This was posted 8 months 25 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

expired Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (PS4) - £12.71 + £1.69 Shipping (~$25 Shipped) @


PS4 Resident Evil 7. Approx $25 seems pretty cheap to me.

Good website bought Yakuza from them.

Go to other buying options, then click "Buy Now" for seller "" (credit to ksquare)

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    its showing as 15.25 a copy

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    Nice, got an email about this and bought it earlier.

    Still debating whether to get the PSVR from one of the various deals floating around, would be ideal for this


    Perfect for the VR bundle that I purchased at Gamesmen eBay bundle that I got the other day. It was showing 15.25 but then I saw the other buying option tip that was shown in the comments to bring it down.
    Not a first time buyer from base but didn't know that because most is defaulted purchasing from base U.K. itself not base china?

    There is also gold edition and not sure if that is worth the extra? Probably not.

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      Gold edition will have all the dlc included, and the season pass is like $45. I think I've seen it for $35 on sale. The dlc has mostly good reviews but have a read of the description of each dlc. I don't think they sound too good. I'm pretty sure there is one more dlc yet to be released. So it may be worth getting the gold edition if the dlc appeals to you. Many reviews said the VR for RE7 is really good. I'm still on the fence on whether or not to purchase VR.


        Yeah. I already bought the normal edition before your reply.
        Thanks for the info and I didn't think it was worth paying extra for the extra dlc's. Probably one of the few games for the vr that Interest me other than the ones in the bundle and another being bravo team and inpatient. Hope more games will come out for vr.


    Just bought the vr bundle from big W with their family and friends discount it came to $333 delivered.. this should go good with it


    any other games we should bundle you reckon?


    Got this for the same price on Xbox One. They've since raised the price though.


    what are the opinions from the owner of this game? (preferably long time RE fans :))

    I have been a fan since the original back in PS gen 1 days, but wasn't all that excited about 7, since 1) first person view 2) it does not seem to be related to the old RE universe of 1 to 6? (although I did notice that there is a Chris Redfield DLC for 7)

    but for $25 I guess I can't expect too much?

    thx :)


      It does get a lot more Resident Evil-ish from about the halfway mark, but definitely starts out as a pretty disturbing Texas Chainsaw rip-off, which I thought was a pretty good change of pace.

      I played the whole thing through in VR and it was absolutely stunning. I went under one day thinking I would give it a quick go and came out 8 hours later with my mind blown.

      To be honest, if you're playing without VR I fear it might be an overly short (this thing ends around the mid-point of most recent RE games), slightly simplistic disappointment. VR experience is pretty much worth full price for my money.


        thx for that :) yeah I heard it is a real pants sh!tting experience with VR :) (but apparently vomit inducing as well?)

        still a bit hesitant about the story, but Capcom really butchered the story in 6 anyway, I guess I will just view it as a standalone game unrelated to RE.

        thx again :)


          You’re welcome :)
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