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Optus $30 Starter Pack for $5


Its is your own dicision to buy or not:)

This offer comes again.
Available in Optus and Ebay, limit 1 per customer

Warning: Please see comments before purchasing, some users have had past issues activating their SIMs and it has been a difficult and timely exercise rectifying this with Optus.

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  • -1

    And soon we will hear about the stories about do not buy this, it will not activate.

    • lol. I only met this issue once

    • +1

      ive bought this about 6 times, i've had no problems with it

      • +1

        bought like 15 and had no issues lol

    • +2

      Bought once. Was faulty. Took 2 weeks to sort out and phone calls every 3 days.

  • +2

    As mentioned above, encountered the issue of SIM activation twice and of course Optus bore 0 responsibility and I started with a proper working SIM 2 weeks into my contract lol

    • Same thing happened to me. They sent me to go and buy another sim!

  • My friend is coming to Australia next week for 2 months on tourist visa. Can he use this sim and get a number while he is here? Or does this sim need to be used with some other phone plans only (I'm using Vodafone)?

    • This is a SIM Starter kit. It will come with a new phone number.

    • Best to order 2 and activate them under your name in case of any activation/identity verification issues.

    • Yes

  • +5

    Don't buy it, I bought Optus broadband 5$ sim last month. Could not active the first sim, Optus sent a replacement sim (very fast by Startrack in 2 days), still unable to activate online. Went to store to ask for activation, new staff helped to active the sim, took 5 days to active and at that moment I found out the stupid staff port my current number to that broadband sim instead of using new number ( cannot call or text by broadband sim), then have to port out to Kogan to retrieve my number as they said they cannot not change my number from a broadband sim to a normal simcard in their Optus system.

  • +3

    Optus is clearing out faulty sim cards. its not worth the hassle of trying to activate.

    • +1

      Where do you get that information from, what's your source. They'd be stupid to knowingly send out faulty cards. That would cause them many support calls and angry potential customers. I got a sim from them, worked fine straight up.

      • +5

        The last 3 sim cards I bought were all faulty. Plus if you refer to other Optus Deals here on OZB a lot of people complained of the same issue. Refer to comments above as well.

      • +2

        I've received many faulty SIM cards too.

      • +2

        Yes, it's nothing short of stupid, but all the evidence is there. Just search their deals posted here. Whole group of people I knew got invalid SIM.

        • +5

          I have an invalid SIM as well. Buyer beware. :/

    • +1 same here
      Faulty sim too. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • +1

    I asked the assosciated rep in the last post where they acknowledged faulty Sims. No reply from them.

    "Rep, many of us here have issues with having not obtained real customer support nor a refund from Optus, having been burnt by these faulty SIMs.
    Will you address this? There's a comment below where someone has given up seeking refund. So now it's on record that you acknowledge the fault, what are you going to do? Hopefully not just profit off every poor sod who has been stooged?"

  • Does this one usually has a timelimit to activation? can i keep this sim for 2 months before activation?

    • +1

      I believe the deadline is the expiry date written at the back.

  • +1

    I've never had any problem with Optus or Vodaphone.
    I've had problems with amaysim and Kogan.
    I personally find their process a pain in the arse.

  • +1

    Can I buy the sim in my partners name and phone number and activate it for my phone number, after it arrives?
    I’m on Optus now, but I’ll port to Kogan and back to Optus again to get this
    If give them my details now, I’m not a new customer

    • Yes, the information you give to them is only for shipping. What you will get is only a sim card with some credit in it.

      • Thanks

  • +2

    Ive also had this problem on one occasion. Wasted hours of my life on the phone trying to resolve it and got absolutely nowhere with Optus and what I would define as the worst customer service of any organisation I've experienced. They are truly useless. The sim had been activated in another state and they bore no responsibility whatsoever, basically tell somebody who cares.

  • Bought 3, activated 2, never have problem.

  • +1

    If you have had problems, lodge a complaint with the TIO ombudsman. Optus is charged a fee for every case lodged against them which they have to foot the bill for. If enough people start lodging cases, I suspect a different outcome.

  • +1

    Literally bought 25 of these in the previous OzBargain deal from the Optus website. All sim card successfully activated. No issues at all for me.

    • So when they say 3gb + 7gb on first recharge… do they count the activation of the initial credit as the first recharge?

      As in, do you get 10gb for $5 with this deal?

