expired U`King Cree Q5 600LM Flash Light $0.92 USD ($1.20 AUD), 4PCS Double Side Screw Extractor $0.94 US ($1.24AU) Delivered @ Gearbest


Here's a deal on another zoomable flash light which has been added to the one dollar deals, similar to this deal but for a different brand.

Reviews are quite positive and explain that build quality and light quality is relatively good for the price. Please note that it isn't the UKing ZQ which seems to be a bit better quality.

It requires 1xAAA to function.

Also available:

4PCS Double Side Screw Extractor for $0.94 US ($1.24AU) with 70%OFF$1.
3D Plastic Maze for $0.88 US ($1.10AU) with 70%OFF$1.
ORICO Desktop Cable Organizer Silicone Cord Holder Clip for $0.99 US ($1.29 AU) with doweyyOR16.

As always, enjoy!

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    Colour temp of 5500K is a bit too blue for my liking, compared to the UKing ZQ AA torch that is 4500K.

    edit: nice to see that a related product to this torch is the game Torchlight. Perhaps it features in the game :P

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    How on earth is this profitable?
    It even came with a certificate of compliance.

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        A comment by someone who's never been to China for sure. Actually your comment is quite offensive to a Chinese. Please don't comment on things which you have no idea about because it is not funny. For your record, NO you can not live in china for 50c a day, not for the past 35 years and YES $1 US is peanuts in China.

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        They are so poor that they have bought up half Australia. You are absolutely right

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          Now I wonder here the wisdom of; they re so poor that they have bought up half Australia and positive votes.

          Sure they can't live on 50C a day, but saying they bought up half Australia is misleading to say the least. You have 1 billion Chinese, hey, 1 billion. Of course you would have quite a few millionaires/billionaires there who can buy half of Australia. Just like it would be in reverse. Many Chinese can't afford to buy up Australia, but also don't live on 50c a day, just like in Australia which is made of only 24 million people.

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          That was no disrespect towards China or Australia. It is just that i think to much of Australia is being sold and i am not talking about private homes or similar



          I didn't take that as disrespect just the fact that there is 1 billion Chinese and the fact that with 1 billion of people there would be quite few who can afford to buy Australia. We represent only 2.4% of Chinese.

          With such great number of people it is common sense that quite a few would have the power to buy Australia. I wasn't talking/thinking about private homes either. But not liking selling it to Chinese won't stop them.

          When I said misleading, what I thought about is the sheer number of people in China.


          It would be useful that for the record that this is not factually correct. China hasn't 'bought up half' of Australia.

          There's actual stats (available publicly) that show that the US, UK and Japan respectively own much more in Australia than China does.

          This is not to say that China might not have the potential to increase ownership significantly over the next 50-100 years - but it is probably going to take that long to catch up to the ownership above..

          The other thing I find annoying is the statement that somehow foreign ownership is an issue in Australia but it's perfectly ok for Australians (individuals and companies) to buy foreign assets - lets force all our super funds and companies to sell all their assets and lets all be happy for a much poorer economy and standard of living. NOT!

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      Buy first, ask later.

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      I'm sure these deals by Gearbest and Zapals are not designed to make a profit in fact they are most likely losing money for each item sold. I believe the thought process is to create brand awareness through these really cheap deals in hopes of getting more customers and more businesses in the future.

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      It isn't, its a Loss leader


      Its not profitable, they are getting screwed 😃


      I just want to put these here as they got lost in a hidden thread.

      Frig on 20/11/2017 - 11:43

      Not to mention the postage factor here.

      Australia Post/Star Track or whoever wouldn't be delivering for free here.

      voter1 on 20/11/2017 - 14:15


      AFAIK australia post does actually deliver for free - they are kinda getting screwed over by a trade agreement. Apparently china post or whoever pays for shipping to australian shores then the local carrier (australia post) takes it the rest of the way for free and vice versa.

      obvious problem being that theres a lot more traffic going one way.

      Azzy 1 hour 15 min ago


      Yes I fully agree, I can't send a small package to the next suburb for less than $7.95, but If I buy something from China the seller can send it via post from China to Australia to my address incorporated in a 99cent sale???

      I've often thought, there's a business opportunity , collect parcels from Australia, send them as bulk freight to China, send them back from China to specific addresses, cost sub 20cents, let Australia Post do the delivery.

      Australia Post is killing the ability of Australian businesses to send small inexpensive items via Australia Post in Australia, but ironically they deliver the same sort of parcels from China, due to their 'trade agreement', they're actually not only subsidising Chinese businesses in postal costs, they pass on these costs to Australian businesses, who then can't compete due to Australia Post charges.


    website having issues "timed out"


    Thanks Op. bought the flashlight.


    Thanks OP!

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    bought it but don't need it


    bought one, thanks op

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    Gearbest is doing the dos attack on our postal services. Just joking :).


    Why is it so hard to login?

    The security code thing seems broken.


    ORICO Desktop Cable Organizer Silicone Cord Holder Clip(gearbest.com) for $0.99 US ($1.29 AU) with doweyyOR16.

    This one has expired. Can you get more deal? Thanks.


    Can't place order. Website dead. Place order leads to empty screen.


    Coupon still working - bought myself a torch ;)