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PlayStation Plus, December 2017 (Subscription Required): Darksiders II, Kung-Fu Panda: Shadow of The Legendary Warriors and More


Sony has just detailed PlayStation Plus free titles for December 2017.

PS Vita: Forma.8, Wanted Corp
PS3: Syberia Collection, Xblaze Lost: Memories
PS4: Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition, Forma.8, Kung-Fu Panda: Shadow of the Legendary Warriors

There's still time to grab November's freebies, of course.

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  • Beat me too it by seconds but your date is wrong. Starts Dec 5th

    • +2

      Slip of the mouse — cheers! I'll edit. :)

  • Darksiders 2 I guess could be worth a look, the rest is garbage. I'd rather have seen another PSVR.

    • Agreed!

  • +1

    Sweet! I was about to buy Syberia on Switch.

    • Don't they want like 50 for it there? And the second one's on it's way soon too, ridiculous pricing man.

      • +1

        Around $35 each from ozgameshop.com. Pretty expensive

        • At least that's physical, right?

  • -1

    Well, this service has gone to shit. Won't be renewing come January. I'll just buy the exclusives for my PS4.

    • You previously only had a PSN sub for the monthly games?

      • Me too. I've been on and off since 2011, solely for the games. I don't even touch online. I got Battlefront 2 day one, solely for the (lacklustre as (profanity)) arcade mode and campaign, for example.

      • +9

        Yes. I started with Plus when it first began as a games subscription. I think the quality was really good for a while there. I don't expect a "AAA" game every month, mind you, I just think the consistency of games has dwindled. And I say that as someone with a PS3, a PS4 and a Vita.

        Besides, I am not really into multiplayer & if I wanted to have homophobic and racist slurs hurled at me by teenagers I'd go and hang around my local train station.

      • +2

        Yes, like most people did? Until Sony got greedy and locked online behind it, to which everyone is now claiming is the intent of the service. Nice to see consumer activism is alive and well.

      • I started off with PSN sub for multiplayer. I haven't played multiplayer games for a year or so now, but I've kept my subscription going because I have so many ps plus games now that I don't want to lose access to :(

    • +1

      Ive had a sub since psn first launched and miss the days when you knew every month youd get a great lineup :(

      Now its required for multiplayer they don't bother apart from the couple of months after the price hike

  • +1

    Sucks for anyone that picked up the humble bundle with Darksiders included.

    • +1

      Darksiders been given away with everything. I got it on Huhmble for PS4 and Wii U, and before that we picked up a disc copy new for like 5 dollars a few years back, supposedly it's not even a bad game, but it just pops up everywhere and I can't bring myself to care.

  • +3

    You know your month is shit if the most exciting game on there is Kung Fu Panda 3. I mean, I actually enjoyed the first one on 360, I got it free in some multipack thing and it was alright.

    I'd have loved another PS VR game too, but whatever.

    Not like I said "man, they're raising the price, again? the last two months or so have been alright, but you watch, they'll turn to shit again in a couple after luring in a few million idiots to another year sub before the ridiculous price rise" but if I did say that, I'd be right as (profanity) usual.

  • Darksiders 2 is great. You can generally pick it up for about $5 on sale though. Syberia is kind of interesting, didn't know there was a Kung Fu Panda game. Never heard of the other games which peaks my interest.

    • +11

      I hate to be a (profanity) grammar Nazi, but it is "piques" not "peaks".

      I prefer when people correct me so I don't keep making a mistake and that is my only intention when I correct others. :)

      • Mate, you rock! Thanks for enlightening me, I am not saying this in condescending tone although I can understand if someone felt that way. I am genuinely happy as I did not know about "piques".

        On a lighter note, this line up seems to have really irked you and hasn't piqued your interest at all. I am with you bro, this line up is shit, it hasn't piqued anything in me.

      • I never knew that. Usually I'm the grammar Nazi but I never knew that it's "piques"

        I guess I've always unconsciously considered it to mean "reaching the peak of my interest". No idea why.

  • Ok..Not fantastic but okay.

  • +5

    I'm usually quick to defend PS Plus from those who seem to think they should get a pair of AAA games every month for their $8, but I have to say, this is the worst month in a while for PS4 owners.

    • Darksiders 2 is a very good game, and Forma.8 looks very intriguing. Haven't heard of Forma.8 before, but it's rocking a Pixeljunk look, and the puzzle/adventure genre is one I like. Could be a good one to check out.

      For me, seems like a decent month for PS4.

  • Whats last months, I can never remember

    • +5
      yyyy.mm.dd Game Platform Retail Rating
      2017.11.07 Worms Battlegrounds PS4 62
      2017.11.07 Bound PS4 71
      2017.11.07 Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (PSVR) PS4 72
      2017.11.07 R-Type Dimensions PS3 82
      2017.11.07 Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic PS3 68
      2017.11.07 Dungeon Punks PS4/Vita TBD
      2017.11.07 Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse (Episodes 1 & 2) Vita 67
      • +4

        Thats why i dont remember, it was pretty crap

      • +1

        Dungeon Punks is SOOOOOO bad. Even my 9 yr old got sick of it after 5 min.

        Rush of Blood for PSVR though is fantastic as we just got the PSVR on special. Can't wait for Xmas!

  • +5

    I guess Playstation were like "we can't give away GOOD free stuff near Xmas, we'll get our money off the influx kids who get COD for Xmas".
    Also, whats with indie developers all creating basic, side-scrolling 2D games (forma.8)? I've got a PS4 and HD TV, I'm not here for graphics that are good enough for mobile!

  • +1

    I think the star for this month's PSN is going to be beta for Monster Hunter World instead of these lacklustre games.

  • +1

    I'm surprised they haven't dug out some of the failures from the original PS and calling them classic retro games as the headliners by now.

  • Wow, these are such ass. Can they not just ditch the shitty Vita and PS3 games and invest that money on better PS4 titles? Was hoping for a VR game too.

    Really unimpressed Sony. Pathetic month.

  • Actually keen for kung fu panda

  • +1

    This is wrong, it's in 6 days. PS+ updates on Wednesday in Australia.

    • Nope, its very late Tuesday night (around 11) so 5 is still technically correct :-P

      • I'll be here at 11 if you're wrong. *shakes fist

        • (<_<)



  • +1

    I'm actually surprised so many find this month one of the worst, considering some months have been absolute shite with only indie titles - at least we are getting something that has actually had some decent investment gone into it this time round.

    • It's more congruent with the feelings of people unhappy with ps plus to talk about it like it's continuing to get worse

  • +1

    Of course the list isn't incredible - who is going to agree to be a part of the monthly offer in Christmas month? They want consumers to buy their games as gifts this month. Expect it to pick back up next month.

  • Can't remember the last time the Vita got anything decent

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