expired 10-30% off at Profanity Professionals + Free Shipping and Extra Freebie with Code


Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal with something extra for Ozbargainers over at Profanity Prfoessionals. The main stock item is our Profanity Pens, and they are not for those with sensitive eyes - you have been warned!

1 pen = $9.05 including discount and free shipping in Australia (10% off)
3 pack = $19.16 including discount and free shipping in Australia (20% off)
5 pack = $24.47 including discount and free shipping in Australia (30% off)

In addition to the discounted pricing, add in the voucher OZB at checkout and we'll throw in a freebie or two for you from our 'not quite right' collection.

If the discount isn't enough to float your boat, we've also got a FB comp running at the moment if you'd rather try your hand at getting some freebies instead: www.facebook.com/profanityprofessionals

Warning: The store website contains coarse language.

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Profanity Professionals
Profanity Professionals

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    some of these are great.
    when i add the code, there's no indication of a freebie, will you do that at your discretion when packing?
    also, lol at the discount applied by code :)
    Discount OZB - $0.01


      '"5 Pack of Profanity Pens - Mix & Match - 30% OFF! 1 $24.47

      Cost summary
      Subtotal $24.47
      Discount OZB - $0.01
      Shipping —
      Total AUD $24.46

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        Haha yep I had to put in amount for the code to work - this is Ozbargain, every cent counts! Yes, I'll see the code and chuck some freebies in there for you. Even for those who forget I can see you came from this site and will sort it out :)

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