs had a beef burger which was ok.

tangalooma guided snorkelling - Paid $50pp (half price) for the micat trip to moreton island including guided snorkel tour…. snorkelling was great. Deal also included a very generous lunch packed in an esky, with cold drinks. Complete bargain.

freestyle tout - Anyone up in Brisbane will know that this is a decent restaurant and it specialises in desserts. Paid $15pp for (1) select 1 of 3 pizzas (2) plus any dessert from the menu. Pizzas and desserts were fantastic. If we had paid full price the bill would have been approx $180… with the vouchers it was $75 !!

hoyts cinema vouchers - saved 50%.

I have not had a single bad experience to date with these discount offers. Next one on the list is a day trip to Tangalooma resort… $20 pp instead of $45 !

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  • I have purchased a few different ones from spreets, scoopon, cudo & jump on it. So far so good, its all been positive :)

  • Yes i've used quite a few with no problems at all so far :)

  • You sure love your seafood ;D

  • +3

    I've had mostly positive experiences as well (Bisq aside, but Scoopon refunded me no questions asked, so all good). That said, I just called to book a table at Kinya Japanese Restaurant (it was a Spreets deal). I asked for a table for Friday night, and the lady asked me if I had a coupon. I said I did (I wouldn't have offered that info voluntarily though if she hadn't asked me), and she told me to hold. I then heard her ask someone else if they had a table free for someone with a coupon on Friday night, at which point she was told no. To be honest I'm tempted to get the Mrs to call back and try the same thing, but this time say she doesn't have a coupon. I expect she'll get the table no problems.


    • That was a popular deal, and I think they have a section specifically for Spreets users??

      I phoned for a night booking that afternoon, and they said they didn't have any seats left (after checking with others after asking me if I was using Spreets). They asked if I wanted to book another night, but I declined.

      So I called back another time, and booked one night in advance, telling them I had a voucher.

      Had a wonderful experience there with wonderful food. They asked me for my voucher after they seated me, but there was no problems on the night, despite them knowing I was using the voucher. Service was brilliant, and as mentioned, so was the food.

      No problems with Scoopon or Zoupon before, and the only one was the High Tech Burrito where you could only use one per person, but other than that, very happy with my experiences so far!

  • my girlfriend bought a Spreets voucher for style haircut. She was happy with the service she received. No discrimination whatsoever from the staffs.

    next is climbing Story Bridge, and see how it goes. from the booking process, so far so good. Except I realised they only made available for 2 time slots, instead of maybe 5 time slots they have..

  • All mine positive so far. Bought from Ouffer, Spreet, scoopons and Eroo. No problems with any of the restaurants- just walked in, heaps of table and no questions asked when I paid. Got good food and drink and service no different to anyone else. Vouchers not needed to be seen until the end anyway. Have wished I bought multiples eg to Hoochie mama and the All India cos I would have gone back often with those prices.

  • I had a…umm, slightly annoying experience. I bought 2 vouchers with my account, i know it says i can buy as gifts, but since they never check for IDs i mean i can techincally put anyones name on it, i went to the bar and gave them both vouchers with a gorup of friends they said, i cant use both. voucher says 1 per person, i said, theres 6 of us, the reply was well both vouchers are in the same name so is there 2 Joe blows here? well, there wasn't but it was just so unnecessary.

    i dont wanna hijack this thread:P but other than some little things here and there, i've had plenty of good experiences with groupbuys, good service, good food, on all the sites.

    • What bar and group buying site was this?

  • Had very good experiences with Ouffer, Zoupon and Cudo.

    Had a pretty poor experience with Spreets but that was mainly on their customer service side, not the deal.

  • Terrible experience at Chillipadi Melbourne Central with Crowdmass. I hate the fact that this is supposedly advertising yet the business will treat you like a second class citizen and in turn this means I will never visit Chillipadi nor recommend it to anyone else again, one visit was more than enough.

    I went to Chillipadi with my parents and gf to celebrate my graduation with 4 vouchers for their 'premium banquet'. No where on the coupon does it mention all patrons must order identical 5 mains and entrees. So first impression upon seating was already lowered as I had to spend 5 minutes arguing with the waitstaff and his relayed messages from the manager as he finally allowed to split the table in 2 separate orders of 2 people (my gf is hindu and doesn't eat beef/pork).

    We expected 4 entrees and 20 main meals as per the voucher. They gave us 4 entrees and 8 dishes which were supposed to equate to 2 meals each. However they looked as if they were meant for a single person and I would be shocked at how small the actual 'single' dishes would be. I want to note however some 'cheaper' menu items such as the pad thai looked like they were meant for two but dishes such as duck curry, scallops (4 on the plate) and prawns were ideal for 1 person.

    I asked the manager if there were any more dishes which he checked and said no. I was curious because even if a single dish represented 2 mains, 8x2 = 16 mains. After we were finished eating I asked waitstaff who brought out the receipt which had written down we had ordered 4 curry vegetables. Firstly we never ordered curry vegetables, secondly I didn't even see them on the premium banquet menu and thirdly we never received them. I told the manager and he insisted we did order them and he will get the chef to make it for take away.

    The sole reason I bought the vouchers was because of the soft shelled crabs for my parents. I made sure it was the first dish I ordered and even after arguing with the manager once again, he said he couldn't give them to us in place of the curry vegetables we supposedly ordered citing he couldn't change the order once it was on the computer. When we got out they gave us a tofu box 1/4 full with some sauce and a few vegetables which was '4 vegetable curry mains'.

    The manager tried to enforce a rule not mentioned in terms and conditions
    We were lied to by the manager who attempted to give us '16 mains' instead of 20 as offered
    The manager changed our order for cheaper dishes instead of more expensive crabs… I saw the waitstaff write crabs on his little notebook.
    Even accepting how we apparently ordered vegetable curry, the manager still short changed us of 3 dishes.

