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Xbox Live Gold 12 Months for US $40.61 (AU $50.96) @ Gamesdeal.com


Back in stock - seems to be a good price.
Don't forget 3.2% cashback with CR.

As per Skellysgirl's comment, you may be charged a US$1.62 "payment fee".

18/9: 10am Back again (Thanks Dr Boulos)

13/10: Some users have reported issues with the code

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    Price was

    $40.61 USD
    plus "payment fee" $1.62 USD

    Just bought using PayPal worked out to be $54.14 AUD.

    Microsoft is currently advertising at $53 AUD but i tried several times and it would not process the payment, so $54 but ease of purchase is good with me.

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    Similar to Skellysgirl

    40.61 + 1.62 = 42.23 USD

    Came to $52.73 with 28 Degrees.

  • This wont be region locked like previous deals would it?

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      Xbl sub never is. Purchased them from Canada and the US

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        not true, a deal was posted recently which was Brazil locked

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    Didn't work on xbox itself but did work on xbox.com

  • Out of stock @$50.96 AUD. Still available for ~$56.44 AUD here https://www.gamesdeal.com/xbox-360-live-gold-membership-12-m...

  • Morning, just wondering if anyone is aware if there is an expiry date on when you need to use it. I want to buy a couple for the kids but not give it to them till christmas. Thx

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      I don't think they expire.

      • Cheers

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    Hey guys is key delivery instant? Made a purchase via PayPal 30mins ago, no key yet :-S

    • Did you receive your product? I'm having the same problem it has been more than 5 hours now and I've got nothing I'm about to contact PayPal for a refund. (nothing in Junk emails too)

      • Finally got mine, after using contact us on page with order no. & PayPal transaction i.d. They took a black & white pic and emailed it redeemed it straight away, it worked phew….

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    Just received mine. Entered the code into my Xbox One and said the code has been used already.
    I have emailed them to get a refund.

    • Worth to try on Xbox.com just in case that somehow works ^^"

  • Thanks OP, just purchased my first Xbox live gold sub. Was a good enough price from what I've seen ^^
    Although, after I bought it (received the email the code all fine btw) I went into my Xbox to redeem, and realised I had the one month trial still to use haha, so I am using that for the first month instead of this code… Hope I don't run into any trouble in a months time when I do end up putting the code in though! ;) fingers crossed!

    • Just add it to your account and it will add on top of your 1 month

      • Yeah I had heard that it works like that, but I was hesistant as my month is the free trial and not pre-purchased obviously, so wasn't sure if it would add on top or just override, are you certain it will add to my free trial month? Thanks in advanced ^^

  • Purchased, didn't arrive within the stated 15 mins. Emailed them, they let me know they were having issues processing some orders. They gave me a 5% discount code off next order.
    Code came through via email a few hours later, went to Xbox website, and it worked. Good price, ended up being $53 all up with Paypal.

    • Now I want 5% off this price.

      There's a 4% off code promotion on their facebook page but it doesn't work when applying to this product.

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    out of stock now

  • Came to 54.86 AUD for me. Thanks OP. Can anyone tell me what it normally costs?

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      Microsoft pricing - $79.95/year, $29.95/3 months, $10.95/month

      • Thanks so much for posting this deal Stix

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          You're welcome mate!

  • This deal still seems to be live, despite not showing on their site when you go looking there.

    I got sent a code that had already been used and now I have to deal with their support team, if and when they wanna get back to me. So that's great.

    Anyways, I'm downvoting because this company is clearly using shonky codes based on my experience, and that of others who've commented here. Nothing against OP obviously, but this site is defo bodgy.

    • Did you use xbox.com to redeem the code? Some codes have failed when redeeming directly from the Xbox.

      • Yup. And it's mobile cousin.

        Talking with their support ATM. Definitely pulling something shonky I reckon.

        • Any luck?

        • @Stix: Cheers for the concern dude.

          They got back to me relatively quickly and sent me a new code, one that worked.

          I talked to Xbox tech support to get the date when my original was validated and it was early October, 2016. As in last year.

          So the site is definitely a bit shonky with their codes and I wouldn't personally go there again after this little (profanity) around, but I'm glad everyone else for the most part had a good time with them.

          The code they sent me after the first one was recognized as being 12 months for 360, they haven't sold 360 specific branded cards, to my knowledge, for a long ass time too. So that raises more questions.

          Anyway, I eventually got the Gold, so I'm happy I guess.

          Thanks for the post, made the missus happy. We got a new remote recently and she's been dying to play some online Call of Duty. Despite the fact there's 2 perfectly good Wii U CoDs sitting there with free online but whatever.

        • @TheDukeOfNukem: Good to hear. A mate of mine had a similar issue. A warning is now in the original post.

  • I know this deal has expired but I'd like to add to the small list of unhappy customers.

    First they said the code was sent when it actually wasn't. When I was responding, I received the code. The code can't be redeemed in my region.

    I think I hade purchased two XBL codes from them and this is the first time I am having issues.

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