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PSB M4U 2 Noise Cancellation Headphone - $299 C&C or + Delivery @ Digital Cinema


PSB M4U 2 Noise Cancellation Headphone - $299 C&C or + Delivery
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  • How do these compare to the Bose QC25's ?

    • I have the QC35's and these, I'd say the QC35's have better noise cancellation and are definitely better for travel as they are lighter, but the PSB's sound better, to my ears at least.

  • I have these and the soundstage is very dynamic and full. They have a built in amplified mode that works in conjunction with noise cancellation. I also have QC35 II for travel as they are lighter and easier. But I definately miss the outstanding sound the PSB’s produce compared to Bose.

  • yeah decent headphones, as people have said sound is definitely better compared to other noise cancelling sets (sennheiser and qc 25/35s), and you pay for that in slightly worse active noise cancelling and weight (heavy enough to shift around on your head if you move quickly). plugs on either side is another nice feature. standout feature for me is the ability to select passive/amplified/noise cancelling, as the NC mode kills some frequencies, and in some headphones the pressure is weird around the ear, but it's still nice to have the sound amplified.

    I've had a few build issues on these; the cable with the inline mic failed after a few weeks, and the face plates on the cups came unstuck as they are in two pieces. the mic cable sucks to lose, but the other is cosmetic so no big deal.

  • Worse noise cancelling compared to the QCs yes, but don't discount the built in amp! Beautiful headphones, I don't know why they've never made successors

  • I hear there's a problem where the band can snap, haven't had the issue myself. I love these. Used them on my last trip and wanted to watch a movie with my girlfriend, realised I could just plug her headphones into mine and 'daisy-chain' em up! Actually a feature you might want quite often on plane trips.