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Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus - 20% off - $356 @ Harvey Norman


Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus
20% off @ Harvey Norman

MicroSD expandable
USB-Type C
Glass Front and Back

Snapdragon 625
1920 x 1200 FHD 10.1" Display
7000mAh battery
Android 7.1

Lenovo run a very clean version of Android with very few modifications.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • 16gb….why????

    • Because Android lets you expand the storage with an SD Card. It will combine it with the built in storage.

      • Yes but this method doesn't always work as I found out on Reddit especially with installing files.. with media files and non-apk type situations it is fine because you can move those files manually if they somehow end up in your internal even if you explicitly selected an external path or default location like your sd card.

        Some devs can't or won't go the extra mile to program allowances for installing to an external storage aka sd card in their programs and force install anyways on your internal… even if you set default location to sd card under settings > memory and storage

        Something to do with a manifest.xml file or something like that rather.

        I have had many painful nights trying to find great work around on this and or a blanket solution or treatment for this problem.

        Source: first hand personal experience with this problem since using my Huawei Mediapad M3 + 200gb Micro sd card and been trying to find ways around besides manually relocating it via a file explorer app since February.

        • just formate the SD card and turn it into internal storage, the card's storage will merge with the internal storage.
          u can do that with android 6 and above.
          and if the "relocating" works fine then what u still complaining? u only have to do it once for every app, hows the "manually" goona harm u?

        • @samelight: I am not sure what you are talking about but I have under settings / memory and storage / set default location set to micro sd not internal

          Is this how you turn it into internal storage if not how do you do it properly or completely aka what steps do I need to take to change it to merge with my internal storage is there anything else I need to do besides that one memory and storage setting?

          The relocating works fine for day stuff I download through Firefox and etc as I can move the files around easily without worrying about affecting installation directory path errors and problems but for some already installed apps and future installation of apps it still likes to leave some files on my internal storage which is only 32gb even though I have pre selected and set it to install on my external storage aka my 200gb micro sd card.

          I have no idea why it does this and will probably try a complete format soon so that I can see if it is just an update issue that needs a reformat.

          But if it still doesn't work even after the reformat and setting change then I am stumped as to what to do next as I have used all my first level options next step would be literally dive into the code and try to fix it from within essentially making me become an android developer or worker coder at that point haha lol which I don't mind lol open source ftw.

          I have not tried manually cutting and copying some apps to my external storage while preserving the directories as I am worried that the device might not be able to find it as I am not 100% sure yet on how Android's operating system completely works yet unlike with Windows.

          I know with Windows that if you decide to change a directory or move to another drive per se you have to update the registry so that it can find it and see it's new location unless it is a standalone executable or file etc.

          With android I don't even know how to access the devices registry or if it even has one or what it's equivalent is called haha lol..

          I think I need to watch or find a video on learning how to become more acquainted with the Android Operating System as I am already fully memorized with Windows.. and a bit of Linux and some Apple.

          Anyways thanks for your reply you really helped me but if you have anymore information that I could use please let me know in a comment below.

        • @AlienC:
          no, default location is not the same as what am i talking about,
          just google or youtube "SD card into internal storage", others could explain better with screen shoots and videos

        • @samelight: oh you mean the old or well dated way of going into an app page and the clicking move to sd card. Huh I remember doing that on my old Samsung galaxy s2 phone and Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 3g tablet.

          I forgot about it now on this new hardware maybe I should check it out.

          Yeah it is tedious especially since I have over 100 apps easily.. there's no way I could do it for all of them but I guess I have no choice. Ok wish me luck this option still exists on this new tablet I thought they phased it out and brought in a new system which could do batch moving to sd cards. Maybe next update.

        • @AlienC: nop, not that one too, how hard for u just google it ?!?!
          after u formate the card, its volume will merge with the internal's volume, u dont need to "move" anything coz there is no more "sd card" to move to, u don't c the sd card anymore. Just like the RAID hard drive. lets say u got 16gb intermal and a 64gb card, after u formate the card "into internal storage", u will c 80gb intermal on ur device and won't c the sd card volume, when u install something u will install it into the 80gb, no moving ar reuqired.

        • @samelight: oh ok. I looked this up a few years ago and couldn't find anything.I did not know this was possible now. Also I have reformatted my tablet twice with the micro sd card in and have not seen any options for merging.

          If you have any solid good links please tell them to me otherwise I am off to Google for now.

        • @AlienC: have you found it i am interested as well.

        • @dragonindespair: not yet sorry man I resorted to just doing a mass clean up and uninstall of not really used much apps.. seems to have improved performance a bit but nothing solid yet on the sd card complete pure installation solution as of now

          Will definitely let you and everybody else know if I make some headway



    • with "MicroSD expandable", won't matter much about the internal capabilities.
      "Snapdragon 625" is the deal-breaker here.

      • I don't have an issue with the 625; the Galaxy tab S2 is only a 650. Losing the A72 cores hurt, but you do gain some battery life with the 14nm die vs 28nm die. This is an acceptable SoC for a mid level tablet.

        16gb, however, is atrocious. The tablet that it is replacing, the Tab 3 business, had 32gb and a micro SD slot. Not everyone wants to give up their micro SD slot to bump up the internal storage to, frankly, a usable level. Install an app like hearthstone or KOTOR on this device, and you will have almost no room to put anything else on it.

        Personally I am going to wait for the 4gb ram/64gb storage version to be released before considering this tablet. As it is I would consider the teclast t10 a much better investment (as a side note, my experience with lenovo after sales with tablets sold by third parties has NOT been pleasant - actually far more problematic than with grey importers).