      Or is it only 3gb for $5 with this deal?

      • +1

        Not sure. Everytime I activated the sim card, I chose the Long Life plan to get the $30 myCredit to spend on things that accept mobile billing.

        But I plan to activate another one to get more data since I'm running out. So I'll post here again on how it goes.

        • $30 myCredit to spend on things that accept mobile billing.

          such as?

        • @tonester:
          Online games, Play store, G2A, etc

        • @navyseals69: can you please elaborate? I read on Optus that google carrier billing only works on postpaid plans? How do you use the credit on prepaid sims?

        • @iSamurai: Correct, Optus prepaid credit doesn't work with Google Carrier Billing unless it is an Optus Postpaid plan. However, I use Telstra prepaid for Google Carrier Billing, but I heard it's going to get taken down eventually. For online games/G2A, they usually use a Mobile billing provider called "Boku" which accepts a majority of telco providers. If you find anything that accepts Boku as a payment method, you can use your prepaid credit to pay. (Also they jack up the price abit when paying with Boku so be aware of that)

  • Is the 10GB for video streaming separate and additional to the 10GB data? so 20GB total?
    it seems to be due to the different activation dates, but they're not really shouting that out.

    10GB DATA
    3GB + 7GB bonus on first recharge only by 04/02/18.

    Netflix, Stan, ABC iView, ABC Kids and ABC ME. Activate before 29/04/2018.

    • Yes, I believe so. Unlimited music streaming on Spotify, Google Play Music etc too

  • Merged from $30 Prepaid SIM Starter Kit Now $5 @ Optus

    $30 SIM Starter Kit for $5
    Offer ends 29 Nov 2017
    Free Delivery

    • +1

      Gambled and bought one, remember that it's 50/50 as to whether it will activate.

      • +1

        How that?

        • +3

          Optus reduced to $5 sims are notorious for not activating and Optus are pretty good at making it difficult to get help, but one I bought a couple of months ago and couldn't activate then, did activate last week, so who knows what's going on.

      • +2

        50/50 is a bit generous. Had 3/3 faulty, a real pain not worth it.

        • +2

          Agreed. They sell faulty Sim

        • +5

          Out of 4 sims, the best luck I had was with one of them where I (only) had to spend 2hrs on customer service and do all this drama just to get it activated.

          It's $5 for a reason. Buy something you'll enjoy with that $5. Don't be like me and think the second, third or fourth will be any different.

      • +1

        Bought 1 from the online store and yesterday headed to a store to get it activated, even CSR couldn't activate it. They said they have nothing to offer/replace!

    • +7

      One of my simcards is a prepaid daily. That means I only get charged for the day if I activate the sim on that day..eg make a call or a text or use mobile broadband.
      I bought one of these Sims advertised above when there was a special a while back.
      When I received the sim, I called Optus and asked if they would transfer the credit to my everyday, existing number. They did, which also meant that my existing number would from thereon, be on the new physical simcard, and they transferred my credit that I already had on my existing number, over to the new, physical simcard (with the the $30 new credit). It worked.
      I tried it again at the next sale. It also worked.

      I hope this is helpful for people having trouble with that crap organisation.

    • +2

      Optus scam

      • Notified mods to remind them to insert their warning as with previous posts:

        "Warning: Please see comments before purchasing, some users have had past issues activating their SIMs and it has been a difficult and timely exercise rectifying this with Optus."

    • -1

      You can buy another 1 of these on the OPtus eBay store for $5. Free delivery.


    • +1

      Dont bother they dont activate

  • please note that this sim only comes with 3GB of data. Not until your first recharge before the designated date, you'll be given another 7GB. That's what i understand from reading their descriptions.

  • This deal has been extended to 3/1/18.

  • So what's the limit for Activation?

    It mentions when promo going to end.
    It mentions when to get the bonus data recharge.

    But nowhere it mentions when to activate.

    It'll be good if we can see the back of the starter kit cardboard but for those that intend to buy online, we can't see this cardboard.

    • +1

      The one I received will expire on 01 Dec 2019.

    • yes, this one doesn't have 30-days activation sticker anymore.
      but I activated it anyway

  • Offer now on again guys. Can the deal be unexpired?

    Just got the exact same 01 DEC 2019 expiry. No problems just did the online thing and registered a new number. Could use it a few minutes later on $2/day plan.

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