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LG 65" 4K UHD OLED Smart TV OLED65C7T $3,950 @ Appliance Central


My First Post !!
Pretty Good price for LG C7T $3,950
May be further reductions expected during Boxing day sales..

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  • Good find! You could also:

    Price match at JB, use the wicked Wednesday 5% off, as well as use RACQ 6% off gift cards or get gift cards elsewhere to get it down to ~$3,500 :)

    They have a shopfront in NSW, so JB saying no store presence to deny price match would be a lie.

    • Does the 5% off stack with price matching?

      • I can't see why not, you will just get the attendant to tell the cashier to price match to $3,950 then get them to scan the barcode to get the 5% off?

        No exclusions in the T&C's regarding price matching.

      • Yes dont tell the salesman take the PDA docket of $3950 up to the Register and tell them you have a 5% off voucher.

    • Last time i tried to price match at 3 JBHifi stores they woukdnt because the store wasnt in their local area.

  • +3 votes

    All build a shrine to OLED, kills every other tech

  • The more deals I see the more I realise I need to hold out just a little longer and get an OLED over a bigger LED. Let's see what Q1 2018 has to offer.

    • More like Q3 2018 if you want the new tech at a reasonable price. Should be a cheaper launch RRP though.

      • Is new technology expected to be launched in 3Q18?

        • Nope; it'll likely debut at CES (9th Jan) and release not long after, but the 2nd half of the year is when the price drops will really start.

        • @jasswolf: Ah.. ok, thanks for the heads up. Will keep an eye out. comparing the LG C7 and Sony OLED side by side, i must say that both are fantastic but Sony's not as glaring which makes it easier on my eyes. Having said that $1000 more for a similar sized Sony panel tells me I need to wait for a further drop.

        • @Innamura: You should be able to find the A1 a bit cheaper than that, but yeah it does have an advantage when it comes to image processing.

          However, it uses the 2016 LG panels, and you're paying a premium for their speaker technology and Android TV as well.

          If it were a choice between the two, I'd just grab the B7/C7 and try to calibrate it a bit better, then buy a sound bar or sound system. If you want Android TV, there's a few good boxes out there as well. You should still beat the A1 price point by a fair margin.

        • @Innamura:

          I think i read somewhere that Sony are buying the OLED screen from LG

          Also add Panasonic to the mix

          PS/ Still have a Samsung Plasma!

        • @jasswolf: Lg Web OS with magic remote works really nicely.
          I found it way better than the Sony android tv I had (seemed under powered, cant comment on A1 tho)

          Man I paid this much for my 55” B6 last year :)
          Great tvs

        • @dlcx: Yeah WebOS is great for basic apps, but Android TV is being ramped up into something really special between Assistant integration and the upcoming Oreo update.

        • @jasswolf: Ha.. learning something new everyday. I haven't really been using smart tv features that much so am pretty agnostic when it comes to choosing an OS. Do people use it to access netflix and other paid subscriptions? just wondering what the smart features do.

        • @8200: Panasonic's OLED are pretty good too but I kept going back to the A1 whenever I am browsing LG, Sony, Panasonic and Samsung's QLED.

        • @Innamura: aside from Android TV, the TV OSes are pretty basic, but as long they have PVR function and HDR YouTube support, you're golden.

        • @jasswolf:

          What kind of new tech would be expected at CES?

          Just your standard annual incremental improvements? Or we talking LCD > OLED type improvements?

        • @ILikeBargenz: there's talk of a process change which is likely going to make LG's panels cheaper and more energy efficient.

  • Can someone suggest a good soundbar compatible with this TV? I'm tempted to go for LG SJ9 but have read some mixed reviews for it. Are there any better soundbars available that support Dolby Atmos?

    • Samsung soundbar is a nice piece with dolby atmos and comes with rear speaker too..


      I checked demo in HN and liked it.

      • $$$$$$

      • Thanks but looks expensive. With that kind of money Bose 300 is also one of the options though it is not Dolby.
        On the other hand I'm tempted for SJ9 due to its price. It's usually around $1200 and during ebay sales we can get it for 1k.

        • Samsung soundbar with dolby atmos, wireless is closed to all major players and even then one cannot get dolby atmos at that price. one will need 5.1.2 + amp which supports dolby atmos and price will not be less than $2000.

          May be during boxing day or later, Samsung may come up with some deal on that sound bar. :)

  • I gotta stop looking at these oled tv deals as I know I can't afford one until mid 2019 :-(

  • This is still 400$ more than what it was at a month ago on ozbargain. Not a good deal at all.