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(NSW Wollongong) In-person Cryptocurrency/Technology Workshop with Meow-Meow $64 (Was $75, 15% Off Coupon)


After 2 sold out classes last time we ran the course I thought I would offer ozbargainers another coupon!

Ever wanted to learn about Bitcoin, Blockhain and Crypto-currencies without a sales pitch or hidden agenda? Come along to our hands-on workshop where you will be able to participate in real transactions, understand the technology and ask those burning questions.

This course will cover:

  • Practical experience playing with blockchains and peer-to-peer transactions
  • Trading paper money made from cryptocurrency
  • Digital wallets and how to manage them
  • Introduction to the most popular coins and their differences
  • Creating an account with the most popular exchanges
  • A demonstration of how to trade between currencies
  • All ages and all skill levels welcome.

If you are confused about how to get setup and buy-in, this is the easiest way. I spent 3 weeks getting an account setup and missed a huge surge in Ethereum. I have set this course up so that anyone can get started and understand what exactly it is and various reasons why people value it.

What you will receive

  • 3 hour hand on workshop with Meow
  • Course resources
  • Free trial at Zig-Zag co-working space

What to bring

  • Laptop
  • Smartphone

About the Instructor
2017 Australian Financial Review True Leader Game Changer, Meow co-founded BioFoundry - a hacker science centre, in 2005.

Meow and BioFoundry's mission is to democratise science by lowering the technological and cost barrier.

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    For those too lazy to Google but have money to burn


      I can confirm that at least 1 person at the last event told me this is why they came haha. They enjoyed it though.

  • But the whole point of Crypto is that I don't have to deal with humans anymore!


      Haha, most people come along because they want to learn something with humans and human instructors.

      Unfortunately, I don't think you'll get away from dealing with people through peer-to-peer currencies!

  • Ponzi Scheme 101


      You don't like the idea of the course or the idea of cryptocurrencies generally?

  • Damn I thought I'd get to watch and listen to Meow Meow the cabaret singer.


      With a name like Meow-Ludo Disco Gamma Meow-Meow, you never know he might have some tricks up his sleeve!

  • Wouldn't mind going, but time slot doesn't like my work roster! Also have to throw in that I've got a lot of respect for the individual running this. Love the work that's been done with the foundry and facebook group for it.


      Glad to hear it, people really liked it last time and sung his praises as an instructor. This likely won't be the last one in Wollongong, if we sell out again, we may add a Sunday class. I'll comment here if it happens.

  • Good on you! Top stuff. This isn’t for me as I’m already knee deep into crypto nor live anywhere near the location lol. But I’m glad it’s getting more exposure and you’re willing to teach others and spread the good word haha.