    • "he couldn’t change the order once it was on the computer"

      Just got the same treatment with Dick Smith Online store. Got a Ps3 game from them, couldn't find which to put the free delivery code in, but gone through and charged last night. Called up early in the morning the cancel the order. Insisting on nothing they can do about it once it is invoiced, but the fact that it invoiced you right away after the ordering automatically.

      Where is the customer service? They are IT people, not shop sales, they just don't want to do it for you.

      Never again Dick Smith store! I am really sorry for Mr Dick Smith.

      Bad experience!


  • Terrible experience with Cake It Away.

    Bought a $15 voucher from Cudo that gave you $35 worth of cakes. Note the plural, cakes.

    Went to Hornsby store to redeem. Woman was very friendly until the voucher appeared, and then was all but hostile.

    Flatly refused to provide more than 1 cake - given the most expensive one on display was $32.90, it made it hard redeeming full $35 value.

    So we left with a single $28.90 cake.

    I ate one slice and my girlfriend one. Tasted stale and my GF has been throwing up for the last hour, 2 hours after eating the cake….

    Never again Cake It Away.

    • Did you complain to the company? Was it this deal,

      • Yeah Neil - that is the deal.

        EMailed them but no reply yet - it is Saturday so I guess we'll see what happens by Monday afternoon.

      • greatwhite, just read your thread on Whirlpool,, but looks like thet removed the last few comments. What threats did you get?

        • It wasn't me who was threatened - another poster put info up about Cake It Away and received threats from persons unknown so the poster removed them.

          The mods on Whirlpool would not allow any discussion of the threats saying that they weren't "on topic".

          Whirlpool mods are something close to SS stormtroopers in my experience….

          Cake It Away has not made an effort to resolve my complaint so I am going to have to go back to Cudo who originally palmed me off to Cake It Away

        • Cudo have said that the vendors offer to give me another cake worth less than $35 is a good solution and therefore will not make a refund.

          I think they miss the point that Cake It Away is still refusing to actually honour the voucher which is supposed to give you $35 worth of cakes.

          Looks like I have hit a dead end on this one. Buyer beware with Cudo.

        • Resolved.

    • GWH, sorry to hear about your experience, i hope your GF is feeling better

    • food poisoning after 2 hours is unusual - I'm not suggesting for a second you are fibbing…
      usually the incubation is closer to 6-8 hours
      unless there was staph toxin in the actual food - i shudder to think about the hygiene standards if that was the case….
      unless it was a coincidence - though doesn't change the fact that you experienced less than great service…

      • i heard food poisoning usually starts about two hours after ingestion?

      • Maybe the cake tasted so rank that teh dry retching progressed to vomit?

      • i got violently sick 3 hours after pancake parlour donny. 2 hours later box hill hospital. 2-3 hours is definitely food poisoning, 6-8 is something else. if you could stand 2-3 hours of convulsive vomiting and diarrhea you're a trooper

  • For those who have had bad experiences I'd highly recommend contacting the deal website and asking for a refund. I've done this in these situations and have had at least 2 deals refunded.

  • Aren't these deals to promote business for the vendor? I mean, even if they don't make money (break even) isn't it a way to advertise/promote for free? I don't understand why these businesses give you 'the dick' when you come in with a voucher, alternatively they should be 'kissing yourr ass' to win your business and hope you come back to their shitty restaurant. I dont understand businesses giving bad service to voucher holders, Its just beyond me, like WTF?!?!

    • In some cases I think businesses regret having signed up for these deal sites bc some later realize that it wasnt really worth it for them. So they become resentful towards the customers who use the deal. Maybe they even judge those with the coupons as cheap bargain hunters who are only there for the cheap deal and would never return if they had to pay full price anyway, so why bother treating them the sane as a full paying customer.

      On another note, and in keeping with the title of this thread, we had a really great experience at feed mee in Windsor, Melbourne. I have to say it was far better than several other spud bars we've tried - potatos were huge, ingredients were fresh, staff were very helpful and friendly - to the point that they were actually helping us make sure we used every last cent of the $25 we had from the voucher! I'd definitely drive the extra 5 min to go there next time ahead of the spud bar franchise (where the potatoes are much smaller and staff get your orders wrong!)

    • yeah, i think me is right about this one. most of them are last attempts by upper management to save the place.

      Anyway, you've already spend the money on "vouchers". Sending you away without anything is the largest profit. Most people dont have the courage/time/effort to fight for their cakes, so just take what they can and leave

  • No issues with the vouchers I've bought so far. I've only bought eatery vouchers. It's too late for beauty treatment for me. :)

    Most of the places I tried were ok, but didn't stand out. Braza's at Newport was the standout exception, but I already knew them well from Leichhardt. Fishmongers was good too. In those cases the vouchers served their purpose, which is to give more exposure to a business.

    IMO those businesses that ruin the experience for customers are shooting themselves in the foot. People who buy the vouchers are Internet savvy and word will get around quickly.

  • clandestino, sorry to hear about your experience, hope good day every day

    • eh???!

    • ???

      I have not had a single bad experience to date with these discount offers

      • well I started this thread about my positive experiences. I haven't had any bad experiences yet. So I was very confused when cherry8080 replied:
        "clandestino, sorry to hear about your experience, hope good day every day"

        That's nonsense. (1) Why would one be "sorry to hear about" my good experiences. (2) it doesn't make any grammatical sense either.

        Davo1111 - it appears that you have some kind of bizarre understanding, that I am clearly missing. I'm really looking forward to hearing from yourself or cherry8080, to explain what I'm missing…!!!

        • oh, it was just the origional poster "clandestino" said all his experiences were positive, then you said "clandestino, sorry to hear about your experience," - implying that a good "group buy" experience was bad? anyway, i chuckled.

  • +3

    Ok… so I like bargains and been a fan of these groupbuy sites for a while (since scoopon came up).

    My experience has been pretty good so far, so I hope this doesn't jinx anything. These ones are in Melbourne.

