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Sony Bravia 65” KD65X9000E 4K HDR TV $2753 @ VideoPro eBay (Delivered)

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  • I have one of these (from the last round of Good Guys discounts) and can recommend. Doesn't have all the features of the x9300 and isn't OLED - but it weighs half as much and is a very nice all round TV.

    Wife commented that after tuning it even will do SD TV channels passably (and looks very nice with full HD and 4K..)

    • Wife commented that after tuning it even will do SD TV channels passably

      What do you mean by this?

      • Apparently Sony don't upscale SD TV very well these days. See the 480i example at bottom of this page https://www.goodgearguide.com.au/review/sony/x9300e-2017-tv/...

        Stopped me from buying, as I have a huge library of low res movies and series. I need better upscaling on any new TV, couldn't watch that quality.

        • Sony has the best upscaling of any 4k TV including OLED! It's because of their X1 processor chip which is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. If your going to watch dvd quality stuff you probably shouldn't get a 4K TV. But this is as good as you'll get for any model on the market. Anything below 720p won't look as good as hdtv, as it has to stretch the pixels out so much to fit it. Anything above that ratio will be upscaled extremely well to near 4k.

        • @Monstalova:

          If you look at the upscaled 480i example from the link I posted it's pretty bad. They do mention Sony used to have the best. Maybe it's not so any more.

          I should get a 4k TV to get the best out of 4k content. I don't think it's too much to look for one that does a good job upscaling my already lo-res files though.

          I'm not the expert, I can only go by what they say and the goodgearguide are reputable afaik.

          Anyway, no big deal. Let's see what the sales bring.

        • @JH100: Father Ted is an atrocious looking programme and a terrible example.

          Look at rtings.com

          They pretty much say the best LCD TVs this year are Sony. The 9300E and 9000E.

        • @Mr Pancake:

          Thanks, they are certainly more thorough and technical reviews.

          They sure think it's impressive. Now maybe I can get an EBG code for the KD55X9300E.

        • @JH100:
          Like I said the X1 processor chip is the best and this year Sony TV's are easily the best upscaling. I have the 49 inch x900e and my DVD (576p) quality files look basically the same as on my 1080P TV. If you look at the actual user reviews you'll find that there isn't any better this year than the Sony x9 series. It's the best all round TV and does everything very well if not better than the rest. HEVC 1080 files are the best to upscale to 4k some look like 4k source. That's how good the upscaling is on this model

        • @Monstalova:

          Thanks, good to know. HEVC is the primary reason I am looking at upgrading TV, and size - from 32 to 55.

      • The default settings for colour, sharpness and so on appear to be designed to make everything 'pop'. THis has the effect of making your SD TV channels look prety crap and the HD ones look 'cheap'.

        THere's a number of settings you can change that will make the TV look quite a bit better for normal TV usage.

        There's no such thing as a free lunch though - the settings you use for 'TV' viewing are not as good for watching 4K.. so you have to think about how you apply those settings and how far down each track you go.

        Personally I agree with the wife that the changes from defaults make normal TV viewing (and most Netflix) look quite decent. Better on the Sony than the Hisense 65 we had previously.

        Keep in mind that we went from a 46" Sony fullHD to a 65" Sony 4K - so there was quite a bit of visual difference to the picture quality.

    • Did your 65" come with external power brick? I've read the 75" has an internal power brick. Asking because wondering what to do with power brick when mounting TV on wall. Cheers.

      • +1

        I got one in the last Good Guys deal and can confirm it has an external power brick

      • All models come with a power brick except the 75inch

      • +1

        Yes - as others have noted. I found the power brick sits quite neatly behind the tv on the actual bracket (mounted on the wall) as it's pretty slim.

        For extra safety you can just run some velcro around it and tie it to the frame. The cabling is long enough for it to not be an issue (when you pull the TV forward off a wall bracket and then back again..)

        After the initial setup of cabling and getting the TV aligned 'just right', I've never needed to pull it back out again..

  • The constant fluctuations in the price of Sony TVs which based on discount prices appears to be driven by Sony website is really starting to annoy me.

    • yes unfortunately not quite as cheap as this previous deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/330913

    • +1

      I agree, its almost a monolopy now, pricing at Good guys, jb, binglee, HN, and sony change on the same day!

      next sale is Clickfrenzy due November 14th,

      and obviously Boxing day

  • I payed $2,348.80 from the last Bing Lee ebay deal. Great TV, blacks are much better than the lower end edge lit sony's. Not as good a OLED, but for the price its a great TV.

    • You got a great deal then. I was after this TV but now have my heart firmly set for an OLED, but waiting it out for either this year, otherwise sometime next year, as I am currently underwhelmed by the 2017 OLED TVs.

      • Yeah, I like the Sony's because they run native Android TV and get app updates from the google store. I was going to wait for OLED to drop in price, but that deal was including shipping, too good to turn down. Wait for the black Friday/cyber Monday deals and just get one or you will be forever waiting… :)

        • I wish the Android component was upgradeable. How long will Sony provide updates for? In a couple of years Android will have moved on, processors will have improved in performance and the only options are: switch to an external Android TV box or buy a new TV. Less than ideal for the budget and environment to replace a perfectly working screen for a $50 component.

        • +1

          @mathew42: Yeah Sony have been slow to upgrade older models, and its even worse in Australia compared to the US and Europe due to supporting freeview. That said even android 5.0 will run most apps I care about running (Kodi, Plex, Netflix). External boxes are a pain and even they don't get frequent updates (apart from the NVIDIA Shield. My mi box runs Android TV but is stuck on 6.0, at least this years Sony's are running Android TV 7.0.

  • Sigh its a shame that Videopro hasn't doesn't anything special with their pricing of the 75-inch model (KD75X9000E) https://m.ebay.com.au/itm/Sony-Bravia-75-KD75X9000E-4K-HDR-T....

    Still waiting on somebody to beat the 3999 price of the Sony store deal the other day

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