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"Up to 10% off" Woolworths Car Insurance + $100 Woolworths Gift Card


This deal is back and active again

$100 Woolworths Gift Card (with CARX03 coupon code)

For the price beat you need to do a quote online first using the coupon code.(which is entered towards the end of the online quote process) and then call the number 1300 482 451.

Price beat comparable comprehensive insurance
Buy online get 10% off discount (5% off 1st year for online applicant, "up to 5% off" for over 25 years old)
I did a quote but unfortunately it's no cheaper than my current insurer but I guess someone might want to test out the comparable

The $100 Card is sent up to 45 days after payment of your first monthly/annual premium. Offer conditional on holding this insurance for a minimum of 30 days and first premium payment received by Woolworths Insurance.

mods - the previous deal was posted 6 months ago and expired 2 months ago. so possibly time for a repost?

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  • +2

    get a quote, twice the price of NRMA…

  • between coles and wollies, which one is the better one?

    • none!
      For Comprehensive RACV/Q/*** is the best.
      For Third Party, others are way cheaper than coles and woolies, even deduct the $100 GC and some reward points

  • +1

    WTF is this….I paid $585 (with road side assist) last year for Coles.
    Now trying to get quote and this is the current picture…

    Coles : 839 (if I choose existing Coles customer)
    Coles : 793 (if I say new customer)
    Woolies : 809 (with this CARX03 code + 100GV)

    ANyone else noticed such rise since last year?

    • i heard woolie roadside are crap

      not sure about coles roadside, can you feedback / comment on coles roadside ?

      • +1

        used it once and happy with the service.

    • Yes. Ended up paying $400 more (combined for 2 of my cars) than last year with a reduced agreed value and increased excess. All quotes I got this year were way more than what I paid last year. Looks like they have increased the prices across the board.

      • Paid ~900 (with a $100 gift card) for Australia Post last year, Woolworths is quoting me ~$570 this year for an roughly equivalent policy (not using this code, was looking at it anyway as it seems to be cheapest), vs the ~800 Auspost offered me on my renewal. Only substantial difference is that the Auspost policy was market value, whereas the WW would be agreed value; hard to know market value so I'm not really sure whether that's better or worse, but it's probably not far off in either case (the max agreed value would definitely buy me the same car again second hand, but would definitely not get me the same car again new).

        I can't see the T&Cs though, is this code only if you go through the price beat process?

        Edit: put in code, shows me that a GC is coming so seems to work. Quote is now $25/year more than it was last time I looked though… but if I go back and retrieve my quote and then edit it to add in the GC it comes back to my original price.

        • Further oddness with their quote process

          • increasing one of the drivers' ages by one year (got wife's year of birth wrong) increased the annual price by $25 (that's the $25 difference above)
          • adding an additional driver decreased the annual price by $35 (would have thought this would decrease it?)
          • after initially accepting the promo code, after messing around back and forth for a while it decided that that code was no longer valid… but opening when I started a new quote again it accepted it.
          • putting in my woolworths rewards number decreased the price by $100
        • @ely:
          Can I just ask at what stage you entered the Woolworths Rewards Number? I tried and there was no change to the price.
          BTW, thank you for this very useful info.

        • @globalsoul: I don't recall now sorry, but pretty sure it was early in the process. Try using incognito/private browsing mode in your browser or clearing all cookies etc before trying again, if they're clever they may track you that way.

          Gift card did arrive, all went smoothly, haven't had to claim anything (long may that last).

        • @ely:
          Thanks :-)

  • can you apply this code on third party

  • I still haven't used my gift card from the last one. Time to reapply.

  • Woolies came out cheap for me, even though I made a claim about 18 months ago with a different insurer.

  • did a comparison with other companies with like for like coverage. Woolworths was usually more than $100 more expensive than the others, thus negating this deal

    • +4

      that's why you price beat.

      and personal circumstances do influence price.

      • Yeah, WW is ~30% cheaper than anyone else on my quotes… (Extremely low mileage, last year was ~2500km).

  • My insurance is up for renewal, the best quote I got until now was SGIO for $541.
    Woolworths quote was $743.
    You have to call their CSOs to get a price match but it wasn't too bad.
    They offered me $488 on the phone so I accepted.
    Still get the $100 gift card so I'm pretty happy with that.

  • WW insurance were happy to price beat my renewal notice. They were not prepared to beat a quote from allianz.

    Allianz has won back my business. I find them the cheapest for car insurance.

  • Is the site down now? It's asking me to call their number to get a quote and I don't want to do so as I want to play around with the inputs.

  • Just seen this post after I had called them to get quote for my daughter as the main driver (car is in my name). They claim that even if she is the main driver (had licence less than one year) then she is still covered. Price was $304 in my name with her as additional driver. Have rung all other insurers and the best was with SGIO at $700 with car in may name and daughter as main driver. If I go ahead with this low quote I hope that they will cover insurance if my daughter has an accident. The girls on phone didn't seem to know what was going on but assured me my daughter would be covered. I hope the phone calls are recorded!

