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McDonald's $2 Snacks: Small Fries, Cheeseburger or 3 Nuggets (Via Mymacca's App)


Previously at maccas… Free Medium Fries with a Fillet-O-Fish Purchase

Go snacks and sides this Saturday
Choose between Small Fries, Regular Cheeseburger or a pack of 3 McNuggets for $2
Apply the offer to your order by tapping 'Apply to Order' below.
Offer expires 11:59pm AEST Sat 9th Dec 2017. <— More like AEDT…

To Be Continued… $1 Regular Sundae for Sunday

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  • +5

    Wheres the bargain? $2 for a small chips isnt that great. Why not get a McDouble instead of a cheeseburger? And only 3 nuggets for $2? Meh.

  • $2 is the regular price for a small fries at my local maccas anyway.

  • Sunnybank, QLD:
    Small Fries: $2.20
    Cheeseburger: $3.25
    3 Nuggets: $3.00

  • i think for this summer promo coming up with something new everyday isn’t easy, so they need to come up with something even if it’s not a bargain….. it’s getting people used to using the app.

    the 2 burgers for $6 was appealing , but you are limited in what you can do if you are up against HJ coupons which are very appealing and simple to use and are valid till feb 2018 …. make it predictable and easy to plan your meals.

    also the $5 domino value pizzas .

    can’t say i’d take a detour to maccas for the chips or nuggets deal …. HJ used to have $1 chips as did kfc.

    • +2

      The app is a nightmare to use… :S

      • least with the recent updates it completes orders reliably.
        The early days were full of tribulations

    • +1

      The FACT is, the app doesn't work and you are dealing with McD who doesn't understand that.

      Right or wrong, it's an App failure, they should have went with NCR like KFC and did it right.

      My personal view, OzB etc should stop posting McD specials.

  • So they took away the long running golden meals and the 25% off and 20% deals to give us rubbish offers like this. No thanks!

    The good thing about the 25% off and 20% off deals were that they stacked nicely with the golden meal and the $5 mcfeast meal

    • I would prefer the entire menu in the app.

      How stupid something like this is not available?

      • No cheap range in app… Had to walk in to order my mcdoubles like a fatty…

        I will say though, they sit like a brick after the third O.O

  • What a rort 3 nuggets for $2

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