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    China #1

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      TAIWAN #1!

    • 中国是最好的
      If you can read this ? You probably >>>不需要这个应用程序

      • ¯_(ツ)_/¯

      • 台灣排第一

        • 臺灣 or 台灣 or 台湾?

          I'm totally confused.

        • @khing: 1st one is more official and you'll see it when you are in taiwan, second is just traditional chinese of the 3rd

        • @khing: Personally I see it more often as second or third but makes sense if as holyland said, you'll see first more often in Taiwan.

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      China number 1, er, 78 in freedom and trending down. Good job Xi!

      "China's downward trend arrow reflects the chilling effect generated by cybersecurity and foreign NGO laws, increased internet surveillance, and lengthy prison sentences for human rights lawyers, activists, and religious believers."

  • OSM

  • Thanks, picked up learn chinese in 20 days. I'm sure it's at least montivating enough for you to put some effort everyday, which is my main weakpoint.

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    Some of the games published by Game Tales seem sus, asking for root and caller identification permissions. Just be wary.

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      asking for root and caller identification permissions

      Sounds like my ex-wife, amirightfellas?

      • +1 :)

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    As a Chinese student, English is so difficult.

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      As an Australian student, English and Mandarin are so difficult.

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        As an Australian, English, Mandarin and Maths are so difficult.

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          As a bikie, English, Mandarin, Maths and life are so difficult.

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          @ausdday: best bikie comment in months!

    • to xiaohu: with reference to "root", you should use "hard" rather than "dificult"

      • Hmm… What's wrong with using "difficult"? I would agree "hard" sounds more natural but "difficult" still sounds fine.

        • "yours" has to be hard to be able to "root" …

        • @hluu0111: Oh right you were making a joke…

          He didn't make any reference to "root" though?

        • ref. the permissions include asking for root and caller identification permissions which was above his comment

        • @hluu0111: That was someone else lol not xiaohu

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      As an Aussie, English is so difficult 😆

    • As an ozbargainer, being sensible is so difficult.

  • Glass poweramp skin light blue is also free at the moment:

    • hmmm glass, reminds of Windows Vista days. added to table thanks

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    Learn Chinese: 学习中文。

    Any language exchanger here, I'm a Chinese learning English now. xD

    • Yeah! I'm Australian learning English and Mandarin too!

      • Really? why would you learn English as you are a native English speaker? Haha

        • Don't Chinese learn mandarin?

        • @ausdday: We did when we are studying in schools.

          After we graduated, we just use Mandarin everyday and do not 'Learn' it actually. I suppose this is same in Australia?

        • @xjcs88:
          No, after we graduate, we do not use Mandarin everyday and do not 'learn' it as well.

        • @ausdday:I mean the situation is the same, Australian people use English everyday and do not 'Learn' it actually

  • Firefox is better than Chrome for opening multiple tabs ;)
    edit: and by multiple I mean a shitload

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    ooh, Learn Chinese in 20 days? Seems legit. Thanks OP!

    • Oh, Yi of little faith


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    Rather than listing them out let us know which freebie is really worth downloading.

    • There FREE … Just download and enjoy 😆 . Im sure many ozbargainers but crap they dont . And when you can have stuff for free, even better .
      As a general rule, I myself look at
      1. The amount of people who have downloaded it.
      2. The reviews score.
      Just to give a very quick, rough idea if it is likely any good or not.
      I just downloaded almost all of them, just cos they are free.
      I guess if you havent got unlimited data, this may not be wise though (at least for the 1 game warhammer which is 150mb) . Rest are quite small in data usage. So no harm in purchasing, trying out, or just delete, and it should be on your account as 'purchased' if you require use of it later

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        You undervalue your time.

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    just learn Cantononce, the most mankind history and ancient Chinese language, nothing better then it.

    • Ok

      • wtf is Cantononce

        just get spotify with musixmatch lyrics and play some mandarin songs?

        • "Cantonese" maybe but I got lost after that

        • @spillmill: arrr, i think he meant traditional chinese, not simpilied chinese

        • @holyland: fair enough

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    This requires effort… Only the icon packs to go, figured can just click install and the x right away without having to wait.

  • I just installed these, so I 'own' them . Im fairly certain once you purchase these sale items, they stay on your account forever.
    So might as well purchase them, maybe try a couple out, and delete most are all until I might need them one day

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    The Learn Chinese app is… not great. It seems to be just streaming audio of Chinese sentences (audio sounds like an iphone recording someone in a large room) but the streaming seems to be broken. Even given that it's free, you'd really be better off watching a few lessons on youtube instead.

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