    Our Deal -
    1. Bag a Baguette - Little Collins St. Delicious baguettes. Went back there a second time. Planning to go back. Had a lovely mushroom/cheese melt baguette with chicken. yumms!

    1. Lick Me Ice Cream in Camberwell. No fuss, good ice-cream. Partner loves it.
    2. Free Coffee @ McSpankys - coffee was ok. Service was excellent. Other breakfast items were unique and good.
    3. Table Talk Cafe in Glenferrie. Not open on Sundays, reasonable value, no complaints.

    1. The Works Car Wash @ South Yarra. Quick, fast, efficient… no hassle service.
    2. Massage @ Body & Health Creation - Elizabeth St. Very good masseur, and very professional.
    3. Facial @ IPL & Beauty Retreat, Caulfield North - lady was very professional again, and she even mentioned that she declined to go with other group buy sites, until she knew she had at least honoured the zoupon coupons. No point turning away customers and making them feel frustrated and annoyed.
    4. Cut, Blow & Wave @ Fratelle, Camberwell. Service was fine and attentive. The charging part was a bit "confusing", but I think it was because they hadn't honoured that many vouchers yet (and I added other services like colouring, etc)

    1. Embrasse Restaurant, Carlton. Very nice french restaurant, 1-hat. Service was great.

    1. Massage @ Endota. They didn't tell me to arrive 15mins early to register! :P So, I ended up having less time than promised. But no big dramas.
    2. D'lish Fish @ Port Melbourne. Good fish n' chips. Was good value.
    3. Massage @ True Thai Massage - not bad. No problems.
    4. Facial @ Papillon Spa, Docklands. Lady was great… though I had a lot of trouble finding the shop!
    5. Crepes @ Crepe Mania, Sth Yarra. Absolutely delicious savoury and sweet crepes. We'd go back there, if I didn't already buy a bunch of vouchers that are expiring everywhere else!! :)

    • +1

      nice post amelyn ! "I like bargains" is a bit of an understatement, don't you think?!

      • yeah… that's why I heart Ozbargain and scotty (+mods) for maintaining the site.

    • Amelyn,
      I got my gf the Facial, Massage, and haircut & colour @ Papillion Spa in docklands from Spreets for $79. Just wondering where this place is and what the best way of finding it is?
      Also did you get the same one? and if so how was the hair cut?
      Thx in advance.

      • It's the same place, but not the same service.

        I think the only thing I can tell you in terms of the directions is to get on to Lorimer St… away from South Wharf… look for a large "80" sign, I think it was "80" … that is to mark building number 80 or something like that, on Lorimer St. Then park in the carpark in the area and walk towards the water.

        If that doesn't help, call the lady and she'll be able to direct you better… just provide ample time to find the place.

  • Bought a deal from Spreets this week (I've bought from them before no problems) but this time I got the email saying "Congrats deal is on, we'll email your voucher end of the promo." Never got the voucher, chasing now, I got the deal email and the congrats email so it's not my spam filter.

    It seems if you have a problem the only way to chase is to post on their forum. Interesting to note you can't do a public post if you have a problem it defaults to "Private." I was wondering if anyone else is having problems and they're hiding it. Anyone else?

  • Maybe we should change the thread title to just "Group Buy, Vouchers, etc… Experiences".

    I went to ChiangMai Thai with the wife last night on this deal -

    Now, they said in that, the value is $145. I've no idea where they plucked that figure from, because it's not even close.

    This is what we got, and how much it cost on the menu:

    1st course: Vegetable springs rolls (on the menu it's 4peices for $7.10). We got 2 pieces, so $3.55

    2nd course: Chicken Curry Puffs (on the menu it's 4peices for $7.90). We got 2 pieces, so $3.95

    3rd course: Fish cakes (on the menu it's 4peices for $9.10). We got 2 pieces, so $4.55

    4th course: Chicken Green Curry - $14.90

    5th course: Pad Med Mamoung Himapan - $14.90

    6th course: Coconut rice - $4pp, so we'll say $8.00

    7th course: Roti - $2.50 each, so $5.00

    8th course: Ice cream - Not on the menu, but let's be generous and say $7.00 (it was just one scoop), so $14.00

    9th course: Fruit platter - Literally 4 slices of apple, 4 peices of melon and one strawberry. Let's say $10.00

    10th course: A glass wine each - Again, we'll be generous and say $8.00 a glass (highly unlikely, it was extremely cheap wine :D), so $16.00

    So all up, with my generosity on some of the prices, that comes to $94.85.

    It's annoying how these places can just fabricate prices for deals like this. I'm not sure how they plan on getting away with it though, as anyone can just go to the site and add up the prices themselves. Daft.

    On a positive note, the two main dishes were nice :)

    • True, simonk. I try to look at the vendor's website for true prices. This happens a lot for massage and beauty places, where the RRP reported in the deal is more than the company actually charges, according to prices listed on their website. The actual value of the deal is less than what is advertised.

  • I've bought quite a few from Crowdmass, car washes, food deals and the like. Never had an issue.

    Got Hoyts vouchers from Scoopon which were great, although I found that they're not too great on communication.

    Haven't tried any others.

  • Update on my Cudo issues with Cake It Away.

    Cudo have finally refunded my money after 2 months of complaining. I won't be dealing with Cake It Away again but at least it restores some of my faith in Cudo….

  • +2

    Used the Strike Bowling $1 Offer from Jumponit with absolutely no problems. Booking my spot online was a breeze. When we turned up, the service was good. No differential treatment due to the coupons.

  • After reading all these bad stories, I am very nervous about using some of these vouchers I have bought and not used yet!!!

    But would like to pass on some great feedback for Bistro Era in South Brisbane, $55 for bottle of NZ Sav Blanc, massive serve of toasted turkish bread with 3 dips, 1 x large (really large) pizza with serve of rocket salad, churros for desert and coffee for two people. Excellent customer service, very attentive and friendly….

    A perfect example of a great experience, voucher or not!

