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Oculus Rift + Touch Controllers US $399 (~AU $525) Shipped from Oculus (Includes Seven Free VR Games)


Includes: Oculus Rift headset, 2x Oculus sensors, 2x Touch controllers, all required connecting cables, and seven free VR apps (available after you set up Oculus Rift + Touch), including Lucky's Tale, Medium, Toybox, Quill, Dead and Buried, Dragon Front, and Robo Recall.

While stocks last.

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    Seems close to the price of the Vive from Newegg

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    Just so everyone is aware before they make a big purchase, these low resolution headsets are going to be replaced by high resolution headsets in 2018. This includes the HTC Vive Ultra HD in 2018.

    The Pimax is arriving for backers in January 2018

    Rift Resolution Per eye: 1080×1200
    Pimax Resolution Per Eye: 3840x2160

    Higher resolution doesn't mean you have to have a better computer as you can run it in the same resolution as the Rift/Vive and has huge benefits because its upscaled and the most important part, you won't be able to see the pixels in your headset, which is very obvious now (screen door effect)

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      For the price this is a good point to get in now if you are interested at all, you get the hardware and software included. Next years devices will not be this price on launch, and when they are coming is still speculation.


      Thanks for the info.


      Wheres your source on the HTC, don't link that shitty digitimes piece either…


    Bloody bargain

    Although everyone is talking about the Pimax, the Pimax 5K is $900 shipped with controllers and base station, this is nearly $400 cheaper.

    Theres no way Pimax will actually be shipping final versions in Jan though, the product still has a bit to go.


      There is no evidence to say they will be shipping late, this is not their first VR headset.

      It could definitely happen, just like any product.


        Didn't say there was evidence to say they will be shipping date, but it is very likely. With the amount of units they have to ship and on everything i've seen theres still a bit of work to do.

        Will change the VR market though.

        One thing that confused the heck out of me is what controllers will they actually be shipping. In the pics on the kickstarter they have the vive style with a joystick which is awesome. But in most videos i've seen they've only demoed with a vive controller.

        If they ship with the new controller it would be awesome.

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          They are shipping their new controllers, they have two types which we could select a week ago.

          The information they have sent us makes it look like its coming in January.

          Again they have shipped their Pimax 4k before, they should know how long things take.


        Yeah there is. They are having problems getting a stable 90hz as well as a bunch of other issues . Look at there forums. If they dont have the final version ready by mid december then there is fat chance of them making January as they cant just snap there fingers and have working units. Then chineese new year so nothing really comes out of factories Feb so it would be march. Also its worth noting 85% of kickstarter projects are late.

        However it shoukd be worth the wait but I doubt a retail version will be out until late 2018 or even 2019 as they. Then again if its true the kickstarter is the cheapest price then these units are going to be extremely expensive.

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          They have shipped their 4k before, they will easily be able to know the rough date.

          While its possible it might be delayed a little, I would expect it no later then February.

          The whole 80-90hz thing is not a hardware issue exactly so there won't be a delay unless they need to fundamentally change something in the headset.



          Yeah but they arent going to finalize the product until they work these issues out.

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          Actually they implied we might end up just receiving the product at 85hz or something. Not great but not a big deal either.