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2X 100 LED Solar Sensor Light Outdoor Security Floodlights $55.12 @ ozplaza.living eBay


Been looking for a couple of decent solar flood/security lights. These seem to have good reviews, and at $55 for 2, seem like a good deal.
No price jacking, have been $67-$69 since the start of October.

Original 20% off selected sellers @eBay Post

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    Cheaper here. Unless they are different items.

    $50.85 after "prezzy". Says sale ends in 3hrs from now tho.

    • True, yep, that's a better deal. They look the same to me. I think I got suckered in by the fact that the ozplaza one actually seemed to have some positive reviews of the product, and my experience with solar lights is a lot can be pretty crap.
      I thought I'd looked around before watching this item. Obviously not… Still not a bad deal though.

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        There is a difference. OZO.ONLINE only offer 6 months warranty where OZPLAZA.LIVING have 12 months. That's worth $4.27 in my opinion, especially if it has an issue after 6 months!

        • …thats a very good point. nice 'spot'…;)

  • This one is cheaper $34.32 after code / brighter and comes with a higher capacity battery - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/120-LED-Solar-Sensor-Light-Outdo...

    Edit - just realised OP's deal is for x2. I'd still lean towards this one being brighter/bigger battery

    • That's only 1 light. This is 2.

  • nice deal…ive been looking at these recently….dont know if i need 2x though?

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      keep the second one in a box, you'll probably need it in a year when the first one croaks it.
      Or is it just me who has zero luck with any solar lights lasting any longer than a year?

  • The house we purchased recently has 2 of these that are just the 60 LED each and they are really good.
    I just purchased one of the above door style ones for my shed which I’ll leave in the sun then take to the shed when needed.

  • Didn't see the warranty. Not sure about anyone else but I'd more likely throw or try fix it myself than go thru warranty for something like this. I got the 100 led ones to try, maybe replace 18650 battery somewhere down the track with more powerful/better quality one. Tried the Tmart 30led ones and like it but need moar powa!! 1 was d.o.a but would likely cost me more than a new device to send it back.

  • thought about it….procrastinated…thought about it some more…. :P
    just grabbed a pair because they look the goods & the price is right & the deal's about to end…cheers op!

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