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Philips 31.5" IPS-LED Monitor BDM3201FD $258 @ Officeworks


Saw this at Vermont (Vic) and thought $258 for 32 inch is pretty good. There was plenty of stock. I did take a photo but can't find it on my phone.

Image quality unknown.
3 inputs - VGA, DVI, HDMI.
Max Res 1920 x 1080
Built in speakers
1200:1 contrast
3ms response time

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    No offence OP but you will likely to see people here complaining FHD resolution on a 32" monitor is not acceptable

    • can you explain the issue here?

      what should we get on 32"?

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        I am perfectly fine with a 32" FHD but some wants at least QHD.

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          Yeah but then u cant afford QHD so wats the point

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          we would all love a 32in 4K monitor, but the prices is too expensive.

          And at the price, you can probably get a 55in LCD TV.

        • can you explain the issue here with FHD on 32inch?

          Is the picture quality not good or pixelated?

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          probs get 3x of this + monitor arm

          3240 x 1920 surround "curved" display

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          @pinkybrain: I think the key word here is monitor - being viewed from 1m or less. The picture would still be somewhat decent however probably would imagine you would start to see some pixels just being so close. As a TV maybe fine, but as a monitor I'd probably save up for higher res if you wanted this size.

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          It's still clear, readable, nothing is blurry - it's just not as sharp as other 32 inch monitors that have higher resolutions, hence $258, and not $800.

          I have 2x27 inch monitors at home: 1920x1080 (garage) and another at 2560x1440 (study).
          Side by side, 1440 is sharper than the other, but I'm still pretty happy using the 1080 which is what I'm using to reply to this now.

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          For a computer monitor, 32" is large enough where you start to see the individual pixels (ie PPI is too low).

          I have a 1440p 32" monitor, and I can just make out the pixels if I lean in a bit closer and specifically try to look for them. 1440p or 4k resolutions will give you a lot more screen real estate - you can fit more on on the screen. But then again, they're not gonna be $258 either.

          I would personally prefer a 1080p monitor at 27" rather than 32". But it's not like 1080p at 32" is terrible. It's more than good enough and especially at this price.

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          when you are sitting 45 cm away from a 32” monitor they can seem pixelated ……. especially if you’ve become used to higher res at those sizes and distances …… we have higher res at work so people can dock their surface pros and that where you get used to higher res at those sizes.

          it depends what you are used to .

        • @meetspin: I actually use this monitor or something very similar (mine isn't 1200:1 or 3ms) - it's compromised for desktop use but you get used to it. I mainly use for TV or second screen while gaming.

        • @Ozvalue: AOC just released a QHD 31.5" monitor for $379 at scorptec.

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          @pinkybrain: and then you need a GTX1070 to play 4k medium settings to get 60fps..

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      shrugs fair call.

      It's $258 - kind of goes without saying we should set expectations low.

      • I picked up this monitor and it is HUGE. Like too big for normal people on a standard desk

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      I'm ok with that. Means more performance from my graphics card!

    • if i wanted nothing more but to use this as a work display in the home office. Is there anything wrong with this monitor? serious question

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        Would be fine for any use, just not a world beater for maximised gaming. Absolutely nothing wrong with the monitor, plenty of screen real estate, in a nice aspect ratio.

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        Not that I can see for the resolution.
        Expect the same real estate as a 24", but everything is larger.
        So, word at 100% will still have the same amount of words on the screen as a 24" at 100%

        But, because of the size, you could reduce it to ~70% zoom, and get the same "size" of letters on the screen as the 24" (physical screen size, not font size) - and as reasonably legible - and so get more characters on the screen.

        The "reasonably" issue which should not be too bad is level of pixelation….on text, wouldn't matter so much. If you were a serious graphics designer, then not so recommended as jaggies would be more obvious.

      • Nothing wrong with it. Just not as good higher res obviously.

    • I came here to do just that.

    • FWIW I use a 29" AOC monitor Max Res 1920 x 1080, cost $200 ish on special. I use it for MS Office work and it's fine. I have no issues with it. It's the same as my previous 24" but with a larger screen.

      I was worried about the resolution potentially being an issue, due to peoples comments, and also I was thinking it might be too large for my desk, and just to use in general, but it isn't, it works well.

      Also, I'm happyish with the in built speakers. They're not as good as the inbuilt speakers on my laptop so I don't use the speakers, but they're functional. I wouldn't argue with anyone that said they're not good enough cos they are pretty tinny, but they could be worse.

      Just my viewpoint for those considering a larger monitor. Personally i'd say go for it.

      If I were to buy another monitor I'd get one with multiple HDMI ports and ideally with a built in USB hub. I think it's worth paying extra for those because it can really tidy a desk and a system up.

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      got 1 from last deal, sold 3 mth later.