  • Hubby and I used a voucher at a Japanese place called Ootoro on Southbank in Melbourne last Friday night. I was a bit nervous because when I rang up to book, I mentioned I had a voucher and they didn't seem to hear/understand me. But no problems. I think many people dining in there on Friday night had a voucher, but the food was very good. Service a little slow/not attentive but was okay.
    Its a place I would go back and pay full price if we were in the area looking for a meal as it was cheap and the food was excellent.

    • Glad to hear that cause I bought a voucher for that place myself. Looking forward to use it soon :)

  • We bought some tickets to the Australian Shakespearean Company's Shakespeare in the Park. It was amazing. We were thoroughly entertained, worth every cent. Just remember to get there very early! We got there an hour before the performance and they were almost out of lawn.

  • It was while ago, but I had a really good experience at Clearwater Car Wash in South Yarra…my car was absolutely filthy, and they did a great job of cleaning both inside and out - and very good customer service too!

    • Yes, I agree. They are excellent!

  • I've only bought one voucher so far - the Perfume Connection one from Cudo and I had no problems with it at all. I mentioned I had the voucher when I was in the local shop and the sales lady said "oh the Cudo one". I was a bit nervous about using it after reading all the bad stories about other vouchers but it was all good.

  • Has anyone ever bought one of the car servicing packages? They have one up now on Scoopon for $49 and it seemingly includes a lot of good stuff, but this worries me;
    "All Parts, oils and fluids must be supplied by "The Workshop" and paid for by customers".

    I get the feeling once they rope you in for $49 you are going to be forced to pay about $499 on top after they decide that your car desperately needed all of its innards replaced.
    These deal has been run before in the past, so hopefully someone has some feedback!

    • Have a look at group buy bad experienced.

      I would honestly not be surprised if they did something dodgy so you have to come back sooner, or try to scam you into replacing something.

  • Just went to Goodness Me! Gelato… in Richmond, VIC. Great service, reasonable prices. 2 scoops @ $5. Would definitely go back! The offer was through

  • Did a spreets Omerta $69 degustation menu last night, they said 6 courses - it was actually 7
    they said normal price is $140 - I highly doubt it, but the food was amazing, and the service was fantastic and staff very helpful.

  • I used a Vowcha at Indya Bistro, North Carlton

    I made a booking the day before going and the staff member asked me if I was using a Vowcha. I said I was (though would not have volunteered that if not asked directly, and I did wonder if it would make a difference). I was really pleased with the experience though - our table got the coveted window table, the servings were large, and the food was delicious.

    Wanting to make sure of the deal, I identified up front to the waitress we were using a Vowcha and she was perfectly fine with it. The deal had a lot of food and the staff did an excellent job in making sure it came out at just the right pace to allow some digestion between courses. We dined slowly over a couple of hours and never felt pressured to hurry up.

    I bought two Vowchas on the day it was offered, though I'd no experience with the restaurant. I am definitely looking forward to returning to use my second Vowcha and think I'll very likely return to the restaurant and pay full price for the experience. I must admit that they are far from the cheapest Indian restaurant around so full price will be a budget-more-than-usual experience (in my opinion). Unlike other deals which have inflated RRPs to make them look more attractive, the deal was offered as $156 value for $29, and our bill came to $147 (the discrepancy only exists because we could have chosen to purchase seafood mains which are slightly more expensive, but chose the cheaper chicken and pork instead).

    • I just used the same vowcha for Indya Bistro on Friday night. Made a reservation the day itself (in fact just half hour before!) and the guy over the phone said ok. However they didn't ask if I had a voucher and I didn't mention about it so I was a little nervous if they would honour it.

      Upon arrival I showed the voucher to the waitress who gladly accepted it and explained to us what was included with the deal. The portions were surprisingly pretty big (I read some reviews online and the portions looked tiny) and there were only 3 of us for 4 entrees, mains, sides and desserts! Service was excellent as we were never pressured to hurry up like what mooooooo said.

      Food wise, we were quite disappointed with the main curries as they weren't spicy at all. The korma was too creamy and even had a sweet hint to it so I guess they adjusted it to the local palate. Onion bhaji and the honey gobi florettes are worth mentioning. The naans however were one of the best we've had so far, and would probably be the only reason we'd come back to dine for.

      Overall a very pleasant experience, it's a shame the curries were a let down otherwise we'd be more than happy to come back and pay the full price (definitely more pricey than other Indian restaurants).

    • Used my second vowcha last night and again a pleasant dining experience with great seating, and good food. Interestingly, we were asked this time how we liked the spice levels in our food and since the curries been quite mild the first time, we increased the spice levels to medium and they were slightly more spicy, but I'd still probably choose to upgrade to hot next time, just to suit my palate. My dining companions were very happy with medium level spice.

      • That's interesting mooo. The majority of comments regarding Indya, including myself, was about the mildness of the food. It seems they are reading the comments here. Could you choose which dishes you wanted hot or was it all in?

        • You could choose individual dishes to have individual spice levels.

  • We just went to Third Wave Cafe in Port Melbourne (deal from Zizzle). Was $9 for $25 worth of food plus a coffee card that entitles you to 10 free coffees for future visits (1 coffee per visit). Food was excellent, coffee was great.

    Only problem was that the terms of the voucher was a bit strange. It was 1 voucher per person. I had only 1 voucher and had intended to share that with someone ($25 worth of food was on offer), but they said I could only order for 1 person. Strange. :P Ended up ordering a big breakfast which we shared, 2 coffees, 1 paid for and 1 included in the value of the voucher. Really odd arrangement.

    Nevertheless, they honoured the voucher, the food and coffee was great and we'd go back there next time.

    1/189 Rouse St.,
    Port Melbourne 3207

  • +1

    Group: Zizzle
    Business: Salubre
    Location: Surrey Hills, VIC
    Service: Massage, bag of tea and $20 gift voucher

    Summary: I'd definitely go back :)

    Small operation having just moved to Surrey Hills from Mitcham. I spoke with the owner, Irene, a few times and she was both nice and helpful.

