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Target Gaming Event: XB1 Bundle $269, PS4 $299, Uncharted $24, Wipeout $24, Destiny 2 $49, Gran Turismo Sport $35 + More


Target is having a Gaming Event with some great prices starting Friday :)

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Game Price
Xbox One S 500GB + Minecraft Complete Adventure + Xbox Live 3mth $269
PS4 500GB Console $299
New Nintendo 2DS XL Console $189
Uncharted 4 PS4 $24
Wipeout PS4 $24
Ratchet & Clank PS4 $24
Uncharted the Lost Legacy PS4 $24
Disney Adventures XB1 $29
Rush a Disney Pixar Adventure XB1 $29
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands PS4/XB1 $29
Watch Dogs 2 PS4/XB1 $29
Gran Turismo Sport PS4 $35
Forza Horizon 3 XB1 $49
Super Luckys Tale XB1 $35
Destiny 2 PS4/XB1 $49
Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered PS4/XB1 $49
Battlefield 1 Revolution Edition PS4/XB1 $49
Overwatch Game of the Year Edition PS4/XB1 $49
Project Cars 2 PS4/XB1 $49
Assassins Creed Origins PS4/XB1 $59
Middle Earth Shadow of War PS3/XB1 $59
Fifa 18 PS4/XB1 $59
20% Off DVD's & Books
30% Off Adrenaline & Spa & Wellness Giftcards

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Target Australia

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  • +2

    Gran Turismo Sport PS4 $35 pricing error?

    • +7

      Nope says save $44

      • +1

        great value then, is there a link to see all the prices, thanks

        • +1

          I'm also shocked how quickly GT hit bargain status.

        • +3

          @jace88: it's a license test with online multiplayer right?

        • +1

          @jace88: yeah thats probably not a great indication of sales. Its only been out for a month.

        • @jace88: I'm not shocked. It has limited playability - I lost interest after a week.

        • +1

          From my understanding when i researched reviews etc for Gran Turismo sport..
          They aligned the game with some international racing body, and part of that status, means they keep all records etc updated through internet .
          So you need an internet connection to play most of the game. However you DO NOT NEED ps4 plus paid subscription to play majority of game. Its only required to play online multiplayer.
          I would rather the game not be aligned with the racing body , and not have to be extremely official and have updated best track times in the world etc. If this meant I could play all of the game offline entirely.

        • +14

          @PainToad: Too far.

    • -2

      3 sure

    • Gran Turismo Sport: Incoming Updates Add New Cars, Offline Play, GT League & More


  • +13

    No Nintendo Switch? Eye twitches

    • +15

      Just $20 off the Console, Just dance 2018 $49, Sonic $49, Super Mario O $65

      • Ahh. Thanks, Trent.

      • can u post a scan of Nintendo too plz ?

        • +1


    • +1

      Big W deal is still better, $499 console with Mario Odyssey

  • Any deal for FF12? The best price i can find is $36 @ EB.

    • Nah m8

    • $32 secondhand at EB.

  • Doing a PSVR deal too Trent?

    • +1

      Not really still $399

  • Is Gran Turismo Sport for PS4 or VR? Bought the PS VR deal from Gamesmen and got Gran Turismo Sport VR, not sure if they are the same one?

    • +3

      It's the same game

      • Thanks for the info, $35 is great price for that new game though.

        • Agreed, massive price drop!

        • @reptilescorpio: Might be in response to XB1X.

        • @reptilescorpio:
          Nah, it's because they've packaged it with a packet of weetbix lately.
          Well not really, but games bundled with consoles / controllers rarely hold their value too long due to a lot of people trading them straight in, meaning more second hand copies about, meaning not as many new retail copies sold.

          Another few months and it will probably make it to the ps+ 'free' games

        • @linton: >Another few months and it will probably make it to the ps+ 'free' games

          that aint happening so soon.

  • +1

    let the games begin !

  • +23

    This deal should be tagged as a target offer

  • +4

    Uncharted 4 prices are good.

    • +4

      Surprised to see "Lost Legacy" already at $24 (only released a couple of months ago??) Uncharted 4 was at this sale price earlier in the year.

      • +1

        It's because lost legacy was only 44 to begin with seeing as its a new singleplayer but uc4 multiplayer.

  • +2

    Wish there was some PS4 bundle deals. Some nice bargains though.

    • EB and JB have some good bundle deals. COD, and Star Wars BF2 are the standout ones if you want limited edition consoles.

      I just got the has the Battlefront 2 1TB PS4 Slim bundle for $449 from EB. That's for the gray one. The black is a little bit more. $50 less than JB.

  • +4

    GT Sport dropped faster than Forza Horizon 3, must not be doing that great

    • +1

      It's doing great afaik, this is a sale.

    • +1

      Because it's 1/3 the game right?

      • +2

        No, it's a full game.

        • So single player offline career?

        • -1

          @OnlinePred: stop trying to stir, GT sport is the highest rated racing game of the year and is actually doing something new in the genre for once.. Namely proper online racing not this:


        • @bloobat: yea I know Forza online racing is a joke haha, can't believe they thought that was ok. Anyway all I'm saying is that GT Sport doesn't have solo offline campaign, so if you don't want to race online, then the price is justified being so low as it's a very small game.

        • @OnlinePred: Yeh that's a fair point, the online only saving aspect is pretty stupid.

        • +4

          @bloobat: On what planet is it the highest rated? Metacritic average rating: GT Sport 75, FM7 86.