      32" just too big for FHD, every single pixel is visible.

      not good for reading

      save money for monitor and pay more on pair on glasses.

  • I've been running that monitor for years now, it's my main monitor. I see no problems with FHD on it, I have to get real close to it to see pixels. I play games on it and have no problems at all.

    • how close do you need to be?

      how does it look at normal desk usage?

      • I can start really noticing pixels about 15cm out.

        90% of its normal usage is just day-to-day stuff, not games, and it looks great to me. Movie, browsing, documents, all look fine to me.

        • +1

          15cm is quite close
          so I don't think that is a real scenario of daily usage..

          Most people sitting at a desk are probably 40 to 50 cm away.

          It would be google if you can test some games (pc and console) and give us your experience..

          Can you share some photos of your desk + this monitor?

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          @pinkybrain: asking a bit much lol, its OW, just purchase it, do the tests to your needs, see if it satisfies yourself and if not I'm sure you can bring it back after a few days without issue if your unsatisfied with the product because even if "AdosHouse" does all these tests for you and thinks there's no issue, it may still be unsatisfactory to your standards.

  • it was free before ..

    i mean last $78 deal was price mistake and ppl got refunded but still received the monitor for free.

    • I got refunded without the monitor :(

    • I was one of those people, use it as a portable TV for the kids and stream to it via chromecast. It was too big to replace my 27" monitor with the distance I sit.

  • +5

    It's been that price for a while now. I own it. I think I paid $249.

    The resolution is, for me, great at FHD. I can read the screen w/o glasses & the desktop icons are a good size. Everything is very sharp & clear. Probably the worst thing is the HUGE BRIGHT BLUE PHILIPS screen on startup. Retina-burning! I love the size, but wish the screen tilted.

    Lastly- there were dead pixel issues. If you get it, be sure to go online to do a solid black/solid white test & look closely. I had to return two. This one has been great & no other pixels have gone (knock-on-wood).


    • +4

      Everything is very sharp & clear.

      I also own this monitor everything is not very sharp & clear. Like seriously? It's definitely NOT. I have a 34" 1440 monitor next to it and the difference is noticeable.

      • Block-quote I can read the screen w/o glasses

        With glasses he can I'd say

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    I have two of these mate, and full HD is fine for what I need them for (spreadsheets, documents, email . Youtube etc) I'm not a gamer or video editor so no idea how they perform for those things, but for my business they're a great monitor at a great price

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    Interested. For power does it take standard iec cord or does it have a brick like laptop

    • +2

      Standard figure 8 cable, no brick.

    • +4

      +1 purely for calling it an "IEC cable" instead of a bloody "kettle cord"!
      Thank you Daft. Some faith in humanity restored! ;)

      • +1

        Lol my pleasure.
        Where would be without the correct terminology and standards?! Still be a bunch of Neanderthals :p

      • +4

        Well, neither terminology is correct. What you're referring to is an IEC C13 cable. Calling it an IEC cable is about as correct as calling it an AC power cable - since almost all AC power cables are IEC cables.


        • I'm fully aware of this, but I'm also willing to acknowledge it, because I'd rather it was termed an IEC cord (as it uses an IEC type connector) than calling it "a kettle cord" based on the old kettles that used to use it.
          IEC is more correct than Kettle. That's core of it.

  • I have one too and I got it for around $220. It's great, you can see the pixels but if you're on that path to being visually challenged the larger text does help. Ideally something this big would have a higher resolution though, esp for split screening stuff. No bleed, dead pixels, etc. Really happy with it

    • where and when?

  • Tempted to get this… But also really want to hold out for a sale on an ultrawide, even if it's just an eBay 20%.

  • Is this glossy or matt screen?

    • Semi matt - I don't have issues with reflections tho I haven't gone out of my way to make any.

  • There were around 20 of these monitors at Officeworks Keswick SA all situated near the entrance. Looks like they want to move a lot of these.

  • +2

    Four years warranty! That's not something you see everyday with our modern throwaway electronics.

  • +1

    245$ @ msy but no stock..

    • yeah, found that

      but no stock, so pointless.

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    I bought a 32" FHD LCD TV from Dick Smith years ago and using it as a computer monitor.

    Paid $199 and it came with a complimentary dead pixel.

  • +1

    Thanks OP if I get this maybe she won't leave again.

  • I want to get an FHD 27" monitor with speakers. Any suggestion?

    • Honestly, I'd suggest getting a monitor and speakers separate. The built in speakers are usually worse than a $20 kmart pair, and you'll likely lack any stereo sound effect since the speakers are too close.

  • I have this and it works fine, you can purchase it cheaper though I think

    • It's usually $300 everywhere else.

  • QHD (mac res 2560x1440), is comparable to 'retina' or what I call better than HD display definition. FHD is less, it is more like what most of us would expect from plain HD.

