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Easton Beginners Recurve Bow Ready To Shoot Set ($149 Plus Free Shipping) @ Bow Evolution


$149.00 with Free Shipping in Australia

The Easton® Beginner Recurve Bow Kit contains the essentials to introduce your youngster into the sport of archery. The recurve bow is designed for right or left-handed shooters, and features a durable polymer riser and limbs that pack enough power for any beginner. It also has an integrated sight channel for lining up your perfect shot.

Specs at a glance : Easton Beginners Recurve Bow Ready To Shoot Set

Ambidextrous design for either right or left handed archers
Custom dacron string
Integrated sight channel
High strength glass/polymer limbs
Advanced polymer riser
Maximum draw length: 26"
Ideal beginner draw weight range: 10-20 lbs.
Includes 3 arrows, quiver and arm guard
Made in the USA

Easton Beginners Recurve Bow Ready To Shoot Set includes:
3 arrows
a quiver
an arm guard
to get your young archer into the field.

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  • +4

    Can I finally live my dream of becoming Legolas? Any deals on elf ears and wigs too?

    • +3

      You also need the shield to toboggan down the wall.

  • +7

    I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee.

    • +1

      No lollygagging.

      • +1

        Wow… bit high-strung aren't you?

  • I've always wondered:

    Do such sports "weapons" require a Firearms License
    anywhere in Oz?

    Beyond simple bows, I presume Crossbows are banned…?

    If AU is ever - G-d forbid - invaded,
    most of us will have to make slings,
    as seen in the David & Goliath story
    (& Malcolm Gladwell's behind the scenes
    story behind the story of the same 2 people)? :-)

    • I am pretty sure in at least NSW you need a firearms license for a bow and arrow. Someone may he able to correct me if I am wrong .

      as to being invaded, you can stand there and have a stern word to the :)

      • +5

        It's been a while since I last checked, but I believe the laws have stayed the same in NSW. (I could be wrong on this, I'm sure someone else will chime in)

        No firearms license for recurve, compound or long bows (crossbows are another story altogether). With that said, this is still a weapon, and will be treated as such if drawn in public. I think there was something about the compound bows and having the trigger attached to the drawstring that come into play as well.

        Though a simple recurve like this is fine, just make sure anyone who uses it, treats it with the same respect as a gun (Always facing the ground until you are ready to fire. Do not fire if anyone is in front of you, etc etc.) Arrows will cause serious damage, and they can bounce when they hit something and veer off in another direction. Bows can be dangerous, so always make sure to be safe.

      • no, not to own, but you need a declaration on your R License if you want to hunt with it

      • No license, they are sporting equipment.
        Still restrictions on where and what you can shoot at though.

        A 50 pound compound is quite a powerful weapon. But slow and a lot of work, and needs a lot of training to use with any accuracy (or even draw for most lounging people these days).

    • Forget slings, DIY PVC bows are easier and far more effective to use for a SHTF scenario. Plenty of videos on Youtube.

      You basically heat up some high pressure rated PVC water pipe, squish it between two boards, shape it a bit, and that's your bow. Depending on the shaping, length and gauge of pipe, the draw weight can be anywhere from 5 to 200 pounds, and a well made one can have decent efficiency and speed.

      Regarding this deal, I think for this kind of money you're better off making your own bow, or spending more for a better set-up.

    • +1

      There's no license requirement in Queensland for recurve/compound/long bows.

      Crossbows are classified under the act and are legal to own in Queensland with the appropriate category M (miscellaneous: crossbow) license.

  • +1

    No firearms licenses required when i did archery a few years back now.

    Crossbows are still illegal.

    A beginner setup is like $300, this is clearly a piece of shit though as bows shouldn't be stored strung (You only put the string on when you're using them)

    • This may be too dismissive, especially for someone with as little experience as me but definitely do your own research first.

  • It's been a few years since I last checked, but in VIC a recurve bow doesn't require a license.

  • I used to partake in archery atuni, and at the time there was no restrictions on re-curve or compound bows, however my instructor advised that crossbows needed one (however not an issue on the university property, as it was considered federal land and it was a state law). However that was all hearsay from the instructor and was about 17 years ago

  • I know they banned compound crossbows ,
    but thats all I heard.

  • +1

    Is it a good value for this one?

  • What about QLD, do I need a license for this?

    • +1

      Nope, free to own.

  • +2

    So the real question is.. is this a deal..?

  • I did archery at school as a sport. Target shooting I’m fine with, hunting not so much. Just be aware some kids have very little impulse control so supervise them when they have a weapon.

  • How old does a kid have to be to be able to use this Bow?

    • 70cm shoulder height minimum, or it will hit the ground.
      Draw weight depends on arm size, so tends to self adjust lighter for smaller kids.

      There are much cheaper options for a beginner kid. And secondhand really no risk for these basic material low draw (full power carbon bows can become very dangerous if mistreated, explosive snapping removes eyes, so secondhand is not recommended for them unless seller trusted, eg within a club).

  • Keen Archer here. No licence required for anything other than Crossbows (which are illegal in some states, licenced in others). This is essentially a toy and won't have a lot of longevity, but it's cheap and kids will likely have a blast with it! Nu Sensei's Youtube is an excellent place to start if you're looking for info on archery and archery equipment, including getting started: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4IL0laJkpzH9JHmxNqjjMg

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