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Just Cause 3 85% off on Steam US$7.49/$11.25 (AU$9.84/$14.78) for Base Game/XL Version


Noticed this deal thanks to isthereanydeal.com

Lowest price it's ever been.

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    This is a very good price. The game itself gets a bit repetitive and struggles on mid tier PCs.

    Well worth a buy though.

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      Repetitive sure. But soooooooo satisfying. It struggles a bit on the non-Pro PS4 too.


    And Sony wants 79$ for the XL edition on PSN? 😡


      Why don't console games drop their prices as quickly and as low as PC ones? I never understood this.

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        Multiple reasons.
        You can trade in or sell console games.
        Some are really poorly ported over and so no one purchases them unless its dirt cheap.
        Publisher's don't have to pay a fee to Microsoft or Sony so they got some more room to lower prices.
        Also piracy is a bigger problem on the pc so they might get a few more sales this way.


          Thanks. I'll need to remember this the next time I walk past the PS4 aisle and frown at the prices.

          That paying fees thing is new to me. I didn't realise devs had to pay anything other than maybe buying a dev machine.


      I got it free on PlayStation plus a couple months ago.

      Different platform, different deals at different times.