expired P&O Pacific Explorer - Depart Syd 4th Dec - 10 Nights @ $699 PP/Twin Share


Been looking for cruises, and this seems like a good deal, if you have time.

Can be booked via Ozcruising, but I've linked directly to the operator.

P&O Cruise

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    Personally I would never go on a cruise ship without at least having an oceanview, for my own sanity.


      Isn't that what the enormous deck is for?

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        yes exactly - family has always gone for inside room. you can sleep in as no light coming in and you hardly spend that much time in your room anyways!!


      It is really not that bad. Only in the room for sleeping.. otherwise enjoying the facilities and lounges

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        I like natural light and being able to give myself a point of reference if its rocking a little.

        I guess it depends on the person.

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    Pacific Explorer = Floating version of Rooty Hill RSL

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    Good find mate! The below comments do not reflect on your posting it is seemingly a good deal, but one of the reasons that I don't cruise any more is because of the shoddy marketing practices of the Cruise Companies…P & O is as honest as any, but the below is a good example, of how they try and get at you!….

    You could have warned any prospective buyers on this deal about the shameless attempt to increase the inside cabin fares by suggesting that if one's cabin is forward or aft they will get sea-sick…. and then trying to extort a $500+ increase for a mid-ship cabin and also attempting to hide the fact that the advertised price for outside cabins is "with occlusions".

    It is sometimes better to go through an agency than direct, for cruise passages, as they sometimes work on your behalf to secure a better deal from the cruise companies!


    I did not know these sleazy tricks. have experienced others with my friendly travel agent and airlines who sell me tickets with so many restrictions I lose out later. these ships seems to have food poisoning from time to time and you need to make sure you have travel insurance. pacific might be the lower end of the cruise food chain? P&O is higher. then the big international names?


      As far as I know and have seen, the food preparation is very good, never heard of a food poisoning incident…however, "Norovirus" is a bug that is present on cruise ships and it will lay you low!! It is extremely virulent and in the close confines of a cruise ship and with the infection occurring by simply touching any infected surface…..one is very vulnerable. The only protection,really,is to keep your hands and face very, very, VERY clean!!…..however, if the food handlers are infected …..who knows?!

      I was on a ship in the Pacific (Princess Line) and succumbed 8 days into the voyage…at this stage the meal-areas were almost empty!…I would guess that 50% of the passengers were stricken and were isolated in their cabins.

      I didn't claim on my T/I, just wrote it off to bad luck, so I'm not sure how much you could claim. I'm sure they would pay the onboard medical expenses (which are ridiculously high!) but no idea if you could get compensation for a disrupted cruise.


    Where are you getting that price? Cheapest I am seeing is $913 pp for interior room

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