    I am bad with names … I think the masseuse is called Simone. There is only one masseuse, to my knowledge. Very professional, nice, helpful and gives a really good relaxation massage. (My shoulder's had seized up somewhat, this week :S)

    The venue is nice and for a suburban beauty clinic, the massage room is peaceful. I tried one other place and could hear the cars and the trams clicking by. At Salubre, it's about 3 rooms in, the massage room and quite quiet and very peaceful :)

    The offer included tea, which I discovered is that Irene has studied Chinese medicine and makes her own herbal tea mixtures. So it wasn't just a cup of tea, but a whole bag to try (100g resealable bag) :)

    A gift voucher is included for $20. Their normal price is $70 for 60 mins so, that is quite an incentive to go back.

    (That and I've got to finish dealing with an issue at the moment, then I think I'll return :) )

    Final thoughts: Massage times are limited to Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon so this will only suit a smaller number of people on OzBargain

    Oops, about Zizzle. I rang them on the phone and they were helpful in sorting out what I do.

    Note: If you want to buy vouchers for yourself and for friends, buy in separate transactions. The Buy Gift option will send however many you select, to the one email address for that transaction.

  • +1

    Group: Cudo
    Deal: Ninniku Jip
    Location: Victoria Park, WA
    Serice: Dinner for 2

    I've read a lot of people complaining about the group buy deals and was really worried on whether my coupon gonna get me any trouble or not.

    I made the booking for Ninniku Jip at 10:34am on Sat to dine there at 6:30pm that same night. The booking went flawless and even after I mentioned the coupon the staff there was courteous and responded positively.

    I took my SO for dinner, arrived right on time and our table was already prepared and to my surprise our table was at the very nice quite well lit side of the restaurant, perfect for our romantic dinner =)

    The coupon deal is that I can order up to $64 worth of anything on the menu (at first I was suspicious of any catches, but still ordered anyway). We carefully calculated such that our final tab comes to $64.80 haha

    The food was great, the service was even greater! Overall both of us agree that it is worth coming back again.
    And of course, I paid 80 cents more for our dinner =)
    We were so full from that dinner! Love it!

    I will be going back to use my $10 voucher at Ninniku Jip again =)
    Thanks Cudo!

  • Does anyone have a theory on the ratio of good to bad experiences?

    Because it seems to me that the vast majority of group buy deals are fine, but if it's bad, its very very bad.

  • bought a $50 food and drink voucher for $25 off one of the sites for Brisbane restaurant Aroma Garden.Nice location, covered foot path dinning on a busy street.

    no problem with the voucher in terms of presenting it. my wife and I are not big people and usually share an entree and main and find that satisfying.

    however at Aroma Garden we found that the size of the protions were tiny.

    it was dissappointing. we would never go back there. food was nice but the portion size was a real negative. what if I was paying full price and actually got that same small size?

    I paid for what I got.-that is $25 for $25 of food and drink.

    we went around the corner to a korean restaurant and shared a bibimba.- excellent.

    My other food voucher experience was with tomato brothers in clayfield and that was very good. we would go back and pay full price there.

  • +1

    Group: Cudo
    Deal: Agave mexican
    Location: Surry hills
    Serice: Dinner for 2

    This was my first cudo voucher so got this deal for $45-10 = $35

    After booking on the phone for a table for 2 on a friday night, the last thing they asked was did I have a voucher.

    When we got there, service was very good, food was excellent when we asked for the bill, they asked for the voucher.

    1 bottle of wine, 5 tapas. Excellent value, would certainly be back

    • I went to agave in January. It was fabulous.

  • I have purchased:

    3 course meal for 2 at Cos (adelaide): was perfect (have been back since and the service was no different then with my jumponit voucher)

    Hair cut and treatment: again was perfect (brought 2, one for me and one for my partner - jumponit)

    icecream at glenelg: no problems (again brought 2 - jumponit)

    Raj on Taj (hyde park): great service, no problems (scoopon)

    I have also refered about 4 people who have all had great experiences.

  • The House of Ernest in Perth has been fabulous as has Bayview Day Spa in Claremont WA. I am reccomending both to friends as worth paying full price.

  • Yeah Maan in South Yarra, first time eating Jamaican food. So bloody good, the servings were great and food was top quality. Absolutely no downgrade in quality just because of the Scoopon voucher. Was a perfect example of how to run a successful group buying campaigns, as I'll be bringing my matet here in the future at full price.

  • Only can remember using two group deals. So far 100% satisfaction.

    1) Vowcha. Indya Bistro. All good. Great service. Best Table. Great Food. The saving was greater than that stated. Stupendous value. $29 instead of $160. Full normal menu.

    2) Groupon. Melbourne Opera. Last Sunday $29 each seat - instead of around $80 something full price & $55 discounted. Almost the best seats in the house (albeit because they couldn't find our 3 allocated tickets).

    In fact these would have to be among the very best bargains so far this year for me.

    ps. I read speculation that Groupon US might float for $25 BILLION next year - that would be a few deals.

  • Bought two zizzle deals for Eat Drink Bento in Hardware Lane. This was my first really positive experience using a group-deal site voucher. Service was very polite and attentive, they offered us everything that was promised and the quality and portion size of the food was great. I could definitely believe that the normal value of our meal was pretty much as stated in the deal.

    I think it's worth a mention - there's some shocking places doing anything to rip you off, but this place is giving good food with great service (presumably at a loss) through this deal.!-only-$39-for-an-exquisite-eight-course-japanese-banquet-for-two-including

  • I used my Spreets voucher last night (Saturday at 7pm) at Portorosa. The voucher conditions were that you had to book at least 24 hours in advance for a weekend booking. I booked nearly a month out as I had tickets to some comedy in Freo. The staff were all very good and everything was friendly and welcoming. A very positive experience and a great value. The food was not fabulous, but it was good.

  • I bought 4 $24 for $65 vouchers for Jummy Deans in Scarborough in WA from Deal2Day. Used one tonight no hassles and from their set up I wouldn't expect there to be. The deal is still open so I am buying 4 more.

