This was posted 3 years 5 months 13 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Bluetooth 3.0 Audio Music Receiver US $0.69 (AU $0.92) Shipped @ Rosegal


Full credit goes to nick123 @ TB. AU $0.23 cents off the current deal which is expired now I believe for reaching the max. purchase restrictions. This one only works for 1 per cart, as the prices go up when adding more than 1.

Turns a device with a 3.5mm jack into a bluetooth eligible device, can use it in aux plug in your car as well. Ensure you untick "Add Shipping Insurance to your order" at checkout and ensure that the total is US $0.69 or AU $0.92 before clicking pay. Thanks hamza23

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  • I need a device which can send music OVER bluetooth to a 3.5mm jack. (my car has 3.5mm or FM in, no bluetooth) - my girls new phone doesn't have a headphone jack (it's "courage")

    Would this do it?

    • Yep that’s exactly what this device does, makes something which doesn’t have Bluetooth, have Bluetooth.

      • +2 votes

        makes something which doesn’t have Bluetooth, have Bluetooth.

        Only on the receiving end. Can't use wireless earphones on a device without Bluetooth using this.

    • Get a roidmi 3s charger with bluetooth - can get them on here around the $10 US Mark - I’ve just received mine and very happy having Bluetooth in my old work van ;)

      • The price of the thing linked here seems good but comments aren't positive.

        I googled the roidmi and it's going to do FM transmission which bugs me about quality, won't there be a drop vs bluetooth to 3.5mm jack?
        (I guess bluetooth would be a reduction anyhow right, that would be a double reduction?)

        • Not too sure - what I do know is I just drove from Melbourne to Sydney and had crystal clear Spotify and Google maps all the way…no dropout or any interference noticed, pretty happy with that as a purchase

        • @urbancartel: I wonder if there's a device which FM transmits AND OR does the 3.5mm jack.

        • @hamwhisperer:
          I use this everyday and works like a charm. I just hop into my car, turn it on and press the button on this receiver. It says "power on, phone connected".
          I play anything from my phone and it plays through car stereo. I even use it for Sat nav and automatically dims music while giving GPS directions. It also turns off automatically after you turn car off.

        • How can it obtain power? You have to connect it to a USB power source?

        • @andylch:
          It has approx. 6 hours battery life. You can charge through micro USB cable. I tried keeping it connected to USB and using it but didn't work simultaneously.

  • +7 votes

    Be careful with the 3.5mm jack on this product. It broke off in my car, and it was an absolute pain to get out. Recommend getting a better quality adapter.

  • The last one I got works pretty well. Use to stream music from my phone to the cars 3.5mm input.

  • Nothing beats the good old cable. When did those got so fancy?

    • It's a stupid iphone 7/8 thing, no headphone jack, so they need to bluetooth -> to a headphone jack, for older devices, like cars without bluetooth.

    • When Apple decided they needed to push their users towards wireless earpods.

      • Yes that's right. That's why you won't Beats by Apple will move to wireless only headphones. Give it 5yrs & wired headphones will be "old technology" haha.

      • The only problem we've created for ourselves is "another thing we have to charge…"
        The need for USB charging cables is the highest it's ever been.

        • I counted at home and our family has over 60 devices which need charging. Most of them are cheap kids toys

        • Esp when you can't charge and use them at the same time (and tbh better an audio cable than one not too disconnected from mains power).

          I've even gone and modded a few devices recently to be able to run direct from USB power or the internal battery.

        • @dufflover: yeah, stuff we don't use all that often, like the PlayStation controllers are always flat when I go to use them. I have to remember to charge them every couple of months as a battery died in one.

  • Got one for my tv, hopefully it works. Thanks

  • I got one last time and found it pretty useless. When the USB was plugged in to the car there was a lot of interference, when I used an portable charger it was fine. Maybe the electricals in my 20yo car are shot but my Roidmi 3S doesn't have this problem.

  • It is just working. The sound quality is, imo, quite terrible.

  • perfect thanks

  • These are rubbish. Not even worth it if they were free. Spend $10-$15 on eBay and get a better one that actually works.

  • I'm interested in this but with Bluetooth 4.2 any suggestions?

  • Not sure if I need it but ordered one (US$0.63).

  • Grabbed one, why wouldn't I for $1!
    Missed out the other week when they were $3. :(

  • Bought one on ebay for $5.00 just received andhas now converted my 26 year old boom box well. Just got another here now. Very happpy 😊

  • Nice one. Thanks OP. want to order a few (Christmas filler 😀)
    It's a shame, can only order one

  • thanks ordered one.

  • goshh, i remember bought something like this (needs to be powered via cig socket) 8-10years ( + or - ) ago?? for at least 15 bucks!! and yet, with a crappy quality..

  • i got one of these awhile back it works but sound quality is the greatest but if you can live with that will serve you well.

  • I own one, the QC is probably absent and the connection on mine is a bit dodgy after some use, but far cheaper (when discounted) to other models like Xiaomi's. It's light enough to insert directly into a headphone like Aldi's noise cancelling ones, turning them into cordless Bluetooth headphones!
    I try to just use it as a BT connection for an analogue amplifier now to reduce wear and tear.

  • I didn't need the greatest sounds quality for my use when I got the deal from GB but the range was non-existent. I got maybe 1.5m tops.

    • Mine gets similar range to other devices (maybe less, haven't performed tests) so it's probably a quality control (or lack thereof) issue there.

  • I got one of these but off eBay

    Works pretty good cant Complain for the price

  • Thanks pretty good steal!

  • How long is the use time for each charging?

  • Thank you, ordered one. Let's see how it goes.

  • I've got three or four of these. They're great.

  • I am using an old yamaha receiver in the lounge for my surround sound. Can I just plug this badboy into the 3.5mm jack and then play tunes from my phone?

    • Yes, as long as it's an input to the receiver and not the headphone jack. If your receiver doesn't have a 3.5mm input you can adapt it to RCA.

      • Ah just had a look and don't have a 3.5m input, just a headphone jack. Will have go grab an adaptor then.
        Cheers for reply

  • Grabbed 2 for Christmas giveaways. Thanks

  • never hurts to have multiples of random cheap electronics ;)

  • Is there a device similar to this that plugs into a home stereo, but can be powered 24/7 - via an adapter, or USB port and powerbank maybe? (Not it's own internal battery that needs recharging.)

    • I just checked with one I'd got earlier. It will pair and play while connected to a charging cable, so just plug it into a wall-wart/outlet .

  • I just had my order refunded apparently due to paypal telling them my payment was "unverified".

    They wanted me to send money direct to their bank account.

    I use paypal everywhere else without problems and this is not the first time this has happened (on rosegal and gearbest).

    Has anyone else had this problem? Should I send money to their bank account as they want?


    • I'd check that out with Paypal first and see what happened. I'd suspect that they make these cheap offers to get a mailing list - and if your account is unverified, it may be part of a stable a competitor or click-farm has for brodening deals..