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Xiaomi Robot Vacuum $311.20 Delivered @ Mytopia eBay


I got burned by Shopmonk on this vac a couple of weeks ago and found this seller who didn't increase the price at 7:00am this morning when the eBay coupon started. $389 before coupon code.

Info 'borrowed' from Shopmonk deal:
Primary Features :
Cleaner Types : Vacuum Cleaner
Function : Suction,Sweep
Self Recharging : Yes
Suction (pa) : 1800pa
Dust Box Capacity : 0.42L
Working Time : 2.5h
Battery Type : Li-ion
Battery Capacity : 5200mAh
Product weight : 3.8000 kg

Original 20% off selected sellers @eBay Post

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  • Original list price $949 lol

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    how you got burnt by shopmonk ?

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      Ordered and paid, stayed at "processing" for 2 weeks, being drip fed false tracking numbers and "we are upgrading our software" messages. The day I started a Paypal inquiry, the order switched to 'PayPal reversed' so they obviously hadn't posted it.

      • Yep, having totally the same problem now. Item was "posted" 3 weeks ago and none of the tracking numbers work. Have just filed a Paypal inquiry so let's see if the same thing happens again!

  • anyone with a personal experience on this vac? would this be better than v6 slim/animal extra?

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      This thing is awesome. It's a completely different machine to the Dyson handheld vacs though. I have four vacuums (ducted, dyson standalone, dyson handheld and Xiaomi Mi robot).

      I could happily live with just the Xiaomi robot and the Dyson handheld.

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        thats great to hear. How about areas where there are rugs and other mats? Like living areas and bath rooms? Does this get on top of the rugs?

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          I use the handheld for tricky stuff and bathrooms. I don't have any thick rugs, apparently it can depend on the thickness and texture.

        • Thick rugs are a no go, it just avoids the thixk pile one I have and goes around it so not an issue.

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      I have both, I think mi vac is amazing, truly lives up to the hype. You still need a regular vacuum for spot cleans and awkward places IMO. I find the Mi Vac and V6 slim the perfect combination.

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        I got this last week and love it. I run it every second day. But I now want a portable like the dyson v6 to get into the nooks and crannies, rather than drag out a large corded vacuum for just s few spots in the corners or between narrow openings.
        Still loving the xiaomi.

    • I would also like to chime in with the good reviews. I have this and the Roomba 530. This is faaaaaaaaaar more superior than then Roomba. It maps out the rooms better and doesn't get 'lost' as often as the Roomba does when trying to dock.

      I think you still need a handheld vac for places the roomba can't reach or fit, i.e. underneath furniture which may be too close to the floor.

  • Great price for an awesome robot vacuum.

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    Out of stock. Someone has bought 3 lots of 14!

    • must be some other ebay seller buy it for resell… :S

  • Have 3 indoor vacuums… The Mi bot, dyson v6 and an older big dyson. Rarely use the big dyson anymore. The robot does 70% of the house and my automatic dyson v6 (my son :-)) does the rest. For the money it is great. Just pick up bigger items that can block it whenever I go out, leave all my doors open and my bot chugs away. Doesn't complain like wife/kids. Doesn't have to put on headphones to vacuum. Its GREAT!!

    Still suggest a dyson v6 or similar for spot cleaning (spills) and awkward spots like someone else has mention.

  • Got one before the ran out. Was ready to get one from ShoppingSquare until I saw the price jump up this morning. Have one and they are brilliant, this ones for a present.

  • Wow! That got Brodened big time

    Just a lazy 12.5k dropeed!

    private listing — buyers' identities protected AU $369.55 14 07-Nov-17 10:17:18 AEDST
    private listing — buyers' identities protected AU $369.55 14 07-Nov-17 10:15:31 AEDST
    private listing — buyers' identities protected AU $369.55 14 07-Nov-17 10:13:55 AEDST

  • Darn, just missed it!!

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    Still shows as having stock for me?


    $389 with 20% off yeah?

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      its now $449 minus 20%… the old price jack strikes again

      • Ahh damn, was definitely still $389 when I posted it.

        • Yep, it was as I checked!

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