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Sony KD65X9000E 65" (165cm) UHD LED LCD Smart TV - $2495 + Shipping @ The Good Guys eBay


Thegoodguys Ebay - NEW Sony KD65X9000E 65"(165cm) UHD LED LCD Smart TV price $2995
Apply coupon PARTY18 to bring price down to $2455.9 $2495 (max discount $500)
$50.14 shipping or free pickup.

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Original 18% off Sitewide on eBay Deal Post

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  • oh wow, I was considering paying $3k for this TV, this may just tip me over the edge.

  • Anyone know how this compares to the Samsung 7 Series?

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    For the gamers our there.

    4k @ 60Hz : 34.1 ms
    1080p @ 60Hz: 31.5 ms
    4k @ 60Hz + HDR: 34.2 ms
    1080p @ 60Hz + HDR: 32.5 ms
    4k @ 60Hz Outside Game Mode: 109.0 ms
    1080p @ 60Hz Outside Game Mode: 105.5 ms
    4k @ 60Hz @ 4:4:4: 34.1 ms
    1080p @ 60Hz @ 4:4:4: 31.5 ms
    4k @ 60Hz @ 4:4:4 + 8 bit HDR: 34.2 ms
    1080p @ 60Hz @ 4:4:4 + HDR: 32.5 ms
    4k With Interpolation: 108.9 ms
    1080p With Interpolation: 105.5 ms
    1080p @ 120 Hz: 16.9 ms

    What it is: Lowest input lag possible on TV when displaying 1080p @ 60Hz @ 4:4:4 with HDR
    When it matters: PC monitor with an HDR capable graphics card
    Good value: < 40 ms
    Noticeable difference: 15 ms

    Very good input lag overall. In game or graphics mode the input lag is always lower than 35 ms, which should be good enough for all but the most competitive gamers. Outside of game or graphics mode though the input lag is quite high, making this TV unsuitable for gaming with interpolation enabled.

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      Personally I wouldn't call it very good input lag. Adequate maybe.

      For example, this TV has 34.2 ms input lag running 4k @ 60Hz + HDR.

      With the same input, LG TVs have 12-21ms input lag (depending on model)

      While Samsung TVs have 20-24ms input lag (also dependent on model).

      Surprisingly Sony TVs have the highest input lag out of all the name brands.

      • While I agree with you, the 12ms is spliting hairs unless you're planning to use the TV as a PC Monitor or you're a competitive gamer. For the average console gamer this TV will do fine.

        it all comes down to budget as well. I'm seriously considering this for my PS Pro!!!

        • Actually it's up to 22ms difference which is perceptible, even on console. Sure for many games it'll be fine but if (like most people) you play FPS, it's likely you're going to notice it.

          If you're buying a TV mainly for gaming wouldn't you want one with lower input lag, not the highest? This TV even has higher input lag than some budget brands like TCL.

  • Wow what a great deal. Bought this last week with the good guys 15% off deal for $2745. Awesome tv.

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      I think TGG have price guarantee. Check. They might give you store credit.

      • You are a gem. Thank you. Will apply now.

      • Although it is sold by TGG on ebay, I'm pretty sure they don't do price matching with anything that is listed on ebay

        • Yep just contacted TGG and they said they do not price match themselves. I was told that if a competitor had a lesser price than what I paid for it in the last 30 days then they would help me out.

  • -1

    So it doesn't start until 6pm tonight yeah? Cause the code isn't working.

    • +3

      Something tells me ebay au's servers are going to melting at 601pm.

  • +5

    Max discount is $500. So will be $2495 plus postage.

    • good spot.

  • as long as the price doesn't go up between now and 6pm!

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    Bummer, I literally just bought this TV for $3070 last Sunday. Is it possible for me to get TGG to refund the price difference?

    • Someone above said that good guys have a price gurantee - you may be able to get store credit. Ive no experiences withthat myself though

    • +1

      Negative. eBay coupon codes don't qualify for the price guarantee policy at Good Guys (or anywhere) because eBay pay for the extra 18% themselves. As far as TGG are concerned, the price you pay is $2995 for this deal.

    • I think that's what TGG's Price Guarantee for.Check with their customer services and update us :)

      • +1

        TGG's price guarantee only works against its competitors, it doesn't work if TGG itself had a price drop. It also doesn't work for eBay deals :(

    • bought this TV for $2995 at HN on Saturday… d'oh!

    • Did you buy it on a credit card with shoppers protection?
      I know mine have it but I always forget about it.

    • -2

      The only thing that is possible is to cry yourself to sleep, sorry.

    • +1

      $2886 at JB HiFi so you might be able to save a little.

  • Anyone have any experience with warranty returns from good guys ebay store? Im wondering how easy/painful the process is?

  • Nice deal - good TV and good price.
    However despite all the positive votes nobody has actually bought one!

    • +2

      The promo code is only active between 6 - 10 pm tonight

      • Ok thanks - marketing these days frenzy tactics.

    • cos the only consideration for an upgrade is OLED :)

  • There is a code POWER20, which gives you 20%, valid till 27 Sept. Is that a better deal?

    • +3

      Doesn't work.

      • +1

        Not sure what the downvote is for? I tried the code and it didn't work. What's wrong with reporting that fact?

    • +3

      That code is for selected sellers only, and TGG is not included.

  • Sony kiosk might be able to price match. That way price protection is not an issue for some credit cards. Personally never used price protection myself before.

  • how about a deal on the 55" ?

  • +2

    Got this TV like 1-2 weeks ago with the 15% off GG ebay sale ($2750 inc shipping). Very happy with the purchase, solid TV

  • Does anyone have any experience picking up one of these instore? Seems like it would be quite a big package to fit in an averaged size car?

    • It won't fit, pay for the delivery.

    • It'll fit in an averaged size bus.

    • I got the 65" LG TV delivered, and lucky I did because that was wayyyyy to big and heavy for me to pick up and drive home.

    • Definitely pay the extra $50 or so and get it delivered

    • I picked mine up with a Commodore wagon with no issue.

  • How does this compare to the 65 inch LG OLED?

    • +1

      oled will have significantly better picture quality but also at double the price.

      if it was capped at $1000 not $500 i would have gotten the oled for myself, now trying to decide between this or waiting for future sales.

      My plasma just died 2 weeks ago so staring at a wall bracket isnt very entertaining.

      • Thanks mate. I got the 55 inch LG OLED during the recent deal for the same price so was asking this. I am yet to make use of the TV to its fullest extent. Have not had another 4K TV so I did not know what to compare it against.

    • +1

      LG OLED has significantly better picture quality, viewing angle and input lag. Also an easier to use operating system. But if you are looking for a TV around this price it's pretty decent, especially for sports as motion is where Sony excels.

  • Still waiting on my 55' version of this TV got it for $2025 from the Good Guys. Pretty nice from reviews from what I hear. Best "value" for money in the higher end sonys.

  • How does this compare to Samsung UA65MU7000WXXY 65"?

  • Click and collect is a bust.
    It looks like no store in Perth has any - so forcing the extra $50

  • nothing local, but a few bucks for shipping still makes it a deal (and i dont have to worry about picking it up)

    $75 shipping for me though

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