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$10 off $40+ Spend @ Crust Pizza


For those who like their pizza above cardboard quality.

One offer per person, per order, per day.
Free delivery if signed up as Crust VIPP member on the website.
Received as voucher in the mail (to redeem in store you need the voucher, but online can just use the code).

Click the shopping cart (next to the text 'checkout') at the top of the screen to enter the code.

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  • +2

    Thanks mate… I was bored of Dominos, so just ordered Crust tonight

  • Nice ;)

    • +6

      You have prank orders and analytics to thank for that.

  • +1

    Where do I enter the code/

    • +5

      Good question, I had to ask Crust on Twitter to work it out :)

      Click the shopping cart (next to the text 'checkout') at the top of the screen to enter the code.

  • +2

    I used to buy crust once a fortnight but the quality at Williamstown Melbourne has really dropped off. Dough is hard and stale, toppings are limp and bland.

    My question is, can I call the next nearest store and order or will they reject it?

    • Do you order pizza delivered online? If so, it should let you change your delivery store. It defaults to the closest one but you should be able to change it.

      I guess it depends how far away the store is whether they will reject or not.

      • Legend, cheers mate

    • +1

      The two Crust stores near me have gone the same way. Not keen paying a premium price for the shit they give you anymore. Domino's and a couple of other independent stores have taken my business.

    • +7

      Not if I neg you first

      • -1

        you would give me a "+" if you also work for crust

        • +1

          What's the goss?

  • It's not much better than Dominos, but much more expensive. For that price I want authentic Neapolitan pizza :)

    • +3

      I like how Dominos pizzas taste but you have some serious taste issues if you think its not much better then Dominos.

      Even if you exclude taste the quality is a lot higher.

      Its like comparing Hungry Jacks and a gourmet burger, Bacon Deluxes are heaven, but I can still appreciate a good quality burger.

      • What I mean is that its just another American pizza, nothing like a real Italian one.

        I don't think its quality is that good. Just lots of toppings (quality.)

        • -1

          In my experience Italian pizzas aren't really very good quality, the main benefit from them is they often do a handmade base.

          Completely different pizza toppings if its traditional italian as well.

        • @samfisher5986:

          It takes all sorts, I guess! Do you drink Barossa shiraz? :)

        • -1


          No, should I?

  • +1

    So expensive… $24 for a large pizza at my local branch.. Dominos is heaps better value.

    • because the ingredients are expensive if you purchase from crust.

    • +2

      A Toyota Yaris is better value than a Ferrari 360 Modena, but…

  • Any idea when this deal expires?

  • +1

    Had Crust's gourmet range before. Admittedly was great, but come on.. $17 for a simple Margherita? I really despise pizza stores that charge the same price for an entire tier of pizza (ie. Traditional range) when it's blatantly obvious it would cost more to make ones with more toppings.

    • More than two-thirds of the cost of producing any form of meal (whether at McDonald's, Crust or the highest end restaurants) goes on things other than the ingredients. Perhaps they could knock a dollar or so off, but that would be about it.

      • So what is so special about Crust?

  • thanks

  • I got the mail and used it - but thought it was targeted? If you open the Crust website there is no mention of this $ 10 off offer but if I click through on the link in the email then the site opens with the offer upfront

    • I don't believe I got an email and it worked for me. I logged in, added my pizzas to the cart, entered the voucher code and that then brought up the splash screen for the offer and I clicked 'Yes I want the offer' and then it went away and my cart was still full. On the initial screen it still showed $44 without the discount but going to the checkout it was reduced to $34

  • +1

    Ordered. Tasted. Agree with the naysayers.
    Crust isnt what it once was and is poor value compared to competition.

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