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½ Price Danone Yopro Yoghurt Varieties 160gm $1.12, 15% off Events Gift Cards @ Coles

  • 15% off $30, $50 Event Gift Card
  • 15% off $100 Gold Class Gift Card
  • 10 Cards per Transaction.

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  • +3 votes

    I'm a fan of the YoPRO Yoghurt, especially at $1.12 so will stock up. Thanks nocure :)

  • Are you in catalogue delivery business? How do you know the specials so soon?

    • Yep, but shhhhh, not suppose to release them until Monday.

      • How does it hurt anyone if people find out early?

        • My guess would be its an extra day of sales they miss out on. You might be keen on a movie voucher and buy it today and then its 15% off on Wednesday. I was going to get one today as a gift for someone, and thankfully I have seen that I can wait and save some money on it.

  • I did that for a few weeks, people in my area receive all catalogues on Sunday. Who wants to walk twice?!

  • Just tried the Vanilla flavour. The texture seemed a little odd initially, but overall it was a nice yoghurt.

  • gonna empty the shelves this coming week hells yeahhhh discount yoghurt

  • it almost tastes like they have added so much protein powder to the yoghurt… it's like those pot set greek yoghurt with a powdery taste…won't be buying again


      It's not like a protein shake is going to taste any better.

      • well if you are to bulk up then go for the unpleasant protein shake (35-40g protein per serving) for the purpose then eat other delicious yoghurt to enjoy. why put up with this shocking taste when you can only get 15g of protein.


          Didnt know people arent allowed to have 15g and must only consume 40g or nothing.

    • -2 votes

      I don't like the taste either, but I thought it was due to fake sugar.

    • There's no protein powder added to it… the strange texture is from the stevia

      • Yep, and I don't like the taste of the stevia either. It tastes chemical/fake to me. Would rather a small amount of real sugar. Still prefer other brands.

  • I love the Yopro and Chobani price war.

  • The Chobani Killer

    Awesome will stock up. Much less calories than chobani and tastes almost as good IMO

  • Anymore early sneaks for us?!

  • Yum! Really like the plain one the most.

  • Tried these yogurts a few weeks back when they were on special. Really wasn't impressed and neither was anyone else in the family. A couple of them ended up uneaten and went in the bin.

    Back to Chobani's.

  • YES YES YES, i hope they have this sale as often as john west tuna goes on sale