expired Horizon Zero Dawn PS4 $25.44 USD ($33.74 AUD) Shipped @ Amazon


Cheapest price I could find whilst having a look for this title - seems like it's had a bit of a price drop…

In comparison it's $54.99 at ozgameshop
$79 at BIG W
$89 at JB HiFi
$99.95 at EB Games

Don't know a great deal about games from the US, so if it doesn't work let me know and i'll remove the post


Price history at CamelCamelCamel.

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    Complete edition can be had for $55 from Ozgameshop (preorder). That's probably a better deal as it includes Frozen Wilds.

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    I don’t think putting up a comparison price and citing EB games as a legitimate source of games prices should be allowed. I don’t even know how they stay afloat. They give nothing for trade ins, have expensive near RRP used games and old stock games are at full bore retail price well after their used by dates,

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      who do you recommend I cite - don't buy many games and just got a PS4 so happy to change to something more market value…(just happened to be the 1st Aussie game retailer that i thought of and checked)
      EDIT - updated with JB & Big W… happy to add more :)

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        BigW, Target, Kmart, JB HiFi, EBay, Gumtree. Anyone but EB games. While I am not saying that EB doesn’t have deals from time to time, it’s just that their games prices are usually just out of touch with reality.

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      Pretty simple. People that dont know much about games bu them at that price, people that are into games use their very relaxed price match policy.
      Plus thats the only in store place you can buy pretty much any game thats not a new release.


    It's probably getting cleared out for the complete edition.

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    $32 this weekend at Big-W https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/343147

    Brilliant game BTW

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    Ooph thats a good price.

    Might hold out for GOTYE for this price though ;)


    Wasn't planning on getting this game any time soon but this price is too good to pass up. Ordered!


      Well it is $20 USD at PSN US now and
      $32 @ BigW tomorrow.

      Also only buy game when you want to play it.
      I have a FFXV since early this year for $52. It is $25 now, but I have yet to play it…

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