        • honestly i have no idea what u talking about,
          "Galaxy tab S2 is only a 650" but is it good ? NO! use firefox to open a page slow like hell! so whats ur point of mentioning S2?

          also u sounded like "hearthstone or KOTOR" can not be installed in the SD card, i dont know what device u using but with my s2, i installed hearthstone on the card.
          btw u can also turn external SD card into internal storage, so i really don't know what u talking about.

        • @samelight: I don't want to use adoptable storage. Putting aside the fact that it is not that reliable, I use my micro sd slot to view photos on the go from my camera - I don't want to give it up just to have usable storage on a 2017 mid range tablet. Having a micro sd slot is NOT a reason not to have larger storage when all competing products, including the model you are replacing, has more storage.

          There are NO tablets in this price range that have a better SoC. None. The tab S3 runs an 820, and the pixel C is a Tegra X1 and both are significantly above this price. The Asus Zenpad 3s 10 and teclast t10 both use a MT8176 which is comparable to the 650/652. Perhaps you should consider comparing similar products when judging the device.

          If firefox is lagging on your 650 or 625, your tablet/phone has problems. Or maybe use another browser. I have zero issues with browsing on multiple tabs using chrome and opera on a far slower MT8163 (quad core A53 clocked at 1.3gHz compared to the 8 core 625 clocked at 2.0gHz) with the lenovo tab 3 business.

        • @Fiximol:
          wow calm down dude, u dont want to use "adoptable storage" thats fine! im not going to violate ur human rights here!!
          i don't know what make u think is not reliable but also fine, just put it aside.
          its just the fact that u dont have to give up anything, just swap the sd cards when u want to view photo, u need take the card out from ur cam and put it into the tablet right?
          im also not saying u should give up having a larger internal storage, what im saying is if u running out of space with ur 32gb Tab u could do this this and this, calm down dude!!!

          "NO tablets in this price range that have a better SoC"? thats a discounted price, around $450 in full price. i dont have time to do the research but im sure lots of tab can do better, at lest the 32gb ipad with a9 ar much much better, $456 from officeworks now. or the 128 version $480 from ebay myer with the 20%off codes.

          for the firefox… anything u say mate, just calm down.

        • @samelight: So I can use my android apps on an iPad? Again, please compare like to like if you are going to make an informed comparison.

        • @Fiximol: u said "NO tablets in this price range that have a better SoC", wheres the "android" parts ?
          do you realise if u keep adding terms and conditions like this then u never wrong! no one could ever prove u wrong ?

          and FYI Huawei MediaPad M3 Lite with Kirin 950 SoC for $406.30(5%off codes) on ebay. and thats the lite version, should be cheaper without the lite if u could found one…

  • 8inch going for $182. Will get one for the kids!

  • Much better value with Ipad 2017

  • only if Amex has 100 cash back like last year…

  • Don't buy this.. If you want a tablet get the Huawei Mediapad M3 or Asus Zenpad 3S or a second hand Samsung galaxy tab s2 from eBay or gumtree if you really want to save money.

    I did some checking and an Asus Zenpad 3S 64gb WiFi only about $405 AUD shipped from Amazon.


    Wow I just did a price check on the Huawei Mediapad M3 32g WiFi only it is on a special sale atm ($50 USD lower than normal / $65 AUD roughly) so about $350 AUD shipped from Amazon. This is a really good price. I paid about $80 AUD more in February 2017 this year which is close to the cost of a 128gb micro sd card and 200gb Micro sd card. If you need a tablet right now jump on this be for either goes back up to $299 USD or another $65 AUD dearer than normal.


    Only disclaimer with these overseas tablets is the charger will not be AU but who doesn't have an extra charger these days and you can get a decent 2.1A 5V charger from big w or target or Kmart anyways these days for like $10 AUD so not a big issue.

  • Samsung and Asus have got heavily customised versions of Android. Yuck.

    If you want a tablet with almost stock android that is realivily recent (i.e Android 7 or 8) with USB C. You are basically limited to the Pixel C, Lenovo Tab 4 Plus (8" or 10") and the Asus 3S.

    Lenovo definitely has a place here - especially with an Aussie warranty at $350.

    • The Huawei Mediapad M3 8.0 8.4" 32gb is at a very good price atm around $350 AUD shipped from Amazon US.


      Normally it is $50 USD more expensive or roughly $65 AUD more but this is dependent on many factors such as exchange rate and credit card being used etc.

      But for roughly the same price atm (not sure when the deal expires) you can get:

      • 4gb ram (bump up from 3gb ram)
      • 2560 x 1600 resolution (bump up from 1920 x 1080)
      • Hisilicon Kirin 950 (bump up from snapdragon 625)
      • 32gb (bump up from 16gb)

      • 8.4" (bump down from 10.1")

      • microUSB 2.0 (bump down from type C)
      • Android 7.0 (bump down from 7.1)
      • Non-removable Li-Po 5100 mAh battery (bump down from 7000mAh battery)
      • U.S. warranty (bump down from local Australian warranty)

      • both have micro sd slots

      Quick comparison of the Huawei Mediapad M3 8.0 8.4" WiFi only vs the Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus.

      Although at this price point and size form factor I would probably recommend the Asus Zenpad 3S ($290 USD + shipping) as it is usually cheaper at normal prices and has more features like the game genie app and also more screen real estate at 9.7".

      But to each their own both of these tabs are great powerhouses in the market atm especially for android users.