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Samgle 3G 3310 - US $26.99 (AUD $34.86) Delivered @ GearBest


Why get a Nokia 3310 when you can get a genuine unlocked Samgle for less than half the price?

  • 2100/900 3G only
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  • +12 votes

    NO deal, what a blatant ripoff of Goosung!

  • +7 votes

    I know a quality panaphonics when I see one!


    No band 28

    More seriously, no nextG either.

  • -1 vote

    What's the normal price?

    You probably could have got it cheaper if you messaged the Rep for a coupon code.

    Does this have a notification led?


      I know nothing about this phone - was just amused to find it. https://www.cnx-software.com/2017/10/09/54-samgle-3g-3310-3g... reports it was US $57 on release, but I imagine they'd find few takers at that price given the 'real' 3310 3G has just been released…


      (I've been looking for a cheap 3g feature phone that can do J2ME for a while, but no-one makes such things anymore - I suspect this is not it, but suggestions welcome)


        If you're still looking for Java phone, why not just grab Telstra Cruise?? It's, to my surprise is capable of J2ME! Bought for $9 at Coles few days ago, tinkered it a bit and I don't see why people see it as a burner phone and nothing more.

        It reads 32GB card (which cost at least twice as much), plays 320kbps MP3, the speaker is better than most sub $100 android phone in the market. You get a spare charger, a usb cable, and a crappy earphones too! Which will cost you more in K-Mart if you buy them separately.

        For the Java part, played Gameboy Color emulator, opera mini 4.5, some other apps like ebook, java games, google maps. interestingly opera mini 8 sees it as a touchscreen device, so I cant use it

        Custom mp3 ringtones, custom wallpaper (240x320), tethering, camera quality is okay for a potato phone, the LCD screen is okay and somewhat sharp, readable under direct sunlight. Honestly, I can survive with this phone if my iPhone SE was dead.

        I mean for all that for a price cheaper than a box of KFC 10 Wicked Wings? I call that a bargain. Not that stupid overpriced dumb phone crap you call 3310.. $90!?


          Ah, thanks, finally saw this! Sounds like a great option. I'm not sure what the exact impact of it only having 850mhz is, though…

  • +1 vote

    hehe wow a Nokia 3310 ripoff.


    hahaha …. Samgle they copied Nokia and Google in the worse possible way


    Best deal for the Samgle so far on OssBinghoo


    You get this device when Samsung and google perform fusion dance and Majin Nokia absorbs em.

    It,s next level thing and Chinese brands should learn from it.


    Had nothing but issues with Gearbest. Placed a total of 4 orders. When they eventually arrived, 2 of the orders were missing items (they had not been sent as the delivery list also did not have these items listed). On further enquiry I was offered a refund. Then when I accepted I was told that the items were now in stock?? Mind you, this is 6+ weeks after my initial purchase. After multiple emails, I have decided that even if they have the odd bargain, I am going to steer well clear of these guys.


    Back in stock, same price.


    This is not smartphones
    It's surprise
    It's life
    It's love
    Yes, this is Smagle

    Three super tones available: red, black, yellow and orange

    The big question (apart from does 3=4) is this a legit Smagle or a knock off?

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