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NordVPN Black Friday Deal - 3 Years Plan with 77% off ~ $3.59 AUD ($2.75 USD) Per Month or ~ $129 AUD ($99 USD)


NordVPN has Black Friday sale and offers 3-Year Subscription for $99 or just $2.75/month with code BLACKDEAL. Try it absolutely risk-free as NordVPN provides 100% money back guarantee for 30 days no matter what is the reason.

NordVPN is located outside of the US, Australia and whole 14 Eyes and strictly keeps no logs policy.
"Fourteen Eyes" partners – the US, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Denmark, France, Holland, Norway, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Sweden and Spain - to trace "anyone, anywhere, anytime" in what is described as "the golden age" signals intelligence.

NordVPN is ranked #1 out of 290 VPNs overall according to as well as the #2 for torrents. NordVPN is also PCMag's editor's choice as well as's

NordVPN features:
6 simultaneous connections
1400+ Servers in 61 Countries
2048-bit SSL Encryption
No Logging Policy
P2P welcome
Ads blocker included (CyberSec)
Extension for Google Chrome
Double VPN and Tor VPN Connections
Kill Switch
VPN Gateways Tuned for Streaming Media
24/7 Customer Support via live chat
Unblock more than 400 streaming services (US Netflix if you are overseas, BBC iPlayer and many other like sport hubs UEFA Champions League, Bundesliga and etc.)
Works in China and other highly restricted countries (obfuscated servers)
Most of Servers can be connected as http or SOCKS5 proxy

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1 Free month of NordVPN for both referrer and referee.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2017

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  • Is there any USA servers you have that work with Netflix?

    • On desktop Netflix works with all US servers, on mobile with US980-987

      • Thanks, do you sell any pre configured routers?

        • We're dealing with several manufacturers for this, but at the moment we don't. On the other hand, it's
          unnecessary to buy a new one as you could configure NordVPN on your current one. You could find tutorials how to make it on our website and our tech guys will help you to do this with pleasure 24/7 via live chat. Feel free to contact us anytime

      • +2

        If I purchase this, can I extend my current plan with this deal?

        • +2

          Very good question. I would like to know this too.

        • Not sure if I understand the question correct, but your subscription will renew at the same price as you have purchased and it won't work for extending. Nevertheless, if your subscription is ending you could take this offer like a new one customer.

        • @Nordvpnmedia: so a long term customer does not benefit from this deal?
          I would like to extend my loyalty with your current deal but if I can't then I suppose will let my current plan end and see what happens.
          You can't buy loyalty

        • @Nordvpnmedia: I just renewed my subscription less than a month ago. It seems like you're suggesting I wait until my subscription ends, not renew and wait for another offer like this next year?

        • +2

          @endlesstrail: NordVPN has a 30 day money back policy. Simply get it refunded, and start again with this offer.

        • @Magpye: Good idea!

      • Hi Rep,
        Do these servers work configuring VPN in the router? I can get the VPN up and running and see US Netflix content but I am am getting the Netflix Streaming Error "You seem to be using an unblocker…'
        I have tried 986 and 982 servers.

  • +2

    For black Friday we were hoping for better, but it's not as good a deal as it has been previously.

    2-Yr nord VPN Subscription for US $39 (US $35.10 with email subscription discount)?

    • +6


      Rep, you can do better.

  • +1

    Is this good VPN?

  • +4

    Seems pretty expensive for a 3 year deal. You can find 2 year deals on PIA for around $70 AUD fairly often.

  • I've been using this for 3 years now, happy with it. More servers get added constantly, lots of countries to choose from. Speeds are good, not much else to say really

    Apps for different platforms too, came in handy when I was using public WiFi on iPhone while travelling last month

  • I've just finished up my 3 Day Trial and can say this is a pretty good vpn; plenty of servers, nice and fast and even has P2P specific server for… eh cough cough

    cybersec is also pretty good but sometimes when shoppping I want to click a sponsored link and it blocks it. not a big prob though

    anyway anyone who wants to try without need to use their credit card here is the 3 day free trial

    • How can you tell if it's good or not .. how do you really compare w/out VPN

      • A good VPN is one that has plenty of location options and still maintains a good speed and latency vs without the vpn on

  • +2

    Cashback is only available to new NordVPN customers who purchase a 1 month, 3 month, 6 month or 12 month subscription.?

