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Bosch Blue 18V 2 Piece Brushless Heavy Duty Destroyer Kit @Bunnings $370


Hey folks so there has been a price drop on this Brushless Heavy Duty Destroyer Kit this appears to be a clearance item because i can not find this kit any where except Ebay. The new destroyer kit is has different drill and driver combo.
The kit used to be $599 now its $370 some one at Bunnings has gone sale mad lol. You get a lot for the money i am not a Bosch expert. My go to brand is Makita but hopefully some one can chime in with a review here. The specs seem really good 75NM torque for the drill.

The Bosch Brushless Destroyer is extremely powerful due to its 75 Nm hard torque. It also has a full metal chuck and is very convenient thanks to the KickBack Control and Precision Clutch.

The GDR Impact Driver's optimised head length makes working in narrow places simple, along with it's compact and ergonomic grip design to make for a comfortable fatigue free application.

The 18V 2 Piece Brushless Heavy Duty Destroyer Kit contains:
18V GSB Brushless Destroyer Hammer Drill Skin
18V GDR Brushless Impact Driver Skin
2 x 5.0Ah 18V-Li Batteries
AL1860CV Fast Charger
Tool Bag
Electronic motor protection ensures longer motor lifetime by protecting it from overloading.Electronic cell protection for long lasting battery life by preventing overload. Heavy duty tool bag makes for easy transport of tools and accessories

Although Bunnings leave no model numbers if we zoom into the tools i can see the Impact driver model number. GDR 18 V-EC
Far out they do not make it easy! Some more snooping and i found this for the drill? GSR 18 VE-EC

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  • OMG! Bosch Blue on sale! sploosh

  • I assume that most people know this, but just in case they don't:

    Bosch 'green' tools- the standard, home user / DIY ones.
    Bosch 'blue' tools- the heavy duty, made for tradies ones.

    Good find OP.

  • +2 votes

    This is an awesome discount, but don't forget there is also a kit for $299


    What this deal provides is brushless and larger batteries.

    • Lesser kit. Drill and driver has less power and smaller batteries also this kit 4amp hour batteries.

      • +16 votes

        You're right, I completely overlooked the two key differences being brushless and larger batteries.

          • Drill has a metal chuck vs plastic
          • Fast charger vs 'regular' charger
          • Much higher all round quality and compact size
    • I have the cheaper kit you listed and I love it, the main deal makes me want to touch it, without using my hands.

    • The $299 kit is also lighter in weight. So if you are not buff up big man then this may suit you for a DIY.

  • +3 votes

    I'll just wait quietly while everyone queues up to explain why their preferred brand is better.

    • Well, I know the best power tool are insert non-sensical ramblings about why my brand is better and question everyone else’s commitment to manhood. Not forgetting to belittle everything that isn’t my choice and everyone that doesn’t agree with me… and everything else is for girls…

      • +9 votes

        Well we don't have Ford vs Holden anymore so they need to fill the allegiance void with something.

        My favourite is this one

        Brand A is better than Brand B
        No that was true in the 80s but now Brand A is now owned by Brand B, so Brand C is better.

        and this one:

        I just buy the $29 Brand D one and get Bunnings to replace it when it fails every 6 months
        No Brand D is terrible, I had one and it failed after 6 months

        • Did you even CONSIDER Brand E? I found it on <obscure Chinese website> for $500 cheaper than it is in Australia

        • @miicah:

          You're all stupid.

          Anyone that knows anything about tools knows that Brand F shits all over everything.

        • @SpottyMoose:
          Oh please, anyone that knows anything knows you go to Chinerse website X and buy a kit to build your own for a fraction of any of the brands, to your quality standard!

        • All those brands are all garbage! The best brand is insert random name here… They are designed in Germany, manufactured in Japan and assembled in the USA!

          Oh, you probably haven’t heard of them. I was using them before they got popular. The TV show, “insert stupid reality tv show” ruined the brand for tradies though…

      • ++

        Not to mention the majority of people on here would probably amputate a few body parts if they ever actually tried to use a power tool or attempted any DIY tasks that don't involve assembling the latest Lego Technic set purchased from Myer for $500…

    • I prefer Makita its made in Japan with Japanese parts like bearings and engine and gearing.

