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Xiaomi Smart Wi-Fi Socket Zigbee Version USD $7.89 (~AUD $10.38) Delivered @ GearBest


Guys, whoever waiting for geekbuying to re-stock from last deal, here is another chance again. Thanks for the GearBest rep to beat their price too (by USD$0.1)

Original Xiaomi Mi Smart WiFi Socket - ZigBee Version - XIAOMI SOCKET WHITE
PS:Limited to first 200 stock,2 times per account,HK,AU,NZ,MY,SG,MO,TW only

This is a Zigbee version so you do need the gateway to make it work.

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  • ordered thanks OP

  • cheers, missed out on the last few deals.

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    Do you need a receiver/base to use it?

    • Want to know the answer

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      this ia a zigbee version so yes, you need the xiaomi gateway.

  • I restocked days ago and PM'd those who asked with their PM on. Didn't want a select few abusing it again 😉

    • Very thoughtful. I have now turned mine on.

    • hi any chance of getting a coupon for these? i missed them because.. work.

      to hell with work. i want xiaomi! :D

    • Hi any chance to get a code?


      • Coupon expired. I'll see if I can restock tomorrow.

        • Thanks

        • Any upadte mate?

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    can this work via the mi home app. or do I need the gateway…

    • A zigbee gateway is required

  • Does this work with Google Home? I couldn't find info.

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      Short answer - no
      Long answer - it can do if you run some home automation software like Home Assistant, and aren't afraid to get your hands a little dirty with some 'coding'.

  • Can we get a code for the non-zigbee version pls

    • I'm still fairly new to this, why would one choose a zigbee or non-zigbee version? Thanks

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        zigbee version needs xiaomi gateway, however non-zigbee version doesn't.

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        Zigbee needs a 'base station'

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        zigbee also shows power consumption

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        Zigbee consumes less power but has smaller wireless range than non-zigbee counterpart.

  • Thanks, ordered 2

  • Thanks ordered 2 :)

  • Ordered two as I missed out last time.

  • Thanks - ordered 2

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    The gateway is in stock for $25:

  • Lovely, finally got a couple. Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP!

  • other than lamp, any one got better idea to use this with? looking for recommendations haha

    • Turn on a radio when you're away. Turn on/off the Christmas tree.

    • Christmas lights, tv (new ones usually turn themselves back on when power is reapplied), Amp, subwoofer, homemade LED strip lights, fan.

    • controlling power usage… eg switch the tv off as opposed to standby
      air cons / fans / heaters

      • How long would the break even point be on a TV's standby power usage based on this costing $10.38?

        • the best value for $$ usage would be to use the socket and test all devices so u know what their consumptions are when on/standby etc

          the other pieces are more of convenience if you get a wireless switch (or similar sensors) as well. tap a button and things turn on/off without having to get up and walk to device to switch on/off

  • bought 2 of these recently, but configuration for scheduling are all in chinese, so be wary of that.

  • Thank you ordered 2

  • bought 1. thanks OP

  • Thanks finally got 2…

  • This expired while i was checking out.. paypal one touch.. took too long.. .zzz

    • Same here :|

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    dammmmm missed the third sale now !! can we have some more please

  • Will this integrate with control4 smart home controllers?

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    FAQ for these devices:

  • These Xiaomi component deals disappear quicker and quicker….

  • Code expired. Please do another deal.

  • damn…minute I was thinking about how many do I need then it's ozbargained. lol

    Hope there is another go.

  • Expired.

  • I've learnt there isn't much point even trying for these as they disappear so fast. I'm intrigued why there is such a low limit for the coupon usage.

    • Because for this price, I am sure they are not making any profit but getting more customers.

      • I doubt very much they are selling them at a loss. Certainly less profit, but not under their cost price.

  • oh COME ON gone again!!! :(

  • Missed again…

    • yeah ….. they should try a 1000 units and limit to 2 per account ……. if good guys can sell 1000 Google Home minis in a couple of days, demand is there for the xiaomi sensors , heck how many gateways have they sold on Ozbargain …. 100's

  • Thanks got two

    • with the discount code?

      • yes but before expiry

  • dang, missed out

  • Can i get this work with Google Home Mini

    • I've got it working with my Home Mini via Domoticz and IFTTT

      • Thanks ..may come back to you with questions.. Awaiting delivery

  • missed on this one again. very popular this one.

  • any new code available? thanks

  • May sound weird, but I have this now, and I cant plug anything into it…
    its as if there is plastic stopping me from actually inserting a plug into the socket.
    anyone else know whats up with that?

  • its a safety feature, you need a 3 prong plug or insert a plastic stick to the top hole to unlock the bottom 2 hole.

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