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Xiaomi Dafang 1080p Smart Camera $16.99 US (~$22.32 AU) Shipped @ Lightinthebox


This popular Xiaomi smart camera is on sale for Cyber Monday. Get in quick before they sell out.

Rep has stated that the shipping is currently bugged and will be free soon. Please be patient Free shipping is back.

The Xiaomi Dafang is a home security IP camera with 1080p video resolution, 120 degree field of view and equipped with pan and tilt movement functions. It also has night vision, infrared-based motion detection, two-way audio, micro SD recording and can be connected to the Mi Home App. Similar to the Xiaomi Xiaofang camera with the addition of pan and tilt features.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2017

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  • Lol, the rep told me to post, was about to make the deal, until I saw this :)

  • I read some people commenting Dafang is crap and has slow transmission.

    • is this true? and is this the cheapest its ever been?

      • +1

        $16.99 US is the cheapest it's been on OzBargain. I've posted it several times with GeekBuying for $16.99 ;)

        • Thank you for the info :)I very much appreciate it!

      • I had trouble with mine until it clicked i was using a low amp usb power adapter - swapped it with a 2.0A one and it's been perfect since.

    • I haven't had any luck connecting outside of my home network. The best I've had is a single frame, then it tries to reconnect again.

      At home works fine though, and at least it works with the new version of the app now (v5.0.11 as of writing)

      Unless you really really need the pan and tilt though, get the Xiaofang instead. Cheaper, and probably more functional with fanghacks.

    • Works 100% fine for me - i find the stream quality is actually better than my Hikvision cameras through my NVR when connecting remotely.

  • Is it 1 per account?

    • +1

      No limit.

  • Rubbish doesn't work, it's near impossible to synch.

    • Read the instructions, easy as

      • Hardly, you need to go to a Hong Kong server.

        I also can't see my cameras on my IPX. The app is buggy as heck. It won't load and always crashers.

        • Pretty much all Xiaomi products need to have the region set to China to work.

  • Does it have web browser access?

    • That is called RTSP, and no. There is a hack for low res and framerate though.

  • Had to set location as China in the Mi Home app for it to work. App is probably 80% English.. There is a noticeable lag, down to the 2 way distance China and back… But no real problems getting it to work.

    Not found a way to auto record to cloud, only to local storage.

  • Not free shipping/

    • please check your address is AU, free shipping only available on few country

      • Yes,it is Australia!

        • checked again, you are right. seems shipping system have some problem, i will fix this asap

        • still not working:(

        • @Bluekinglei: it's fixed now, reflash your page

        • @MiniInTheBox: i dont get free shipping either

  • Price per unit of xiaofang goes up to $24.03 if you add more than one.

  • +1

    No free shipping.
    $19.80 to ship to Australia.

    • -1

      free shipping fixed, reflsash your page to check it

      • , and no, the bug isnt fixed.

        • -2

          Try now.

  • +1

    Mmm where is the option for free shipping. It is showing up as US$11.54 for normal postal non-tracking option.

    • free shipping fixed, reflsash your page to check it

  • Wanted to get one of these for my dad. I did upvote this but revoked it after postage is set to between $16 and $71.

    If it goes back to zero postage, I’ll re-upvote the deal…

    • +1

      free shipping fixed, reflsash your page to check it

      • Cheers for that. Went to put the upvote back and I can’t. But at least I bought some!

        Cheers for the deal, Mini :D

        • anyway, glad you like it :)

  • +1

    Hi Rep. Can you do this deal for free shipping?

    • +2

      sure, i will apply for this. will give you feedback later

      • I'm also interested in that one ^

        • free shipping for xiaofang is done, please reflash your page to check it :) feel free to share it on OZB if you like it.

        • @MiniInTheBox:

          Thanks- the price increases if I add multiple to cart. Do I have to order 1 by 1? Multiple in one order would be great..

        • @MiniInTheBox:
          Price has now increased even for one??

        • Thanks mate. You are the best.

        • @MiniInTheBox:
          Thanks mate. You are the best.

        • @jamestownfx: discount still available, please choose AU address to get the discount price

        • @MiniInTheBox:
          Yes have done so. It was AUD$15.87, it's now AUD$24.03…

        • @MiniInTheBox: can you fix the link for free shipping it broken again MiniInTheBox

        • @MiniInTheBox:

          Hi REP - can you fix the free shipping again please?

      • I selected 'Free Shipping', and it showed as $0.00 shipping charge but when i clicked order it said order complete but added an additional $4.74 shipping charge!

        • do you mind give me a screenshot? so i can figure out what's wrong

      • can you fix the link for free shipping it broken again MiniInTheBox

    • +1

      free shipping for xiaofang is done, please reflash your page to check it :)

      • can you fix the link for free shipping it broken again MiniInTheBox

        • for xiaofang :)

  • can i watch live video via their server from the net,,Is this via the MI app? i cant seem to find any info on this. I can see cloud storage but not much else.

    also has anyone attached this via home surveillance software like zoneminder or even yawcam?

  • Is the xiaofang better than this? Need something I can remotely watch my puppy with while at work, which ones better?

  • The free shipping is gone again?

  • Looks like shipping is broken again :(

    • yeah either that or deal is over…. :(

      • Yeah…free shipping gone again

  • can you fix the link for free shipping it broken again MiniInTheBox

    • Its back

  • OK…free shipping is BACK!!!

  • no free shipping to Aus/?
    Still shows shipping AUD $ 19.49 when I get to the payment page..

  • is that still free shipping??

  • I can't get free shipping to work. Maybe its expired? I was about to buy one if free shipping is still on.

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