      Plus the customer support is awesome. I broke my girlfriends dads whipper snipper throttle and looked every where for parts. Called sydney tools and went to a few reapiars shops and sydney tools told me to go to Mitre 10 repair center. Mitre 10 tried to sell me a whole console part costing 100+ dollars while making me wait for ages (bad staff!).

      So i called Makita service repairs the chick found the part straight away gave me the model number and cost $5 part. Even went out of her way to find shops that had bought stock recently so i didn't have to travel far to get the part! She then called the shops to make sure they had it in stock still.
      What else could i ask for?

      • Is this for real? That sounds too good to be true.

      • Bosch is good for spare parts. They have a section on their website with schematics showing the part number, then you call up bunnings and order it from them.

        • My boring experience:
          I have multiple sets, every skin & a ton of batteries. Verrry happy. But i got absolutely shafted by their repair and warranty dept.
          The tip broke off an impact driver. Wouldn't hold sockets without falling off. One week after 12mths. Didn't register for extended warranty within first month. Replacement part ('anvil') was more than whole skin. While looked into consumer affairs, they threw out my skin.

          So so so mad. 5 years ago. Bitter much?

          I figure all brands are similar. I'll buy another on principle next time.

        • @YogaPants: Please note it's illegal in Australia to require you to do anything for the extended warranty if their is no payment. Check out the ACCC. So you are covered by the extended warranty just mention this to the service department as they may not be aware our are "trained" not to be aware.

      • Some Makita gear is made in Japan still but I’m pretty sure my cordless skins are all made in China, or “Made in PRC” (china)

        • I think it depends on what line it is. My Makita products are made in Japan.
          Makita does have the MT series and they are all made in China. I have used some of the MT series and they are good probably best budget gear out. You may still see Japanese parts inside the MT series just like ryobi drills made in China but they use Japanese engines.

    • Hitachi tools are the way to go, because.

  • I have the green one as a gift. It's really weak. Blue is the way to go

  • May be some more discount using PowerPass as it is tradie tool

    • I did try! but unfortunately not, as it is a clearance item, and apparently cannot get further discount w powerpass on clearance items

  • Awesome deal! Don't forget the free 18v radio by redemption by spending more than $350 on Bosch Blue 18v cordless gear at Bunnings!!


  • I have the brushed model of this and it’s pretty good. The lack of belt clip which is apparently available on this brushless model has me a bit green eyed though.

    The drill is quite heavy though, the weight and size means that it can be a bit uncomfortable to use one handed in tight or obscure angles. I’ve, touch wood, so far had no issues with it and have used it to drill through inumberable things without complaint, and the masonry hammer function works very well. I had a fairly basic cheap kit AEG and the Bosch seems to handle hammer jobs better.

    The chuck in the impact driver always feels a bit loose, but I think that’s just the way they are, it’s always been pretty good but I think that the Stanley FatMax which has a bit more torque feels a little better in the hand and seems to do a better job.

  • Got one. One left at casula

  • This looks good, but hopefully it doesn't live up to its name "destroyer"

  • I dont need more drills…..

  • I didn't know the batteries last a max 2-3 years until I read this article:


    • That is pure rubbish. I have several of these Bosch Blue batteries and some are over 6 years old and still work perfectly.
      I have 2 x 1.3Ah, 4 x 3Ah, 2 x 4Ah, 3 x 6Ah and 2 x 6.3Ah(New Core batteries) 18v Bosch Blue batteries and none have ever failed.

    • Note - Bosch fanboy posting highly bias comments.

      When you pair lots of cells to make up a battery pack there is a likelihood that the weakest link will render the entire pack to fail. This is a result of the cell with lowest capacity going negative voltage. So most Lithium battery packs are built with voltage balancing taps that prevent this from happening. But it does not stop the weakest cell from dying faster than the rest.

      Bosch blue coolpack batteries are made of factory bin and balanced cells so they work in tandem. I dismantled one of my 3yr old 18V4Ah and measured the 10 cells to my delight they are still within millivolts of another. They are Samsung high discharge current cells.

      What's more astonishing is that Bosch Blue coolpack does not have any smatt Battery Management Systems(BMS) like Makita or Ryobi that goes 'broken' when you need it most. All that it's got is two tiny resistors that tells the charger how hard to go and some simple electronics that measures and translate the voltage to LED level. The tool does the voltage monitoring.

