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expired [iOS] Fiete Math 1st Grade for Kids App Free (Was $4.99) @ iTunes

[iOS] Fiete Math 1st Grade for Kids App Free (Was $4.99) @ iTunesAffiliate

Fiete Math makes counting easy for kids to understand. In this app, numbers are touchable objects that your child can group, combine and cut up. Your child can discover the links between amounts and numbers and develop their confidence in dealing with them. This makes maths fun.

Dividing and adding numbers are important foundations to develop calculation strategies. Intensely studying number systems and mathematic strategies on a normal school day is often not enough. Pupils that need more time can easily fall behind. Any numeracy problems are often left to be dealt with by after-school tuition.

If a child hasn’t understood the basics of numbers, repeatedly trying to solve mathematical problems will not help. This app uses a different approach.

Children learn by creating new, fun experiences. With this app, your child will experience and learn about the links between amounts and numbers through their own experimentation.

• Fiete Math encourages understanding of the number system, makes 5 and 10 structures usable and shows calculation methods.
• The app lets your child play with numbers like building blocks. Abstract numbers are made into objects.
• There are no time limits. Your child can complete the tasks at their own speed and gather important knowledge."

This App is not just a digital copy of a maths book. It innovatively uses the opportunities offered by touchscreen devices to make number systems more understandable.

To keep your child’s motivation up, we’ve made sure that this maths app really feels like a proper game. Best case scenario: your child won’t want to put Fiete Math down. Try that with a maths textbook ;-)

The tasks take the form of wonderful harbour scenarios from all around the world. Incoming ships must be loaded. Boxes can be grouped together and separated just like building blocks. This will change the cargo number. The child can play in new countries and harbours, win medals and unlock larger ships. This visible progression means more motivation to keep on playing.


  1. 1,2,3,…
    Counting, recognising groups

    Dividing numbers in different ways, getting to know numbers up to 20

  3. THE MAGIC 5
    Easy calculations with 5s, progression to 10s, introduction to the decimal system

    Doubling and halving, swapping, neighbour tasks, changes in the same or the opposite direction

  5. PLUS
    Perfect packages, tasks from easy to hard, inverted tasks

  6. MINUS
    Perfect packages, tasks from easy to hard, inverted tasks

    Practice adding and subtracting

The app includes over 1,000 consecutive tasks using numbers up to 30. Once these are complete, the app randomly creates tasks from the relevant topic so the fun can go on for longer.

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