This was posted 4 years 7 months 2 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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20% off Myer eBay (3 Txn's PP, $500 Maximum Discount Per Txn)


20% off Myer is coming back in 2 days :)

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This offer commences at 10.00 (AEST) on 24 October 2017 and ends at 23.59 (AEDT) on 30 October 2017.

The offer entitles you to 20% off the purchase price (excluding postage) at the Participating Store on during the Offer Period, for up to 3 transactions and up to a maximum discount of $500 per transaction.

As always, make sure to put anything into your cart that you would like prior to the sale to ensure you get it! It might be worth doing this on the day as some of the sales end today.

Enjoy :)

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      you are a god.

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        god among kings

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        Jesus.. Look at all the negs coming from religious fanatics

    • Should be added to the post.

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    My oh Myer, another eBay sale

  • In regards to claiming TRS on these ebay sales, will the GST be on the final 80% price or the original price?

    • +2

      Original price

      • -5

        So effectively it would be 70% off

        • +1

          Pretty much

        • +16

          @ericc: May want to rethink that math…

        • +9

          @GossipGoat: 20% off + another 10% off ≠ 70% off.

        • +1

          @KLoNe: Yes but in this case the 10% off is on the original price not the discounted price

        • +3

          @GossipGoat: Yes, so roughly 30% off, not 70% off, I think KLoNe is pointing out.

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          2549 * 0.8 - 2549/11 = 1807.47 or 29% off.

        • +3


          For the GST
          $2549 including GST

          To calculate GST, $2549 / 11
          GST should be $231.72

        • @renza:

          Beat me

        • +4

          @renza: Ohhhh im a complete idiot haha

        • @GossipGoat:

          The actual value of the item as shown on a receipt or invoice is the full price. Our benefit is that Ebay is contributing 20% of the total price.

          If an item is $2000, Ebay contributes 20% which is $400. The government doesnt care who pays what parts, its 10% of the total. GST is therefore for our item $200, and we pay the outstanding which is $1600.

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    They currently have 30% off Thermos. Let's see if there's an overlap :)

    • +3

      Catalogue says the mid season sale ends today :( but let’s hope!

      • +2

        Wont happen sadly from previous experiences the prices always goes back up

        • Would be nice if they put 20% off on $27, so we paying around 20 bucks for one, that would be nice..

      • Yep sale ends today, 23/10. Ah well!

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    When was the last 10-20% off ebay deal for all sites and when is the next one?

    • +13

      last week
      next week

  • +1

    Hope they Add the Apple TV 4K, want another one!

    • +1

      Not bad. How much was it ?

  • … Nevermind

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    Need 20% off Dan Murphys.

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    • how much did they increase it last time?

    • +1

      lol, they did increase the price!!!

    • +2

      They price jacked! Sunbeam coffee machine was $799 yesterday and now it's rrp at $999.

      Waste of my time Myer!

      • +1

        ebay should either freeze the prices before providing this discount or show on the page what the price was prior to the discount being made available just to show if the companies are being dodgy

    • Yup, all these ebay sales are a con, can get that odd good deal but not true % off.

    • They removed my item altogether for this sale. Added to cart yesterday with lots of stock, today listing ended.

  • Nice offer

  • +1

    Am I able to use a MYER Giftcard for this sale?

  • thanks

  • Thank you Spackbace.
    Do you think if I go into the shop, they will honor the deal? Anyone else have any luck?

    • +5

      No. Ebay and store are different entities. You can't even claim online discount from official store in store. I tried. It was a painful and fruitless attempt.

      • Thank you Freelife. Do you think they would price match?

        • +4

          Nope. Tried that too. They'll only deal with discounts approved in store. Ebay is like an alien entity to in store staff.

        • @freelife: Thanks for help freelife. Bugger will have to wait for another Myer discount cycle before christmas.

      • Not entirely, though. Half a year back I bought a suitcase from Myer eBay, but then a better deal came along next week, and Myer happily took it back and refunded the eBay purchase at a physical store.

    • No I believe the myer ebay and the stores are seperate

    • +1

      I bought a MacBook Pro in June sales. Paid and got refund due to out of stock. Went to Myer Chatswood to do price match up and got rejected (they do have stocks but just don't wanna give away to people)

  • Do iMacs included?

  • When does the myer 20% off small kitchen appliances finishes? Cannot find detail on their website! Would be great to get an extra 20% off!!

  • Looking for a cold press juicer, hopefully there will be some further discounts…

  • -2

    Well, the V8 absolute plus will be poorly priced. 20% off $999 is far too high. Needs to get back down to mid 600s (even though that was a DJ error)

  • +2

    oh myer god

  • a good site to check history price for Australia products?

  • -3

    Can MYER gift card be used?

    • Q: Can I use Myer gift card?
      A: Presently, we do not accept Myer Gift Cards as a form of tender on the eBay Myer store.

  • shame they don't have the beoplay e8s in stock yet.

  • I will wait for the Myer XmaS sales and use my gift vouchers. Will bring a lot of things back to equal or slightly under their competition on whitegoods, travel equipment etc.

  • Hi all, so is this correct?

    On Myer's Ebay site this iMac NEW Apple iMac 27 inch Retina 5K display 3.4GHz (was $2,699.00)
    selling for $2,549.00 - 20% (max $500) = $2049???
    And are they Australian stock?


    • +1

      Myer 100% sell Australian stock.

    • +1

      Correct IF they don't jack up prices before the coupon goes live.

  • Has anyone done the gst return at airport with a receipt without their name & passport number for a MacBook?

    • You should read the requirements at the source:

      • -1

        I know this, but asking ppl here whose done it b4 if they had claimed without having name and passport number on receipt

    • Tax invoices of AUD 1000 or more in value must contain your identity (name, address, email or passport number)

      OR passport number

      As long as the receipt has YOUR details (name/address/email) you'll be fine
      Don't have those, enjoy waiting in the TRS line for nothing.

  • +3

    Alternative link for eBay traditionalists
    Search link

  • +1

    what the hell is Txn?

    • +1

      Transactions, just couldn’t fit it in the title.

      • +1

        Other better choice of words to be abbreviated:
        - Maximum = max.
        - Discount = disc.

  • +13

    ALL APPLE PRODUCTS TAKEN DOWN., this seems like a very dodgy move considering it was not stated the promo code excludes Apple.

    • True heartbreak….

    • +2

      Stay calm, they usually do this and put them back up at like 3am within the first couple of days :) Think it has something to do with eBay taking them down as they pop back up again eventually.

      • +1

        I knew it was too good to be true!

      • You're right, they're slowly being put back up again. AirPods aren't up yet though.

        • They removed the listing for airpods. Listing was active when I put the item in my basket, now the listing as been removed

    • +1


    • +2

      Not only Apple products. I was looking at some appliances, either gone now or more expensive!

    • they are there. i just ordered another ipad pro. they went away as their prices were readjusted to rrp

      for example, the 64gb ipad pro 10.5 was 929$ yesterday. it is back to the normal 979$ today but you can get the 20% off that

  • +5

    It should be promoted as 20% off overstocked and overpriced items only.

  • +1

    Anyone knows what happen to the apple watch deal? Cant seem to find it.

    All good just saw it on one of the comments.

  • +7

    Apple products disappeared

  • +7

    What a scam, put an IPL hair remover yesterday at $499 in my basket and today it has jumped to $799. This sort of practice must be illegal. So with the discount it's 100 more expensive. Was grabbing it for my wife, Myer can stick their sale where the sun don't shine.

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