  • +1

    OP why can't I buy the deal when I sign into my account? the option doesn't appear for me and nowhere to input coupon code

    nevermind I'm a blind idiot

  • NordVPN is real good for everything asides from gaming (in case you were a gamer), but yet again you'd probably turn off any VPN while gaming regardless of the speed.

  • Hey rep….Still no Perth server?

    • Good news, we already have servers here :)

  • This or PIA?

    • +1

      We provide 30 days money back guarantee so feel free to give us a try.

      • Hi rep,

        Can you confirm if cashback via cashrewards is payable for buying this 3 year blackfriday special?

        Is P2P in australia supported?

  • +2

    If you value your security I wouldn't go with Nord.

    I signed up with them and while setting up everything I accidentally got to their edge router admin screen asking for a username and password.

    This should never be accessible to customers. I left shortly after and went to torguard.

    • What? Please explain further

      • What would you like to know?

        • "edge router admin screen"

        • @theone4u: the edge router is basically a device where all VPN data either enters or leaves the network.

          I accidentally got access to the admin login screen. If I wanted to do I could brute force the username and password and then get access to every users unencrypted data (http,DNS etc) by man in the middling it. I could then do DNS poisoning and redirect you to a phishing banking website and you would have no idea. Then I could steal all your $$$.

        • @frazel: Damn. Legit you that log in screen popped up for u?
          should i be concern that one of their representative hasn't defended this mishap?

        • @theone4u: yeah pretty bad on both cases. The rep probably doesn't know what im talking about.

        • +1

          You could feel completely safe as an issue described above is completely impossible to be true or happen.

        • @Nordvpnmedia:

          So how do I know you use edgemax edge routers bahahaha

        • @frazel: Hi! :) It looks like simply you are trying to access your internet access point router and this doesn't have anything with our service and data encryption.

        • @Nordvpnmedia: mate, your not taking to someone who just tinkers with VPNs.

          I'm a security solution architect, so I design and implement secure I.T security systems for state and federal government's in Australia and Asia.

          If you don't believe me, please test my knowledge.

          You have/had a routing issue which routes me to your perimeter routers. I did do trace routes at the time to prove it. But the only reason I took a photo at the time was to show my other colleagues who work in security.

          By the way, I have a Netgear knighthawk for my router.

        • +1

          @Nordvpnmedia: so what do you say to Frazel's knowledgeable answer to this security breach?

        • @Nordvpnmedia: still awaiting reply

        • @Leidenia: not holding my breath..

        • @frazel: :( was hoping I would be able to swap out my current VPN. Looks like i'll just have to wait for another deal from another VPN

        • +1


          The half of us don't even know if frazel's talking nonsense or not :)

        • +2

          hahaha trust me? I have nothing to gain by lying.

          In layman's terms, NordVPN is not secure and it is critical for a VPN provider to be 110% rock solid with security. It's not just "as long as I dont get caught downloading torrents its fine". The problem is the VPN provider can do all kinds of nasty stuff to trick you.

        • @frazel:
          Regardless of the inaccuracy or accuracy of frazel's particular observation, by saying "I left shortly after and went to torguard" his colours have been shown.

          There is voluminous information about the lack of security/privacy afforded by Torguard. Amateursville compared to other players.

        • @ffreg: can you provide any references for that comment?

  • are these guys better than IPVanish ?

    • good question, can't decide between the two!

      • Give us a try and pick up the best for you. You could make it completely risk-free as we provide 30 days money back guarantee or you could just take 3 days free trial
        Our biggest advantages against competitor are:
        * we're based outside US and 14-eyes;
        * 1400+ servers (nearly double as much);
        * we work accessing streaming services like Netflix and 400+ others;
        * we have ad blocker and extension for google chrome and many other useful features.

        • Hi Store Rep,

          This is first time for me using VPN and just wondering if I can view episodes or watch live CBS channel (USA)?


          Any advise on how to watch CBS episodes for free?

        • @sschandru: Hey, CBS US works on all US servers. Unfortunately, you won't be able to watch it without VPN and we don't recommend you to use free services as in exchange they might sell your data or there could be other privacy issues.

  • I have just cancelled my PIA account as BBC iplayer has stopped working. The PIA support team haven't been very forthcoming in trying to get it fixed for a lot of users who have contacted them.

    Tempted by this deal but as per earlier comments just wondering whether the Rep can do a bit better based on previous deals.

  • @Nordvpnmedia Why does your website not identify what cities the servers are in? For example, when I go to it only tells me 69 servers but not where they are located? Am I missing something?

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