      Watch this

      I am sure BMS can be made with less restriction so in Bosch case it's actually cost cutting. Maybe they traded the cost for higher grade cells??? There isn't any probe that measures the battery temperature and stop it from working when it's dangerously hot. Also, most BMS taps into each and every cells in series and keep the voltage balanced so the weakest cell can't kill itself. Therefore I think having a BMS, even a simple one is important.

      But it's Bosch who am I to argue with. I am sure they have done their homework and because of this I trust their batteries more than the others. The fact that the cells remained a few millivolts to one another means Samsung supplied very high grade tight tolerance cells that performs.

      • the batteries in radio controlled cars and planes are the same, no smarts in the battery in and it’s up to the charger to balance them.

        power tool manufacturers by having smarts in the battery can record how often a battery has been charged and over what time and temperatures . this can be useful to charge the battery to the best life cycle curve for longevity and a
        so as it ages …. and also for warranty claims so they know how the battery was treated.

        i like the simplicity of the bosch system, but am stuck with with my installed base of makita.

        they need to do trade in deals …. trade in makita for bosch and bosch gives you credit on bosch skins.

        • The Bosch 18V charger does not have cell balancing function. They are sorted at the factory so the cells that goes in a battery pack are matched pairs.

          R/C batteries don't have such luxury due to cost and pouch cells don't have PTC that keeps most cylindrical powertools cells from overheating.

          You can buy battery converters that converts one brand to another on eBay but not very wise thing to do.

  • aussieprepper

    Heavy Duty Destroyer Kit

    Username checks out OP.

    • +1 vote

      +ve Better Impact driver that OP deal, Probably newer stock.
      -ve No fast charger, smaller batteries, less powerful drill.

    • There's something wrong with the name of that kit. "Core" refers to the new 18v batteries that Bosch is producing using 20700 battery cells instead of 18650, however I don't think that the new batteries are being produced in 2.0Ah packs.

      Otherwise the drill is the smaller "Striker" instead of the "Destroyer", and if the picture is correct it is the older plastic chuck version. The Destroyer is bigger, heavier, allegedly tougher and a little bit torquier but for the most part I find the Striker to be more useful because of it's smaller size. The impact driver in this kit is the 2-in-1 driver/wrench. I prefer the driver-only version, again because it is smaller than the 2-in-1.

      • I use the driver/wrench a lot for my car. It's very clever idea. I do agree it's big. I have a 12V impact for those tight spaces.

  • I just need 1 portable drill, is this still my cheapest option for a high quality/powerful one or should I wait for a deal on a single drill.

    • This is more of a trade option. For anyone who doesn't need to use a drill weekly, there are cheaper quality options.

    • This is excellent value but definitely not the cheapest option. I have the slightly smaller "Striker" version of this drill and the same impact driver. It's trade quality, etc, etc, but the drill I reach for most is my little $50 Aldi 12v drill.

  • The Bunnings I went to only had 1 kit left. It might pay to get in quick or ring ahead in advance.

    You could also purchase direct from their website and use click and collect…oh wait, that is only every other retailer.

  • Newly converted (due to another offer on OzB) to SDS rotary hammer mechanism as the only way to go…..presume this one is a "normal" hammer drill from a quick look around?

    • This will be my first drill and driver. Will this suitable for normal brick wall drilling? Already had the last unit on hold for me at local Bunnings. Should i wait for deal on SDS rotary hammer? Any expert pls share.

      • No expert but I'll comment as this is your "first"….I've drilled brick with a quality hammer drill and they work fine.

        An assumption - you aren't doing 40+ holes? (if so go on to YouTube and search for vids on comparisons SDS/rotary to "normal" hammer and then make up your mind - note brick is "softer" than concrete/stone IMHO)

        You need a "masonry bit"(s) not a normal bit. Don't skimp on quality. Don't forget you MUST have something to assist the attachment in the brick of the screw/bolt of whatever is being attached eg rawl plug/special bolt as one of a few methods to make your attachment hold securely.

        If drilling a largish hole probably best to get a couple of drill bits at least so you can step up the hole size. Pay particular attention to any recommended sizes if mentioned on whatever you're attaching.