    A 31.5" panel in FHD allows you to see the pixels easily. Both are sharp, but FHD is nowhere near as high definition, the easiest way to understand the difference is to think about what you want to use it for:

    If you view two A4 pages side by side, the text is not as easy to read on the FHD. Default desktop is smaller, less icons are viewable, etc. You can zoom out, but things get a bit jagged. Some would need (or at least greatly prefer) two monitors side by side to have 'enough workspace' in FHD.

    With QHD, default settings allow two A4 pages to view with default zoom and text is still easy to read. If you use reading glasses, having two FHD panels instead of one QHD one could be an option that sits your pocket and may allow you to use your computer without putting your glasses on as everything is large by default. If you were using QHD and zoomed in to make everything as big as it is displayed by default in FHD, you'd barely notice the difference and the money would be wasted.

    OTOH, if you want one to display everything in the higher resolution, it's worth paying more than you would for an FHD, but how much more, is the question only you can answer.

    • Also depends how far you sit. My personal limit for 1080p is 27" but even using both a 1440p and 1080p at 27" you can see the difference is massive. If you don't care about screen real estate then the 1080p is just fine. You can't expect too much at this size and price point.

  • Is this a real Phillips or a Chinese clone like the TVs are now that Phillips sold the business.

    • +1

      Pretty sure it's a Chinese company trading under the Phillips name. Not the same Phillips from back in the day.

  • Only reasons I can think of for this "low resolution" monitor are:

    1. you have poor eyesight and want larger text etc, or

    2. just to watch HD content, i.e. not as a monitor for working at your desk.

    • +1

      It's good if you don't care too much about screen real estate and you don't have 4k content. Great monitor for console gaming and 1080p blu rays.

  • I also have this.

    Good for general use, but I started finding resolution is too low for using spreadsheets at 100%, also trying to have multiple Chrome windows open I struggle to fit a lot at the same time.

    It's great as a budget option, but if you are coming from high end option with a smaller size you might find this monitor not great with colour or resolution

  • +1

    A soniq 32" lcd tv from jbhifi costs $249 and it's only HD (1366 x 768)

    This philips monitor has built-in speakers so spend another $29 for a tuner box like this https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/gva-hd-set-top-box-pvr-gvadh1... and you've got a full hd tv

    • Strangely 1080p 32" TVs are still absurdly expensive too. So you're right this is a good alternative.

  • Good monitor! bought one last year when they had the price down to $228
    To me there is nothing wrong with 1080p at this size. Maybe im getting old, it's much easier to read the text tbh. No need to zoom at 120% when browsing

    Had another QHD at 27" sitting at the same viewing distant. Had to put the browser to 120% zoom.

    1. Human senses are subjective
    2. Most of us own modern TV that have a HDMI input. If you want to experience what 1080p is (The highest resolution that this monitor can display 1920 x 1080 pixels) on a 32' or larger, plug the output of your computer or laptop into your tv and set it the PC to 1920 x 1080. If your current monitor is limited to 1080p, imagine a 32inch magnifying glass sitting in front of it. Your not getting more desktop realestate, just a larger magnified view.
    3. I personally run 2560 x 1600 on my 30" display. There is no way I would be running it 1920 x 1080. Period!
  • +1

    I have a 1080p 31" samsung. Honestly you dont really want to sit 45cm from a screen that size as not everything will be in you field of view. I have it on a deeo desk, and once I add chair depth I'm about a metre from the screen. Its a far more relaxed experience than sitting closer to a smaller monitor and for gaming its bloddy fantastic.

    This is an IPS panel so its a great deal.

  • +3

    Have been using this for the past year. When you get to my age, it helps that text is not mini 'ants' . :p Gladly run it in FHD.

  • Nice price, but beware of 200hz PWM backlight flicker, if you are sensitive. I had to return due to headache.

    1080p on a 32" is IMO not an big issue.

  • I have been using this for my PS4 sitting 1m away. It’s great.

  • Anyone with this comment on the volume of the built in speakers?

    Looking at a 32" TV for the bedroom but they are insanely priced for FHD, this would be perfect price point!

    • Volume is pretty decent for a monitor. Better than some budget TV speakers I would say.

      • +1

        I'll be sitting/laying ~3m away in a bed, normal-ish sized Master Bed.

        From my Googling it seems that it's pretty loud for the size. I have a bunch of Logitech 2.1 I could hook up if I needed to I guess.

        Seems a good deal for a 32" FHD screen!

  • -3

    60Hz? No way I would buy that, more a cause of eyestrain.

  • I have this, and I code 8hrs/day with it at FHD.

    Pixelation is noticeable in the first 3 days.

    After that, your brain will start to ignore it.

    32" is probably the limit I could tolerate FHD.
    Beyond 32", 4K is advisable.

  • Got one today. So far so good

    Price matched from JW computers $237 then officeworks takes off another 5% so it was $225


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