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Ibiza, Spain Return from $1,485 from Perth, $1534 Sydney, $1541 Melbourne, $1545 Brisbane via British Airways/Swiss or Qatar


Mostly catering to the younger crowd. These are good deals for flights to the small island of Ibiza. Rarely will you find flights to Ibiza for this cost. Situated in the Mediterranean Sea off the east coast of Spain. Ibiza is known for it's pristine beaches and as Europe's party capital during the summer. Home to the world's largest night clubs such as Ushuaia, Pacha, Amnesia and Privilege; It's a great place to unwind, relax and soak in the sun during the day and party during the night.

Included Baggage: 
BA - 2 bags (max. 32kg)

QATAR - 1 bag (max. 30kg)

SWISS - 1 bag (max. 23kg)


30/JULY to 31/AUGUST 2018

- $1,534 AUD - British Airways

- $1,541 AUD - Swiss International

PERTH to IBIZA - $1,485 AUD - Qatar

BRISBANE to IBIZA - $1,545 AUD - British Airways

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  • iBeefa

  • i took a pill in ibiza

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    Decent deal. But Ibiza is super cheap to fly to from most major European cities

    • Usually not, especially with check-in luggage. I've tried. It's a lot cheaper with all-inclusive package deals that include flights from Europe. i.e. TUI, Contiki, thomascook, itaka etc.

    • As someone that played the Ryanair/Easyjet game for several years in Europe, I wouldn't bet on cheap prices to Ibiza in August. Or any "summer-only" destination for that matter. I was extremely flexible with travel days, had carry-on only so I could transit through third countries and paying summer flight prices was still painful. Of course hacking a cheap route together is still worth a shot.

      I ended up travelling to party islands in dead season. Not really the same.

  • SYDNEY to IBIZA $1407 - British Airways


  • Definitely a great place to visit during the summer. I've been there twice and it's a lot of fun. You don't have to party, you can just relax and travel around the islands around. There are great package deals available for accomodation only or with all-inclusive options with tour operators in Europe or just AirB&B it. I've stayed twice here as I've flown into Ibiza through Warsaw. http://imly.co/9wPtRWl

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    Certainly not the time to go if you don't like crowds and high accommodation prices. July-Aug is the absolute peak season, full of european bogans on a cheap holiday.

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      Depends on where you stay, if you stay in San Antonio (little Britain) then yes Euro bogans. Stay on the other side of the Island (Ibiza Town or Playa Den Bossa etc.), you get some but its not as bad.

      • San Antonio was pissed geezer central when we went, all on those cheap shots.
        Around Space is where we stayed and was pretty euro but not poms.

    • +2

      I found Ibiza to be the least interesting of the Balearic Islands. Formentera is much nicer and easy to get to from Ibiza, but probably more expensive. Also it will be stinking hot and crowded in August. It was much nicer in Sep/Oct.

    • When would you go? Surely not outside of the main season?
      If I went back, this time i'd go for either the opening parties or the closing.

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        June or September is still busy but not insanely packed, and the main parties are still on

        • Gotta stop thinking about it… hearts getting going just thinking about it

        • +1

          hell. If you're there to party. You wan't to be there during peak season. It's the atmosphere and experience!

        • @TRAVELO: Just not at Ushuaia unless you after a perve and shit music.

        • Naww. I've been there twice when Avicii was playing. Epic. I loved Privilege and Amnesia, though Space wasn't that great and doesn't bother me it's closed. However, the crappy places were "Eden" and "Es Paradis" in San Antonio. Lots of drunk Brits in that area.

        • @TRAVELO: Oh no…. it's out now say no more.. Avicii! shudder And you saw him twice!?!? eeeek! I'll forgive you if you're in your newborn years of electronic music, otherwise may the dance gods help you.

          Amnesia I really liked, especially when papa Sven is playing.
          Privilege was HUGE.
          Space I loved!? We saw Zabiela, Ame, Dixon, Scuba.. and also went for Coxy's night which was banging.
          To this day though, I am kicking myself I never made it to Circo Loco at DC10.

        • +1


          Not to rub it in, but Circoloco at DC10 was my favourite club/party on the island.

          EDIT: but the best night I ever had was Carl Cox's birthday at Space

        • @llamaesque: oorrgghhh…. I bet it's pretty loose. Carl Cox bday, wow that would be KING. Coxy was my fav DJ growing up, listening to his live sets at space etc so my pick for the Ibiza trip with some friends was Coxy's tues night at space and circoloco was my 2nd but a mate loved his trance so we went privilege instead on the Monday.

      • +1

        We went during off season a few years ago. Personally i wouldnt have swapped it for party season. Who the hell wants to go to where there is thousands of drunk english people. Seeing the special DJ's would be the only benefit otherwise a beautiful island out of peak season. Hired a car and drove around and were still able to enjoy some clubs, much better not crowded

        • I went in the peak and there was no drunk english around us, we were in playa though.
          Depends what you're after, I personally have a huge passion for music so the partying part was what we went for.

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    I went a couple years back. Amnesia was awesome. Seeing PvD drop For An Angel made my life

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    Sun, sangria and sex

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