        The process can be a bit time consuming and will be noisy so if partners/neighbours need to be considered…consider. Protect your eyes!

      • ssd rotary hammers don’t come as starters kits in cordless, it’s usually just a skin and it’s to supplement people’s sets after they have the normal drill / hammer drill alteady.
        i always use rotary sds hammer on masonary work.

  • Also if you buy this kit you can claim a free 18v radio from bosch worth $139. I just got my brand new in the mail. It comes in the retail box with seal and insert etc. So could potentially sell it on ebay if you didn't want it for abit of coin.

    GML soundboxx 18v


  • Lovvvve the destroyer II drill. Mad capability for a cordless. Impressed many with it.

  • Great Deal OP. Got mine from Bunnings at Rockdale this evening, there were still 3 left, took the staff a while to find it. The batteries themselves would cost almost $300 ($149 each, obviously not many pay at retail but still demonstrates worth). This should last me for a few years of good use, for weekend wood and masonry work.

    Yes, also went online to claim my radio, hopefully can get it soon.

  • A few too.shops have been having bosch. clearances and i asked why, they reckon bosch cancelled their dealership arrangement and will be focusing on Amazon and a few select retailers.
    even bunnings have cut back on bosch drill bits and now do other brands for masonary.

    • Thanks for the info mate this might also apply to supercheapauto seeing as there where clearing out Bosch stock.

    • It's just going to drive people to another brand. Stupid move really. I import most of my Bosch tools due to cost.

      • The fact that you import Bosch tools says to me that their strategy is correct. Here's how I think it went down:

        Bunnings -
        "Hey Bosch, we are not selling enough of your product, because you are too expensive. Give us lower wholesale prices or we use that shelf space to sell more AEG and Ozito."

        thinks: …also we are scared of Amazon

        Bosch -
        thinks: Hmm, most of our loyal customers are buying our product through tool shops or importing it directly. Amazon is opening in Australia and will soon offer overnight delivery to 40% of the Australian population and two day delivery to another 40%. We can maintain our profit margins if we sell on Amazon instead of Bunnings.

        Bosch: Hey Bunnings - you can have your shelf space back.

        • Not everyone need a destroyer kit, it's aimed at builders. People here wont be smitten by the deal if it's not on discount. Bunnings don't do discounts regularly. What are most builders using now, definitely not Bosch. Builders don't sit at home and wait for their parcels. They go to a shop where they know they can get a trade discount and they won't import their tools for warranty and tax purposes.

  • I want to buy this just to say I have a DESTROYER KIT!!

  • Bunnings Gungahlin has one…all other Canberra stores have sold out.

  • Got one, Bunnings Minchinbury had 2 more left at 9:00PM last night

  • Any point in getting this if just for home use?

  • Just spoke to a few bunnings, apparently a lot were returned and all boxes opened and tampered with.

  • Just picked up second last one at Brunswick VIC Bunnings. The guy said it was a great price for what I was getting.

    • I called in the morning there were two. Think i called later on in afternoon and you just picked up 30 seconds before I called.

      • Yeah, it was high up on the shelf. Needed step ladder to get to it. Just filled out promo for free Bosch radio. All set!

  • Well if "The Guy" said. That is all I need, now I must be of and getting :)

    • I bought one this morning. It was the last one there. The box was already opened and a bit squashed, therefore they sold it to me for $350.

      The batteries were already installed onto the drills. Also the belt clip and hand strap were installed onto the impact driver, the other belt clip new in plastic bag, no sign of other wrist strap.

      There is also no rectangular plastic handle thingie for the impact driver as shown in the photos.

      All the parts are not in plastic except 1 belt clip and the hammer drill plastic handle part.

      Seems like a good deal and bit of extra discount but wondering why missing parts (if that is the case) and if it had been used already

      Others who bought one.

      • Did every come individually wrapped and unopened in plastic?
      • Were there 2 wrist straps?
      • Did you get the rectangular plastic handle thingie for the impact driver?
      • The dates of the batteries are 03/2016 and drills say 2016

      I read a post above that some boxes were already opened and tampered with.

      It seems like a good deal but not quite sure what is going on and if it has been "used" before….

      • When I checked stock, the guy said the store with only 1 left is probably a display. I ended up getting that one and the box was open & mostly like you described.

