This was posted 3 years 1 month 27 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Seagate 4TB BarrraCuda (ST4000DM005) $89.99 + ~$10.07 shipping USD (~$133 AUD) @ Amazon US


Lowest price recorded to date. I've only seen this drive come down to $150ish AUD with tech sales on eBay.

Your mileage may vary. People report failures with Seagate, but I have never had issues with them.

(Converted price based on citibank forex)

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  • "Your mileage may vary. People report failures with Seagate, but I have never had issues with them." Up until this morning I would have said the same, 4TB SSHD looks like its bit the dust :(

  • in case anyone missed it, the Seagate 8TB expansion hdd for $70~ more

  • Keep in mind this is the 2016 version of the Barracuda, the new model is ST4000DM004.
    Still bought myself one anyways!

    • Yeah, this model is 5900RPM.

      Seagate had 25% off last night, but ST4000DM004 won't ship to Australia. I chatted with a CS guy, he couldn't do anything.

  • Don't you guys get worried shipping a mechanical hdd all the way from the us? The warranty would be such a headache?

    • The packages that they ship it in are filled to the brim with padding materials. Have ordered a few drives and had 0 issues.

      • Not my experience that's for sure. I have bought portable HDDs from them, and there is room to move around. But portables come with internal packaging so it's not as bad. An OEM HDD I don't know..

        Sometimes they put this bubble sleeve on one side of the item only, which is totally inadequate.

        • amazon assumes hdd's are a bit like like buttered toast .. when dropped they will always land on the bubble sleeve side

  • Amazon shipping is poor these days. They will put it in an oversized box with no packaging material sometimes. I wouldn't risk it on a hard drive. This is probably not even in a retail box, so it might just be in an antistatic bag. They're fragile. Buy at own risk.

    • Bought a 4TB WD Red from Warehouse1 during the eBay sales. DOA.
      That wasn't bad to ship back to Sydney, but I imagine could be a hassle to ship back to Amazon US and wait for a replacement.

      • Heheh, the replacement will also be shipped the exact same way and possibly be DOA again.

        Amazon packers work in a sweatshop-like environment. They're under the pump, and have quotas to hit and have a 3 warning system if they underperform. The way they're treated is disgraceful. So they will take shortcuts any chance they get, to hit those quotas. The Amazon AU packers look like they're going to be held to the same standards.

        I have complained numerous times about their packing standards, and the very polite CSR wrote to tell me that it won't happen again. But this was all talk, because it continued happening anyway. How can you possibly flag a customer or tell your packers to take extra care if this customer comes up? There will be hundreds if not thousands of packers. They aren't going to know who you are and treat you any differently from others.

        The worst thing is, each order can only get packaging feedback once, even if it's shipped in multiple shipment. So if the first part is fine, and you say as much, or don't leave feedback, and then later a shipment from the same order is bad, you can't give feedback anymore. It either expired, or you already gave them positive feedback. So there is no way to even complain about the bad shipping.

    • I think its hit and miss. My last HD from them came well packaged. Had a plastic dampening shell thing on it and the box itself wasn't particularly large either from memory. Others report them coming without the plastic shell though.