  • +1

    Used a Scoopon voucher at Zenos (Hillarys WA)last night, no problems. They seemed happy to see me (again). Their food is reasonable. My boyfriend won't go there anymore, but he is a snob. The first offer was $40 for $80 of anything and I bought 3 as I thought my little one was going to have a party up that way. I swore I wouldn't go again, but then they offered $34 for $110 inc booze. What can I do? Bought three more.

    Zenos is now harder to get in to. They wouldn't take a same day sunday booking and they wouldn't take a 4 day out Friday booking, but I believe them when they say they are booked out. You order everything at once and they tell you that you have X amount left to spend and try to help you spend it. :->

    Used a Jump On It Voucher at Sweet Floral in Fremantle WA this morning for a flower arranging class. I thought there was supposed to be coffe and morning tea served, but didn't really care. The course was very informative and I walked away with a sizable bouquet and heaps of tips.

  • Used a Scoopon voucher at Zenos (Hillarys WA)last night, no problems. They seemed happy to see me (again). Their food is reasonable. My boyfriend won't go there anymore, but he is a snob. The first offer was $40 for $80 of anything and I bought 3 as I thought my little one was going to have a party up that way. I swore I wouldn't go again, but then they offered $34 for $110 inc booze. What can I do? Bought three more.

    Zenos is now harder to get in to. They wouldn't take a same day sunday booking and they wouldn't take a 4 day out Friday booking, but I believe them when they say they are booked out. You order everything at once and they tell you that you have X amount left to spend and try to help you spend it. :->

    Used a Jump On It Voucher at Sweet Floral in Fremantle WA this morning for a flower arranging class. I thought there was supposed to be coffe and morning tea served, but didn't really care. The course was very informative and I walked away with a sizable bouquet and heaps of tips.

  • Today I went to Clancy's Fish Pub in applecross WA. Called to book and they said just come on in. They sounded very happy to hear from me. "All we ask is that you bring your voucher." When you get to the restaurant, you give them your credit card to hold open your tab and you just order food at one counter and drinks at another at will. At the end, you settle up the tab with the $100 scoopon and anything owning.

    Everyone was fabulous and friendly. When we left I commented on one of the dishes and the young lady made a suggestion for the next time we were in. So happy with this buy. Just wish I would have bought more than three vouchers. But then again, I have so many other vouchers banked up.

    On Friday I used another deal2day voucher at Jimmy Deans Diner in Scarborough WA and that was fabulous, again. Another 8 more of those $24 for $65 vouchers to go through between deal2day and scoopon.

    Also on Friday, I used my Cudo voucher at Timezone for a powercard. No problems there.

    Today I used another scoopon at Renaissance Cosmetic whatever. They are just fabulous, Very efficient and professional. They are very good at moving appointments, etc.

    Monday I have IPL hair removal scheduled at Soulfly in Fremantle, WA with a scoopon. They are great value and will hopefully do a good job.

  • +1

    I've just used my OurDeal voucher for a 1 hour massage at Body Inversion in Fitzroy, VIC. Was $29. Awesome. They apparently send out receipts that can be used to get health fund rebates / refunds… but only do them once a week (on a Tuesday). I hope that the receipt they provide can be used and is not too generic, as usually the health funds require provider ids.

    • Just out of curiousity, did the deal description when you bought the our deal voucher specify they only did them on a Tuesday? Just curious as sometimes people can not make a certain day or days, at all. due to other things in their life.

      • Tuesdays was about sending the receipt. I had my massage on a Saturday afternoon. There was a 6 month expiry, but I have been too busy to redeem the massage (and to some degree was using other massage vouchers!) :) I booked this one about 4 weeks in advance. Dropped a note on their website and they called back. They told me that the South Yarra location was no longer available though.

        • I have to agreed the massage and service was great at inversion body.
          althought i dont think i got a full hour of massage as they had to wait for me to take my clothe off.

          but it was very professional and well done, i left feeling relex and also paid for another session which was their opening special!

  • I've had all good experiences so far, except a recent nervous experience with a car service. I usually buy food ones, like for restaurants or for cupcakes/macaroons. Never had a problem with restaurants except that they sit us in the voucher corner which is a bit weird as a customer but otherwise food and service is great. Had an especially good experience at the Arthouse restaurant, will be back with no voucher.

    Cupcakes from the Cupcake bakery were OK, except that I couldn't choose any flavours, apparently it's all chosen for us, which I take it to mean as all the ones that don't sell well? Anyway no real complaints since all the cupcakes are nice anyway :).

    Macaroons were blah from Sweet Infinity in Sydney - first time I went they were sold out. Had to nick off quietly from work a bit earlier to be able to get some and when I did instead of "6 assorted" I got 9 small macaroons in only 2 flavours which were a bit blah.

  • +1

    Just thought I'd update my original post…

    Groovetrain, $40 (I think?) for garlic pizza, 2 x any main course off menu, chocolate & strawberry calzone to share, and 2 x glasses of wine. This deal was for groovetrain george street, but by the time we tried to book - the restaurant had closed down ! Fortunately, the one at king george square took our booking. Very pleasant place to eat & drink. Service good. Food was ok but I wouldn't go back in a hurry for the food. Overall a pretty good deal.

    4 x movie tickets - think they worked out as approx $5 per ticket. Good deal, no problems using vouchers.

    Eve's on the river - for $49, 2 x wines, 2 any main from menu, 2 x any dessert from menu. Food was excellent here, 9 out of 10. Location and restaurant are also nice. Service however was poor, the waiting staff were disinterested and unprofessional and they treated all customers in the same manner, voucher or not. It's a shame because the food was fantastic. At the start of the meal I was 100% certain I'd be returning, however by the end of the sitting I had changed my mind. Still - a good bargain in my view.

    2 x brisbane river cruise, for $25. I think the regular price was $25 for one person. This was not the bargain of the century, but still a nice afternoon out with friends, and the bar onboard certainly helped.

