expired Ozito Power X Change 2pc Cordless Home Starter Kit $99 (Was $149) @ Bunnings


18V Drill Driver
18V Blower with Extention Tube
2 x 1.5Ah batteries
1 x Fast Charger….

pretty good deal…
probably Aldi will have a similar offer

this is cheapest price for 49pcs Stanley Screwdriver set

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    Wonder how good is the blower, got a corded one but quite inconvenient to use outside.


      It's a bit on the weak side, by my reckoning. I like the drills and the hedge trimmer is also quite good.

      In hindsight, I should've gone with petrol for the blower.


        May go and take a look instore. BTW, do you guys go to the servo to get the petrol and what type did you usually get for a blower?


          Yeah, I went with 4 stroke for a brushcutter/whipper snipper and mower, so I'd have been looking at the same in blowerville.
          Less powerful than 2 stroke still, I imagine but less fuss for me. I use regular 91 petrol (without ethanol).

          I take a 5L plastic jerry can down to the servo as needed.. have heard it's unwise to let fuel just 'sit' in any equipment or jerry cans for extended periods. I'd imagine it's partly because the octane degrades but don't know how quickly.

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      I have ryobi with similar specs and its doing well… im using it only after mowing.
      but this comes with ;
      Tools - 5 Year Replacement Warranty
      Batteries and Charger - 3 Year Replacement Warranty
      what is really good…

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        This is golden. "3 Year Replacement Warranty".
        Have had to exercise it on the original battery and was provided a larger capacity, due to being discontinued :)

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          I took in my bungy old $100 bunnings Ozito kit back as the chuck died in the drill .
          Discontinued so they replaced the torch ,driver ,drill and sabre saw all with the new power exchange gear .
          Gotta love Bunnings no hassle return policy .


      18v blowers are generally quite weak but good for getting into tight places or cleaning up a small workshop or shed of sawdust, etc.


    That looks like a low end blower listed as a blower/inflator so more suited to air mattresses by the looks ?

    I have this Ozito Kit https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-power-x-change-18v-cordles...
    That kit comes with a 3AH battery and the whipper snipper isnt too bad - use if for small jobs when I cant be bothered trying to start the petrol snipper
    The Blower in the other combo kit is not bad - not as much wind velocity as the Ryobi one I had previously but sufficient to clean up the leaves


      How do you find those red blade things in the Whipper Snipper? I've been scratching my head as to how well they'd work versus the standard spinning line so a review would be apprciated. I've seen them in other devices in the past (I think Bosch used to have them) and remember hearing how bad they were but I hoped they may have improved the concept by now? I'm loving the Ozito Power X Change tools I've bought so far and thought the bladed Whipper Snipper kinda let the range down a bit. Maybe I'm wrong?!

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        Just bought the ozito grey whipper snipper from Bunnings a few weeks ago.
        Still uses the same plastic blades and as my first whipper snipper I think it's awesome! I had a good chat with the guy at Bunnings before buying and went with this grey cordless model even though there was a cheap two strike for around the same price.

        I use the snipper just to edge my grass and tackle weeds, but not for anything much heavier. Cuts well and the blades did not snap even when I hit things like concrete and my garden lights.

        Downside is that the replacement Blades will cost more over the line in the long run, but they are effective at cutting and easy to swap out.

        I got this model:


          Yeah cool, thanks for the mini review.

          I come from a large suburban block filled with 250m2 of crazy Sapphire Buffalo and used a Commercial Grade Honda Mower and Brushcutter (not just a 'Whipper Snipper') which ate through anything it touched and allowed me to make very quick work of the yard. I'm now in a teeny-tiny inner-city house with a small yard so currently use a 2nd-hand Ego 56V Mower & Snipper which work really well but I've found it's overkill even for that. I'm now thinking of downsizing the Mower & Snipper to the Ozito Power X Change just so everything I have uses the same battery for the time being and wondered what the plastic blades were like. Sounds as though they'll be fine for my mini yard :)


        Re Blades - Suprising that they work so well. I was very dubious prior to using it. Great for normal grass and weeds that arent too woody. Has issues if you hit larger twigs that have fallen into long grass. My first blade wore quite a bit when trying to edge along a paved area - doesnt like hitting concrete, but then again I'm sure that chews through corded/line models also. My Second blade is lasting quite a long time. You can buy cheaper packs of blades off ebay.

        the arc it cuts isnt all that wide compared to my Petrol trimmer, but I find myself using the ozito a lot more for general upkeep.


      ive got one of these 18v blowers too and have absolutely no complaints about it, although mine only came with a 1.5A battery (didn't buy it in a kit).

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