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Free Burgers from 5PM Today (16/11) @ Parlour Diner (Windsor, VIC) [100 Only via Eatclub App]

  • At 5pm Thursday (16/11), 100x ‘Free Burger’ deals will be uploaded to the EatClub app.
  • The first 100 customers to redeem one of these deals and send their booking details through can head down to Parlour Diner and receive their free burger.

Some details of the app from their last deal.

64 Chapel St, Windsor VIC 3181

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  • +1

    Oh damn! I miss not living in Toorak..:-( This is an awesome joint! Their burgers are awesome and they do a really great key lime pie..

    • Don't forget their stuffed jalapeños

  • I went down there last week and it was dead. I was the only person in the place which is a shame really because the food is pretty decent. Probably explains why they're running this deal.

  • +2

    Deal disappeared after being up for less than a minute.

    I suspect this was nothing but a ploy by the app owners to shamelessly market their app. The offer was up for 30 seconds max.

  • Anybody get one? Been refreshing since 5 and haven't seen it go live

    • Same thing happened to me, but my partner managed to get one

  • I did, but I doubt they had 100… I think it was more like 10. I guess they learned their lesson from last time…

  • I sent them an email and apparently 100 burgers went in seconds (several minutes before 5pm by my observation) then they negotiated another 15 which came up just on 5pm. I'm surprised that it was so popular

    • -1

      The deal went live bang on 5pm. I watched it come online only to disappear seconds later..there is no chance there were 100 burgers available, in fact I doubt there were any at all. Bait and switch. I've already uninstalled the app.

    • Wow, city lines! I did an ice cream event, which started at 3.30pm and if you got there after 3pm you wouldn't be in the first 100 who gets one.

  • +1

    I added Parlour as a favorite and got a push notification around 4.45pm . Myself and 2 friends were able to get on it no problems.

    • -1

      Not sure what i was doing wrong then because i was on the app from 4.55pm and it wasn't live for me.

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