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Mystery Discount 5-30% off Betta Home Living Today Only


First time poster so sorry if I've not done this right… I just got an email with this deal from Betta Home Living and I see they had the same thing last year from my search on ozbargain (unfortunately, they are using different codes this year). If you visit their webpage, it should hopefully have a pop up where you put your email in to reveal a mystery discount between 5 and 30%.
I'm hoping that posting this here will help us figure out what the 30% off code is because the most I've managed to get is 15% off - UPUEX8
I'm in need of a new fridge for my place so 30% off one would be really helpful! :)
Please share in the comments below what discount codes you manage to uncover. Cheers

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  • I only got 5%, but I'll try the 15% off code you listed. Thanks

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      Damn.. So far I have these two codes:

      15% off - UPUEX8
      10% off - 3B4IB2
      5% off - T97CTF

  • Of course you have done it right, welcome to the community!

  • Was hoping to get the 30% code and use on the 65" LG C7 OLED, but in the T&C's: 5. Cannot be applied to order values exceeding $4000 in value

  • 5% off - T97CTF. Gives me $4 off a $79.95 appliance.

    • Thanks for trying. It's 5% off a $749 fridge too…

  • 3MZNLS 15%
    AR0C67 5%

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    Sooooo, it uses this URL to generate the unique codes:

    If you change the fingerprint, you get different codes, so far these work:

    UK7UJ6, BJIY31

    64ZQ5Z, LK04BN, 3TTEKI

    Changing the group returns a code but it isn't accepted. I wrote a two line PS script to get a random number and Invoke-RESTMethod and generated 10 at a time. Can't get a code past 15% atm.

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      Nice :) Thanks for that. I wonder if there will ever be a 30% off code :/
      If I can get one I'll definitely be buying the fridge I've got my eye on :)

    • I found a few more 15% codes:

    • This is how you bargain

    • The 30% off code is a lie! =P

      • I'm starting to think this too :( Anything above 15% is a lie..

  • Regardless of what code I put including the one they game me comes up invalid

    • The same thing was happening to me. Seems it depends on what you have in your shopping cart. I originally had a samsung television in my cart, and no codes worked. I tried a random fan instead, and the codes worked. Perhaps there are certain exclusions or max value that precludes the use of these codes.

      • Mmm I had dishwasher $1288

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        There is a pretty big list of exclusions:

        Discounts received via Promo codes exclude delivery costs, warranties, gift cards, itunes cards, epay recharge, furniture, homewares, mobile phones, laptops, tablets, air conditioning Dyson, Apple, Miele, Asko, Pro-forma brands products and November Catalogue items.

  • EKGG0T - I was excited to see this new code, but it works out to be 15% discount.

  • I have phoned the store to see if fridges included as didnt work for me. Waiting for reply.

    • Betta got back to me. I now have a bargain fridge, F&P RF522BRPX6 for $1150 down from $1449. There is also cashback on this of $150. Very happy :-)

      • Nice! Did you find a better discount code or did they just do you a deal over the phone? 15% is still the most I've managed to find :(

        • Deal over the phone :-)

  • Also been trying to get a 30% off code for a new fridge but so far no dice. Looks like there was definitely a 30% off code last time they ran this promotion though.

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