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2pcs HML 5m 24W 300 SMD 2835 RGB LED Strip Light - RGB COLOR ~AU $9.80 (US $7.59) Delivered @ GearBest


Thanks to GB rep, she just got back to me with more units for Xiaomi Body Sensor both versions so enjoys guys.

2pcs HML 5m 24W 300 SMD 2835 RGB LED Strip Light - RGB COLOR
PS:Limted to first 300 stock ,3 times per account,HK,AU,NZ,MY,SG,MO,TW only!

Original Xiaomi Smart Human Body Sensor - SMART HUMAN BODY SENSOR WHITE
PS:Limted to first 500 stock ,3 times per account,HK,AU,NZ,MY,SG,MO,TW only!
Original deal post

Original Xiaomi Smart Home Aqara Human Body Sensor - WHITE
PS:Limted to first 300 stock ,3 times per account,HK,AU,NZ,MY,SG,MO,TW only!
Original deal post

Note: Strip light doesn't come with power cable/ adapter. Anyone recommend one?

Package Contents: Package Contents: 2 x HML LED Strip Light, 1 x 24 Keys Remote Controller, 1 x Control Box

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  • What does everyone use to get these to stick? I find they all just fall off and I end up ripping them up

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      Staple gun

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        Got me. I can’t say that won’t work.

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    Individual links broken OP

  • There is no power cord / adapter in the package.

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    What do you guys use to power this?
    A random 12 VDC adapter?
    How do you connect the adaptor to these lights?


    EDIT: From elsewhere on GearBest, found this was to be bought separately to power these LED strips.

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      I've been looting my storage for random 12v adapters from old external HDs, modems etc.

    • ebay has AU version for as little a couple dollars

  • Any chance we could get a code for a 5050 RGB strip too? Don't even need controllers or anything, just want a bare strip (with 12v,R,G,B contacts, not 12v,Data,Clock,Bus type)

  • the aquara sensor coupon only applies to 1 unit not 3.

    • Work for 3 seperate orders

    • The links for the original and aqara are swapped. It works for three separate single unit orders.

  • I think you may have the price and the code mixed together with the links - for the body sensor

    • Work fine from my end

      • The code works, but I had to use the other one. So I suspect you may have mixed the 2 codes for the link.

        ie for the first link I had to use the second code (it also shows the second price - which I didn't mind either way).

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    Do anyone know if there is any discount code for Xiaomi gateway currently available?

    • +4

      Already requested… will let you know when once the code is live

      • Any chance you can also get a deal on the zigbee smart switches (missed the last one), smart cubes and power sockets?

      • Code minny1027 fails so assume long expired if you meant as a buy suggestion rather than "what about matching this offer".

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    Thanks @POWERevolution .
    I got two more of that sensor :)
    Any chance for a deal on Yeelight ? https://www.gearbest.com/smart-lighting/pp_361555.html

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      Haha that's also on my requested list.
      I send her a very long list :)

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        tell her its getting late in Aus ! lol hahah

  • cheers op, can never get enough LEDs

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    is it 2 5m or 2 2.5m

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    Also.. if anyone was wanting the yeelight RGBs

    Xiaomi Yeelight AC220V RGBW E27 Smart LED Bulb - SILVER
    price: AU$13.68/US$10.59
    PS:Limted to first 100 stock ,2 times per account,HK,AU,NZ,only!

    id post a deal for it but.. im just an L plater :(

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    Can we have a code for the waterproof version of this item?

    link below:


  • I've already got a set which have the same connector and PSU. Cheering OP thanks m8o

  • Obligatory crows > power comment time.

    Or should it be cockatoos > NBN..

  • Can someone please remind me what the differece is between these two sensors?

    • No difference but the aqara comes with a stand you can adjust the angel with

    • I remember reading in an older thread that they require different batteries and there was something else that I can't recall.

      Comparing the descriptions this time around, I noticed it stated that the aqara can sense the amount of light in the room, which isn't stated for the other one.

    • Zigbee and Wifi I think aqara is only zigbee

      • incorrect, the xiaomi sensor is also zigbee only

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    POWERevolution11039 = Expired :(

  • -1

    Not buying the led strips without the charger No good deal

  • POWERevolution11039 expired, too much post races snooze booze for me. I needed some of these too for a project using a PIC. drat

  • If anyone finds a good deal for a power supply suitable, please let us know

  • Received today lol Same as the other LED strips over one month.

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