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Surface Book: Intel Core i7 512GB Models - Normal Version $2190, Performance Base Version $3079 (20% off) @ Microsoft Store


Micorsoft Surface Book laptops Normal/with Performance Base are cheaper

The Performance base version with 512GB SSD was 3499 before and is 3079 now:

The Normal version with 512GB SSD was around 2500+ and is 2,190 now:

The Pro Tablets aren't cheaper though

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    Currently $2999 at JB for the Performance 512gb - https://www.jbhifi.com.au/computers-tablets/tablets/microsof...

    • Good work on finding it cheaper elsewhere.

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    Currently $2149 at Domayne for the Normal - http://www.domayneonline.com.au/electronics/computers-en-2/l...

    • Looks like an i5 to me

      • Yes and..? OP quoted price on the "Normal" as well which this also beats it?

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    These are cheaper due to the Surface Book 2 release soon, in case anyone wants to wait. These laptops have 6th Gen Intel processors.
    General thought, will these be even more cheaper after Surface Book 2 comes out?

    • They'll just likely phase out and disappear.

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      I guess it depends on how much unsold stock they have.

    • On the money.. the normal price now is $2999

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    Am I missing something, the 1tb one seems to be on sale for $2699 on microsoft ebay- https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Microsoft-Surface-Book-1TB-Intel...

    • Is this the 2015 "basic" version or the updated 2016 version with performance base? Can't seem to find the information anywhere on the net

  • Had 400 had work. 150 logged faulty devices in 18 months. (Not joking)

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    This is such old technology for the price. Not sure why anyone would buy one of these over a Dell, HP, or Lenovo right now. The Surface Book 2 may change things.

    • They have no competition is this kind of 2-in-1.. still dont. I have been searching for a while..

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