  • Ok just caught this post and my quotes so far AAMI 376.13 APIA 507.35 Coles 869 WTH Woolworths $464 with 100 gift card have not rang to price beat yet…

    ALLIANZ $602.08 Seniors Insurance $519.14 Budget Direct $606 westpac $697 who by the way sells allainz product..(wow)extra 95 added on

    Car 2014 Honda VTI-L CRV

    Crazy prices are'nt they all for market value of 32,000

  • Much cheaper than my AAMI insurance – switched for both car and home insurance. The customer service rep bundled both policies, which gave a multi-policy discount. She also happily applied the $100 gift card promo code over the phone.

  • Just used this one and got a 100$ voucher and 10% off. 416$ for a peugeot 308 2010 model comprehensive for 9500$ agreed. Was cheapest of all, Coles was almost double. Next closest one was Bingle, about 430$ sans voucher.

    • Bingle was cheapest by far HOWEVER it was for MARKET VALUE. Next best for me was AAMI.

  • Excellent, thank you OP! :)

  • Hi folks, are you receiving the $100 gift card instantly?

    I signed up on 1st October, even though the offer had expired, from advice in the previous thread, I applied the promo code online and the $100 giftcard was added to my order.

    45 days haven't received it yet, called them up and they said 45 "Business" days. Um??? And apparently they cant confirm if the $100 is added or not….

  • Just got giftcard, was only $50 for some reason…

    • Chatbot said the $50 was a bonus and the $100 would be coming up to 45 days after the policy start.

      Seems unlikely…

      • Indeed it never came but I got someone on the blower and they sent out another $100 without a problem.

        Obviously a pain but pretty happy with the policy now that I've basically cut its cost by 1/3.

  • Thanks for the code. I took screenshots when I paid to confirm code was applied, so if they only send me a $50 gift card it’s easy for me to chase it up.

  • "beat any current comparable Comprehensive renewal notice". So you can't really use this price beat promo unless your current insurance is due for renewal.

    • Yep, tried to call today and a very unfriendly and exasperated rep told me this. The interaction actually turned me off from Woolies anyway.

  • The 'gift card' comes up under the 'Drive Less Pay Less' option.
    Is it still available for the Comprehensive option too?

  • Hi Guys,

    I am trying to get Comp Car Insurance for our second car with this code.
    Used this code last month on first car (still waiting for giftcard)
    Will there be any problem if I link this second card cover to my 1st account? I mean will I be still qualify for $100 card?

  • Entered the code, premium is: $745
    Without the code, premium is only: $652

    Woolworths being SUPER DODGY

  • Used the code now and premium is the same as without the code. This is to check the 10% discount
    Added the code again and now shows up as invalid. Can someone check this?

  • FYI, the price beat is for renewal only. So they can't beat the other online quotes.

  • First and most importantly, read the price beat terms and conditions. Especially this one:

    15. This Offer is a first year offer only. On renewal, the premium may increase depending on a range of rating factors.
    So basically, if you're in my situation (see below) be aware they will bump you back up to normal price after a year.

    Now as for their online quoting system…the website is either broken or it's got hidden rules so dodgy it's borderline illegal.

    I currently have comprehensive car insurance with RAC. The annual premium is $1,138.

    I'm 34 with a clean driving history, so no additional excesses for young drivers or other conditions that can inflate premium costs. I got a quote on the Woolworths website and set the same excess, same agreed value, same kms per year etc. and the quote came to $2,308.

    Then I noticed this code for the $100 voucher. I got another quote using incognito mode, so was a new person as far as the system is concerned, and used the 10% off voucher. New quoted price: $2,360.

    It's actually more expensive when I use the code second time around…I don't know what game they're playing, but whatever they're doing isn't right and that's ignoring their costing double what I pay to the RAC.

  • Already with Woolworths insurance and they wouldn't provide a discount to my insurance this year so I just cancelled and will renew again with this code. New premium seems on par with the renewal quote.

  • Lol paying $80 per month for comprehensive via budget direct, quoted about $113 per month

  • Any cheap annual travel insurance?

  • Thanks OP (this one is worth a re-posting, I can't up-vote the OP due to the post being old)
    Got both my cars covered with 100$ gift card for each (third party only but the gift card is still applicable, same value)
    Cheapest I could find was about $350 but Woolworth came close second at $365 with $100 gift card on top; no brainier for me.
    One thing to keep in mind, combined policy discount doesn't apply for online quotes (because the quote itself is already discounted, so I was told).
    But still a great deal. (if you get home insurance you'll get another $50 voucher.)

  • Nice and I'll look into this offer.

  • Thanks OP,

    Just used, still working as of 03 Nov 18

    • I used it too but at end of payment, I didn't see any details of when the gift card will come, or what is it etc.
      Did you get any confirmation re CARD after you pay the policy?

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