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$10 off Orders of $15 or More (+ 15% Liven Credit Up to $25) @ Sumo Salad via Liven App (Melbourne & Sydney)


Liven, a payment app for food venues is offering $10 off orders of $15 or more. Just redeemed on 2 phones so still works. One time use only per account.

Credit expires 21 days after redemption, and cannot be carried over from first use. Code is limited to 150 uses.

It works at the following locations:

Melbourne locations:

QV - Lonsdale St
Monash Caulfield - Dandenong Rd
Collins Place - Collins St

Sydney locations:

Australia Square - George St
Central - George St
Chippendale - Central Park Ave
Burwood - Burwood Rd

Referral Links

Referral: random (844)

Referrer and referee get $10 credit.

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  • I probably won't use a code but up to 66% off is a good ratio.

  • Does this stack with the $10 referral bonus?

  • So I typed in the code, and it doesn't say it's only for Sumo?

    • Hmm, you're right. It says:

      Credit applicable at all Liven pay venues for bill of $15 or more

      Expires 31 Jan 2018

  • Confused how this works. So you don’t order via the app? You’re just paying with the app?

    • +1

      Yep. So instead of taking out your credit/debit card, just ask to pay with the app. You'll also get 15% back in credit for your next Liven payment.

  • I tried to use Liven a few times and most of the time staff didn't know what app I was talking about, or they would say Liven is not available atm, even said the tablet is out of battery. I lost interest after so many unsuccessful attempts. Anyone has same issues?

    • Same here, you'll just have to be firm and insist on paying with liven. All these "not available atm" comments are just the staff not knowing what it is and trying to avoid dealing with it. If you insist they'll go and get their manager that usually at least knows what's going on.

    • Literally used it dozens of times with no issues here. It's a great app

    • I guess it just depends on the place. I spent 10 minutes explaining to the staff what the app is and feel like they could have just given me the tablet and I can do the transaction lol.

    • +2

      A third of the time yes. My friend used Liven (as a business) but said there were too many problems.
      Personally most places that don't know how to use it are asians… or they don't give you say the lunch special prize if you use it.

      • +1

        This is my experience too, but as a customer. I travelled all this way to get the deal sometimes just to realize they don't use Liven while Liven still advertises them. Liven has some restaurants on the app that are permanently shut down too. It's quite annoying

        • I know that feeling. Once booked a place via dimmi. It was confirmed and early in the year. When I got there the place was gone, neighbours said they went for christmas then never came back…

  • Hmmm $5 off $10 spend, or $10 off $15 spend.. I guess this app gives a better ratio :)

    Never mind, it only works at 4 locations in Sydney lol

  • I negged this deal because I can't even see Sumo salad on the app for Sydney for payment request. Wonder how I can request the bill for payment. This app is just a waste of time

    • It's all there, I can see it. May be you need to update your app.

      • +1

        They now updated it after my comment. But just went to Central Park store and they said they don't accept Liven because Liven is not set up properly yet. They said manager is fixing it. Another example of Liven's problem

        • And I thought at least this deal will work better since Sumo salad is a bigger franchise. I got nervous everytime I use Liven lol

        • @Bargainlove:
          I think it's Liven's problem more than Sumo Salad's. Many restaurants offering Liven have problems using the machine. I tried once that I couldn't use Liven at all and so couldn't use the promo credit (and need to pay by card). Liven refused to honour the credit via customer service claiming I haven't redeem it (well I could have if the machine works). Their customer servive hotline doesn't accept private number too, and the staff asked me to switch back from private number in order to answer my call.This is ridiculous as I believe not only me using private number.

  • Worst app ever.
    I have now tried to use it 3 times at different locations/stores
    First time, app not working, showing blue screen
    Second time, app frozen
    Third time, we dont have the app with us today. I say well call them then. They then produce tablet, and tablet wont work. Somehow ended up paying full price, after retailer demanded to know if I was using a promo code. Last time I am using it. A joke

    • You must be the unluckiest person or Sumo is is crappiest merchant. I've literally used this app dozens of times and never once had a problem (just a slight delay at one cafe as the tablet needed to be plugged in). Probably saved close to $1000 with their $20 specials on top of the 25-30% discount. A while back they even had free weeknight/weekend 'Secure' parking in Melbourne too. It was great! They don't do that anymore.

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