    1 x gilhooleys burger & chips & beer or wine, for $8.95. Probably my first disappointing deal to date. Food was average. Value of the deal was probably lower than the $8.95 I paid.

    2 x grill'd burgers at West End, for $15. Any 2 from the menu. Good service and food was pretty good too.

  • I've used plenty of daily deals vouchers but only have a couple of places that I'd say were a POSITIVE experience - that's not to say the rest were negative (though some were), but a lot have been just neutral and they're not worth mentioning.

    The one I've been happiest with so far was Garuva Hidden Tranquility (Fortitude Valley), a Living Social voucher for "Asian 3-Course Meal for Two with Wine", $50. I had been to Garuva years and years ago, but their reputation went downhill for a while and the restaurant dropped off the list of places that my friends and I would look to when going out for dinner. I picked up the voucher when Living Social launched because I was curious to see if and how it had changed. I have to say, it was an EXCELLENT experience. The staff were attentive and friendly, the "with Wine" was a whole bottle of delicious shiraz, we had our choice of the entire menu (not a limited menu as I've experienced at a few other places) for both dinners and desserts - probably the only thing that was slightly misleading was that our "first course" was a small bread and baba ghanoush to share between the two of us. Then again, after we looked at the menu we discovered that the bread is the main (if not only?) entree… and to be fair, it was deliiiiicious. As were the mains! For dessert we both ordered the banoffee pie, which was good but not incredible, and I wish we'd both ordered something different so we could have had something else to try - but banoffee is a favourite of both of ours so we went ahead. ;)

    Another dinner at Two Small Rooms in Toowong (Cudo voucher) was delicious, apart from the bummer of having to order from a VERY limited "deals" menu - only two choices for all three of the courses. We'd made the mistake of looking up the menu online earlier and getting excited about OTHER meals from the standard menu, not realising we'd be restricted! Nevertheless, we managed to cut a deal and "upgraded" to a standard dessert we were hankering for, for an extra $5. Again, excellent service and delicious food.

    I wish I could report a really positive hair salon experience but so far the couple I've used have been mediocre. Well, one of them was quite good but I'm in the market for a salon I can turn into my regular place and they just didn't sell it to me! Still, I've just booked in my second appointment there (Corcorz Hair) as part of the Spreets voucher, so they've got another shot yet. I've got my fingers crossed.

  • I took my BF to The View in Fremantle and it was a pretty good experience. The staff were friendly when I booked two months out for my Friday night booking and told me how pleased they would be to see us when I called to confirm my booking an hour beforehand. My BF only had two complaints, unusual for him. One was the lighting and the other was my main, which he told me I should order so he could, as usual, eat 75% of it. The cheese plate was massive and only took $16 of the voucher. There would have been at least 300 grams of cheese on that plate. I was happy with the place and wish I would have bough more vouchers, unlike The Quarter in Perth CBD where I was pretty disappointed overall.

  • Myself and 5 friends went to this place:
    last night - excellent meal, excellent service. Everyone left happy, we had starter ($22) main ($45) dessert ($12) and a glass of wine ($10) - was well worth the voucher and I would return just for the dessert!

  • Yesterday I went to Ella Bache in Malvern (Vic) for a deal I bought on Scoopon. The deal included a full body massage, a 30 min facial, a fully body exfoliation, a foot and leg polish, a $20 voucher for next visit and samples.

    All the body treatments were AMAZINGLY good. I felt so so relaxed…and she went over the 2 hour period too. One of the better massages I have had.

    The only complaints I have is that the "free samples to take home" was one little sachet…

    • You'll that even gift sets are just a couple of samples. They should have to specify exactly what you will receive, just like they should specify what restrictions are on the vouchers. If there are any restrictions on vouchers, they should not be included in the value of the deal.

  • My lil one and I had dinner at The Big Chef in Vic Park WA on a Scoopon. Not worth the $120 advertised, but worth a bit more than the $39 paid. I was so relieved as I had read so many truly bad reviews. I was prepared for the pita bread being delivered to the table in a plastic bag. The description says crisp pita bread. This was soft. I don;t eat any bread so I didn't care at any rate. I suspect that the bag keeps the pita bread from drying out. I suspect that bread would dry out quickly. My lil one loved it and the veggies that I thought wuld be too spicy for her. The chicken kebabs were the star. We had one each out of six and for the first time in years, I actually asked to bring the uneaten food home. So very succulent. The belly dancer was very friendly and both of us ended up dancing at different times. I saw the deal listed on and was tempted to buy again and delayed. Next time I would consider going on a non weekend night so I could order exactly what I wanted, rather than the set banquet. The satff were very friendly and flexible. I think nearly everyone was on a scoopon, but was happy to see people ordering extra drinks. This is a reasonable deal and I'd like to see it offered again.

    I went to Price Attack Freo WA on a JOI voucher for keratin today. Treated very well by staff. I believe I am happy with the results, although time will tell. Very tempted to get extensions being offreed on Ouffer today at $99 per half head. Most people get a whole head, so it'd be $200. It is $100 maintenace every 6 -12weeks. I would do it but my lil one says she doesn't want me to.

    Infinite Hair in Perth Cbd - did a great job on my lil one's hair. Very nice to us both and flexible beyond belief.

    Walters River Cafe Bicton WA. $30 for $50 of food and $25 of any drinks. Won't go back most likely, unless using an entertainment voucher (buy one get one) and a BYO. And only with a girlfriend. or in the arvo where my lil one can play in the adjacent playground and still be seen by me. They were more flexible than I expected in the definition of drinks. The voucher said $25 off any bottle of wine, but you were allowed to use on any drinks. Great for me as I didn't need to drink a whole bottle and drive my lil one home. Everyone that was there on a Sat night were on a Cudo voucher.

