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Xbox Live 12 Month Gold Membership US$40.61(AU $52.27), Windows 10 Pro US$10.27 (AU $13.23)& Office 2016 Pro @ GamesDeal


Limited Stock special offer for Xbox 12 Month:
Xbox Live 12 Month Gold Membership US$40.61(AU $52.27)
No Coupon Code needed.

Big discount for Software Keys:
Windows 10 Professional (32/64 Bit) US$10.27 (AU $13.23)
30% Off Code:GDwin30
Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus (1 User) US$23.69 (AU $30.49)
25% Off Code:GDdeal25

Note: You will get your code (key) by Email. We will not send CDs or manuals by mail, just send the code.

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    You can find Windows 10 and Office for cheaper on eBay, with the same legitimacy.

    This is not a bargain at all.

    • +6

      "With the same legitimacy". Correct. That is, none.

  • How are you getting 52? 28 degrees card?

  • +2

    Hold your horses gents. I just bought the xbox gold live 12 month and got this when trying to redeem on xbox web site.

    "Contact the seller to get a code that works in your region

    This code was purchased in a different region and cannot be redeemed."

    Contacted their support (who was quick to respond) and offered a refund due to technical problem with the product.

    • Is this region checking on the codes something new to Xbox Live? I'm sure I've bought from overseas before without issue.

      • Yeah, Xbox Live codes have always been region free (unlike microsoft points/money cards)

        This must be a new thing?

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          I've bought a number of Xbox live cards from Games Deal previously and never had a problem… until last week when I bought one and got the "Contact the seller to get a code that works in your region. This code was purchased in a different region and cannot be redeemed." message.

          Games Deal had me attempt to enter to code a different way (a few times) but it still wouldn't work and they gave me a refund due to the problem. They said that they have had some issues with their codes lately.

          Microsoft also told me that they have been having problems with adding Xbox Live Gold to accounts recently as my sons 14 day trial that came with his new Xbox One was accepted but didn't provide any actual access. They ended up giving me a month to compensate for stuffing me around and I asked them about the wrong region stuff and they didn't seem to have a clue.

        • +1


          That's a real shame. It's just not worth the run around to save $25. I'm getting damn tired of spending hours to chase down sometimes as little as $1 on principle. Life's too short.

          Might as well buy directly from MS, or at least from a major Aussie retailer when they're on sale :(

        • +1

          Microsoft started region locking in February starting with Brazil and Mexico as they were the cheapest and easiest to buy for shady websites.

          Strongly advise sticking with local trusted retailers, or asking exactly what country the card was purchased in.

  • +5

    As with Willis, I am here to say I bought a year of Gold a couple weeks back and the code had been used already.

    Had to contact Xbox support to get the activation date, sent that through to these guys, then they reissued me a new card. The new card was labelled as a 360 card, which they've not made in ages too. The first card was activated in October last year as well.

    In the end, I got a code that worked, I'm just warning any other potential customers to be weary.

  • +1

    Never seems to be any psn subscriptions on sale anywhere

    • That's because Sony region locks their codes, and it sounds like Microsoft has started doing it too out of frustration with sites like these. Can't make money buying from Russia at 50 rubles and reselling at $40 AUD that way.

  • A mate who purchased one of the XBL Gold memberships confirmed he was able to redeem it using a VPN routing via Brazil. Using Private Internet Access VPN.

  • Just got the region error and contacted them. Meh.

    • ditto

      • They actually emailed back and got it to work for me. Sadly I can't change my negative vote.

        • I unfortunately could not :(

        • @Apple96:

          Did you follow the steps and edit the link they provided with their code?

        • @TLZ: yeah, still didnt :/

  • Xbox Live codes didn't work for me.

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