      • Grabbed one from Mascot (3 left when I was there).

        Also opened, but all parts were still in plastic wrap. Good deal. +1 from me, hate Bunnings trips, but this was worth it.

        Also stock left at Alexandria (1 item left).

        The two skins are:
        GSB 18 VE EC http://www.bosch-professional.com/middle-east/en/cordless-co...
        GDR 18 V EC http://www.bosch-pt.com.au/au/en/cordless-impact-driver-gdr-...

      • I got the last one from Altona (VIC). Almost missed it too; was in a different shelf to the rest of the Bosch Blue range and lucky the employee spotted it when I asked.
        Haven't got itinfront of me to check off your list 100% but it does sound very similar to mine. What I remember for sure:
        - batteries pre-installed
        - belt clip on impact driver only
        - only the hammer drill side handle in plastic
        - haven't checked dates or smaller missing parts
        - the box had to strips of tape closing it (no idea if that's normal new or not, it didn't look like it was a re-seal)

        • Mine (2nd last from Brendale, QLD) also appeared to have been opened.
          -everything was in the tool bag, batteries were not installed or charged.
          -belt clip on impact only (all the images on box/site has one on both)
          -side handle/guage rod were in plastic.
          -included was a little bag of different colored plastic drill inserts (install in the back of skin)
          -looked like the impact may have been a display model
          -batteries+charger dated 05/2016, drill 02/2017, impact 2015

          overall, happy with this kit - my old blue's were a little weak for some tasks but still going.

          Anyone know where I can get a magnet to attache to the handle opposite belt clip?

        • @Radar:
          batteries+dated 07/2016, drill 02/2017, impact 2015 ,charger 2017


          Mine from Northland's the same as yours.
          Battiers dated 03/2016, drill 05/2017, impact 2016.

  • I checked mine further and only 1 of the 2 LED lights on the hammer drill are working. I will raise this with bunnings.

    If anyone has a chance to check, please advise what the date stamps are for the batteries and drills.

    My batteries are all 03/2016, drills 2016 and charger 03/2016

  • bought one and will return tomorrow as the speed preset in the lmpact driver not working !!!!!!

  • I think thats the way the leds are supposed to be on the hammer drill only 1 working on mine and my mates aswell, 2nd one might come on when the overheat function kicks in who knows. The thing I'm more peeved about is the dates on my batteries are 10/2014 when my mates one got 3/2016, you guys think I should go in an ask to swap them seeing as its 2 year warranties on the batteries and mine are 3 yrs+ old and have been sitting there….

    • Both my batteries are dated 03/2016.

    • turns out im missing the handle for the hammer drill too ffs……


      They will probably say that the warranty runs from purchase date, not manufacturing date.
      However, the batteries will probably go completely flat if not charged for two years, which is not good for them.

  • I would have thought that both LED's should come on. I tested the drill in the garage this afternoon (dark) and it was like only the left hand side of where I was drilling was light up, so I would assume both should be light up. Can anyone else compare theirs?

    Wow 10/2014 is worse than mine of 03/2016.

    I suppose if they have not been used then it may be OK but I'm not sure about their lifetime so I would definitely go and ask them about it. I will be asking the same thing about my batteries as in 5 months time, they are 2 years old.

    • If the batteries have been unused as new then they will have been left at half charge in storage where they last a lot longer.

      And yet here I am with most of my tool batteries sitting around fully charged lol. Think I'll go run them a little bit today.

  • 1 left at Epsom Bendigo

  • Took the last one at Epping. Thomastown, Altona, West Footscray, Maribyrnong are out. Was told Mill Park may have some so worth calling before if interested.

    • haha arrived right after the guy took it to the counter for you. I kept it on reserve the day before but changed my mind but tried my luck cause I was swinging past - wasn't tempted too much by it as the guy said the box was pretty tampered and gone. How was it inside?

      • Had a feeling I was surrounded with Ozbargainers at the time :) It was much in the same condition as dufflover's comment above, box looked like it'd been resealed/retaped together. Also only 1 clip & handstrap on the hammer drill but I wasn't too fussed, seemed to work well

  • Hi All,
    Did you guys receive any confirmation email when you submitted your details for the bosch radio promo? I submitted my details but did not receive any email confirming my submission.