  • Mies Coffee Bar - Living Social.
    85 Hudson Road
    Spotswood, VIC 3015
    0433 063 224

    I was a bit wary when the coupon said that bookings were required. The offer was $9 for two light breakfasts and two coffees. Light breakfasts were defined as food priced $5.50 and below and this included variations of ham/cheese toasties, bacon/egg roll and ham/cheese/tomato croissants.

    My experience was very good. It was a simple cafe with simple, good food and Jasper coffee. I made the booking without any trouble, turned up at the time of the booking and were told that our table was reserved for us etc. I've been to places (group buy voucher related) where they require bookings but don't put a reservation sign on the table for us - so I appreciated the effort they made. Would definitely go back there.

  • +1

    The Italian Brasserie -
    Stall 99-100, 116-136 Cecil St,
    South Melbourne, VIC, 3205
    03 9690 0098

    What I truly appreciate:

    1. Made a booking for a Saturday night without any trouble. I hate being turned away like a second-class customer when they say they are fully booked, etc.
    2. I was told what the voucher entitlement were - 5 course meal which includes 3 Entrees (to share), 1 main each and 1 large slice of tiramisu (to share).
    3. friendly service

    We later realized that there is a different menu for other "paying" customers - but that was ok, because we got what we were promised on the voucher.

  • I recently used a voucher from living social for a car service with Bridgestone in Philip ACT. Thought they'd try to screw me by wanting to fix little things at a high cost. All up it cost me just the oil change and a couple of other things that needed. Total cost above the voucher was $50 (oil was over charged but they all do that, not much you can do about it).

  • I purchased this deal for Melbourne attractions - - and collected the tickets the other day from Bunyip. I experienced no waiting times but that was probably because I didn't read the small print on ticket collection and arrived at their office after 3pm. I'd just walked 6km into the city but figured "fair cop, I should have read that" and was prepared to leave empty-handed but they were very kind and gave me the tickets anyway, which I appreciated.

    The advertised ticket validity in the deal was until 5th May 2012 but I didn't check until I got home. I was pleasantly surprised to find the tickets for the aquarium are valid until 15th Aug 2012, and Eureka until 27th Sep 2012. The Old Melbourne Gaol tickets expire sooner than advertised (1st Apr 2012) which could be a surprise for some people but I'm willing to take the good with the bad, and it helps me decide which attraction I'll attend first. I am not in a big rush anyway - it's taken me several months from purchase to ticket collection already, so I'm not fazed.

    Technically, I've not had the three on-site experiences yet, but I think it's fair to comment positively on Bunyip's service since they're the primary provider of the deal. Very happy with their service, and would deal with them again!

  • Annapurna Indian Restaurant
    Salamanca, Hobart
    Provider - Living social
    "Three-Course Indian Dinner for Two and a Bottle of Deakin Estate Shiraz or Sauvignon Blanc" - $59

    Very positive experience - I need to write them up on google review too.

    Each person got a Choice of entree, main, bread, dessert from unrestricted menu (except banquet)+ a bottle of wine to share

    The only thing I would have done is given the choice of raita, chutney etc or a bread for one of the couple

    Service was great, and there were no problems in shifting us to a quiet spot for dessert when a loud party arrived (it was our romantic dinner). Which was above and beyond!

    Really good, two thumbs up!

  • Ive had all positive experiences so far. Purchased from a variety of group buying sites including Living Social, Cudo, Ouffer, Scoopon, Groupon and Jigocity. No problems as of yet, mind you I havent used all my vouchers

  • I recently had a positive experience at Sunlounge, Clifton Hill. The deal was through Spreets (what a surprise!!!) and included full head foils, full colour, or half foils and full colour, treatment, cut, blowwave, manicure, pedicure and eyebrow wax. I don't remember the price, as I bought it over a year ago (another plus with this particular voucher - it had a whole year's validity!).

    I was treated really well by the staff, the hair colour was the first, in a long time, where I walked out with EXACTLY what I wanted! I was so happy because the hairdresser spent a long time with me trying to decide on the ideal colour. It was not rushed, like some other salons. She also understood what "just trim the edges" meant (ie not cutting inches off when that was not what I requested). Manicure could have been better, but no complaints there, same as the pedi. Eyebrow wax was pleasing - I am always nervous about these as the waxer can often shape your eyebrows wrong. This was not the case here.

    Another great thing about this place is that, as a Spreets customer, you will always get 25% off there! (Spreets customer = you purchased this particular deal). Their prices are a bit steep for me, but chances are I will return, as the service I received (with the hair at least) was far superior to anything I've had at any other salons - including where I have paid full price!

  • I just bought a Scoopon travel deal for our honeymoon and I was really nervous after reading so many bad reviews but I'm getting AMAZING service so far. Of course, we won't know for sure til we get there but I think being able to book the dates we wanted on the first day of bookings opening is pretty good, and the owners of the hotel are so helpful! Very impressed. The hotel got a 4.5 star rating on Trip Advisor too so I'm quietly confident. Now to find amazing flights! lol

  • So far:

    132 Coupons purchased.

    26 coupons still to use.

    The UGLY:
    1 restaurant food and drink was WAY WAY WAY below average
    1 wine dozen was really crap product.

    The BAD:
    2 required a refund which we got.
    1 awaiting a delivery well after promised date, but have received apology from firm. Still waiting.
    1 restaurant food and drink was a well below average

    The OK:
    2 restaurants very hard to get a booking but both did an excellent meal.
    2 expired coupons (my fault)

    The GOOD:
    96 other positive experiences - makes it all worthwhile.

    Overall - Book early, Avoid service operators who promise too much - RESEARCH THEM FIRST.
    Spread the risk. Enjoy. Don't get too upset with small details going wrong. Be flexible.
    Keep good records of your coupons. Book Early (already said that but DONT leave until last minute).

    VERY HAPPY with the 95% of the coupon deals!
    '$7,000' in front over 18 months. In my own calculations, approx $3,200 in front (allowing for overstated "value")

    • +1

      Incredible! That's good to hear! You must have had a very exciting & busy year :)

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