        • @sallan75: they all think that because something outsells another, that it is better.

        • +1


          They ruined it with no proper career mode, what gt is known for.

        • -1

          @sallan75: metacritic…. I was referring to reviews from legitimate sources. For track racing fans it's simple, you get PC2 if you want to collect cars and play single player, if your after a great online experience you get gt sport.

        • @OnlinePred: no I don't, cod outsells other shooters every year but it isn't the best. I'm just saying from a racing fans point of view gt sport is the obvious pick, forza is the game you'd get the kids to play and mess about in.

        • +2

          @bloobat: Well not really, you would get PC2 or any other good racing sim, or even FM7if you wanted solo offline racing, and GT Sport if you want to drive around cones and race against idiots online.

        • +1

          @bloobat: Reviews you agree with you mean.

        • @sallan75: No, actually reviewers like Easy Allies. If you can find me a reputable one that scores FM7 higher i'd be happy to conceed.

          EDIT: Just look at Ausgamers…. 100 for Forza 7 haha you can't take publications like that seriously.

        • @bloobat: I don't care if you concede.

        • @sallan75: Just stating the facts bro

  • +1

    Time to put my order in to Mrs Claus

  • My obscene backlog will be taking another one for the team then. Thanks a lot evil temptress from hell…

  • +1

    That drop on GT Sport is INSANE. Man, and I was going to try and resell my copy from the Gamesmen deal. Fat chance of that now!

  • The waving bear bringing the gaming goods :)

  • +5

    20% off XBOX Live cards too

    • +1

      I am interested in that, said no one ever

      • its actually the only thing on the list I'm interested in.

  • Nice post!

  • +2

    Lost Legacy and GT Sport for sure!

    The scan says it starts on Friday, 24/11/2017.

  • +4

    wow forza horizon 3 still $5?0 its a year old and the same price as destiny 2 which came out a month ago. Was hoping for $30.

    • Agree mate. Would also buy if it was a better deal… Just recently got cod WW2 for $64 at JB, the multi is awesome and takes a bit of my time!!

    • It's an amazing game, worth every cent.

    • Currently on sale $40 for the standard edition on the MS store (digital copy).
      Forza Horizon 3 - Standard Edition

  • Should I upgrade to Nintendo 2DS XL? I feel like the design is much better and looks more modern and slimmer, and the 3DS XL is a bit chunky and fat. My current new 3DS XL is near-new with barley any scratches and is probably worth around $200 making myself a $10 profit.

    Is the 2DS XL worth it coming from a new 3DS xl?

    • Why not upgrade to a switch?

      • +1

        I really want to wait a while for the switch, about mid next year, because I find the 3DS/2DS more smaller and easier to use. The have a much bigger library of games (that’s why I’m going to wait for the switch the get some more games) like pokemon, harvest moon and animal crossing.

        • +1

          Yeah same. I recently got into the 3ds/2ds system, in part as the switch made me pay attention to Nintendo again lol (first Nintendo console since the N64). There are so many good games on the 3ds (which includes all the DS games) - highlights for me are several Zelda's and Metroid games. I'll wait a couple years probably and maybe the switch will have a good enough library.

        • @Dan83: Switch is defiantly worth the upgrade. It was my first since the 64 as well. Defiantly buy it, zelda and mario are Amazing!!!!

    • I have the new 2ds XL. Never owned the 3ds XL or even got to try it before buying the 2ds, so never got to see the 3d in action. But I did hold my mates 3ds XL very briefly after I already owned mine, and straight away I preferred the 2ds xl more. The lighter weight, particularly for the screen was noticeable. If you can break even and don't use the 3d anyway it seems like a good choice.

      • +1

        Lighter weight? Never knew! Thanks for sharing. I think I might pick up the 2DS XL with the sleek minimalist design. I dont even use the 3D but I’m really digging the clamshell design of the 2DS XL.


    • +1

      I've got the new 3DS XL and I tried a friend's 2DS XL. I preferred the 2DS XL because it's a bit more compact and a lot lighter. Ergonomically it feels a lot nicer to use. I'm not the biggest fan of the colour schemes and materials (makes it look a lot like a toy) but the rubber is practical and gives it better grip.

    • I wouldn't get it from this sale. EB Games have 2DS XL bundles with Monster Hunter Generations (a very good game) for $200. I'd wait for an ebay coupon which can then be used on EB Games' store.

      • either that, or I can get the other bundle from Big W with either Pokemon sun/moon. Not too sure.

  • Any Nintendo 3DS game deals @TRENT86 ? Looking for some games for my son. Tks

    • +1

      Not really just Pokémon Ultra Sun & Moon & Monster Hunter $49

      • +1

        Grabbed ultra moon yesterday for $42.xx at BigW yesterday with the 10 percent off.

  • Hmm watch dogs 2 is a decent price right there.

    • +6

      Bought it for 20 a couple months back at Hardly Normal.

      Tremendously fun game, great open world, great game play, but

      (profanity) terrible story. The characters are honest to God some of the worst characters in any game I've ever played and it was a genuine chore burning through the rest of their story, so much so that I skipped way too many clips. They are all just hypocritical millennial assholes and it's beyond terrible.

      But if you just wanna (profanity) around and have fun, and ignore the story, it's a good time.

  • I wonder if HN will price match to couple with amex?

  • Is the PS4 avail in both black and white?

    Edit: didnt see that it excludes the white one. Pity

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