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Closing down Sale: Metas Athletic. Savings from 69-81% across Entire Range. Shirts from $11, Tights from $20, $6.95 Shipping


WOW, what an incredible response! Due to the number of orders coming in, we may be a little behind on packing them up, so there may be a 1-2 business day delay in getting things out. We're working hard to pack and send the orders out as quickly as possible)

Hello Ozbargainers,

We're sorry to have to do this, but competing priorities means we're shutting down METAS, our athleticwear company for the foreseeable future.

This is a fantastic opportunity to stock up on high quality tights, singlets, hoodies (the best ever) and much more with discounts up to 81%. Flat rate shipping, Australia-wide for just $6.95.

Although METAS is not well known, it is positioned to take on the likes of lululemon or Nike in terms of features and quality.
Although METAS is not well known, you can expect the quality to be consistent with what you’d find at lululemon or Nike.

It looks good, fits well, and features premium materials you won't find anywhere at this price (laser-cut, seamless designs, high-tech fabric from Italy, etc.)

These are our final reductions and prices will be in place until all stock is sold.

Sizing of some styles is very limited, so please get in quick. The range is more on the fitted side of things, so check the sizing guide and order a size up when in doubt.

Here is a shortlist of some of our favourite items from the range:

item was now savings
Women's Full-length Leggings $110 $21 81%
Women's Cropped Tights $100 $20 80%
Women's Singlets $70 $14 80%
Women's Sports Bras $65 $15 77%
Men's Shorts $90 $18 90%
Men's Hoodies $95 $23 76%
Men's T-Shirts $45 $11 76%

For reference, here are the stats for the models on the site:
Height: 175cm/5'9"
Dress: 8 AUS
Cup: B/C
Bust: 84CM/33"
Waist: 66CM/26"
Hips: 90CM/35.5"
Shoe: 8 AUS/39EU

HEIGHT: 186CM/6'1"

The sizes of each item the model is wearing is listed on the individual product pages (on the right hand side, near the top)

Thanks for checking this out and I'll be checking the comments section to field any questions you may have.

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  • Great prices - just picked up a bunch of stuff for me and the missus.

    • +1 vote

      The product is amazing and I have no doubt you've scored some brownie points!

      I'm certainly biased, but anyone who pick up something from this sale will not be disappointed with the design and quality for this price.

  • +20 votes

    "Although METAS is not well known, it is positioned to take on the likes of lululemon or Nike "
    Considering it is closing down, I don't think it's positioned to take on anyone any longer

  • Where are you located and would you allow for pick up?

  • The range is more on the fitted side of things

    ….you realise this is is ozbargain yeh??? :D

  • I bought a few items for my missus. Taking a gamble on sizing.
    Hopefully the sizing isn't too tight, as I've got her a fair few items in my order. Going to be mega bummed if they are all tighter fitting then her lulu or LJ items.

    • +2 votes

      The only thing I believe is a little tighter is the Grey Marl Cropped tights. that color specifically doesn't stretch like the blue and black ones, so I might suggest a size up on that color of tights specifically.

      Hope she enjoys!

      • hmmm, and of course I bought a pair of those in Small for her (the Charcoal color).
        I will risk it that she's small enough and that the Cropped tights are stretchy enough.

        • +1 vote

          The charcoal tights don't stretch as much as the other colours and you may want to consider a size up in those. Just saying. PM me with the order number if you want me to make the switch.

        • PM sent.

  • That's a pity, sorry to hear you're closing down.

    A friend of mine was in a similar situation, he found someone to manage/run the business for him paying 49% of the profits in return.

  • Even if I don't know what to get the mrs for Xmas, Ozbargain will always let me know. Thanks OP, $50 for leggings shorts & bra is an absolute steal.

  • Bought items for the day I become ripped

    • +25 votes

      No need to wait, just put them on now and something will be ripped.

  • any comparison to ASOS XS-S sizing? I usually buy XS for most tops on ASOS. Keen on the grey hoodie in S, will it fit?

    edit: i usually wear my stuff fitted :D

  • I would buy but cant since I don't know the sizing - I assume no returns either if it doesn't fit since you're closing down

  • Am I able to come to the warehouse and try some stuff on before purchasing? Or do I have to just buy and hope I picked the right size?

  • Cool - bought a couple of things for Christmas for the wifey - loves her Lulu tights, so hoping they are similiar

  • Thanks for sharing :)

    Unfortunately no men's tights :(

  • I m 178cm and 88kg. I normally wear L but the hoodies and shirts look tight in the pictures. Should I go for L or XL?

    • I'm 182cm and 88kg.

      I wear a L in the quantum hoodie. It's definitely the most fitted hoodie I own, but I like it that way. If you want to go a bit looser, get an XL. I don't think you'll be disappointed either way.

      Also, for reference, I wear a L in the shorts and a L in the Axium Logo T-Shirt. For the Convect T-Shirt and Quantum pullovers I wear an XL as they are very fitted, though if I were in better shape, I would consider the L.

  • Thanks OP. Ordered a few stuff. Hope it lives up to the promotion.

  • cheers.
    sorry you're closing
    quite good prices!

  • I love the hoodie. Is it possible to choose pickup so I can try them on or maybe swap the sizing cause I'm not exactly sure about the cutting

  • sad… your stuff seems well made, I'd not pay full price though

    whish you all the best in your new ventures.

    I did buy some items.

  • Someone's even bought the logo on your website

    • Hey, sorry but I don't know what you mean.

      Perhaps this has gone straight over my head?

      • Maybe it's my browser but I'm on a mobile and your logo is missing

        • Showing up fine for me on desktop and mobile.

          Which phone and browser are you using?

          Maybe it has something to do with the site getting absolutely hammered.

          Hoping we don't get "Ozbargained"!

  • So sad so many small business (and big) retailers are closing shop this year

    In my local area, a few stores that’s been around for years have closed down right before Christmas

    I figured they might want to try and hang around bit longer

  • No wonder you are closing down with those original prices, $90 for no brand shorts?

  • Ordered 7 pieces for myself and the girlfriend! Great prices!

  • Perhaps you should have run some 50% off sales here… it would have been a good way to promote your business.

    I don't care about brand, I do care about quality, and if I find yours as being a top one I would spread the word about your products…

  • +1 vote

    Suggestion: Free shipping for a minimum order of $49

    • +8 votes

      At these prices, we simply can't afford to cover the cost of shipping as well.

      Sorry about that!

  • Thanks, picked up a few items. Looks good quality.

  • Hi, just checking as to why my mobile number is appearing in my "ship to" section of the tax invoice. It won't be sent like that right? Next to my name?


      That's on my tax invoice also. IMO it's a good idea if it might help the package reach me. You don't like it?

    • This is for Auspost in case they need to contact you regarding delivery.
      If there is an issue with this, I can send you a copy of your tax invoice with this deleted out.

      • I guess I don't mind if it'll help me get my packages. No need to resend a tax invoice.
        I've just rarely seen my phone number appear on my packages before.

        • I get it all the time on packages. Its not much of a privacy concern as its printed, not digitally shared.

  • Purchased OP, thanks. Santa stockings sorted~

  • @Trueprotein

    Hey mate, I'm male, 177cm, 78-80kg, lean.

    What size would you recommend for your hoodie and pullover?


  • Have you got anymore size s hoodies left ? Forgot to click checkout after paypal :(

  • Couldn't pass up a nice looking grey hoodie. Got +1 my normal size for my non fitted body heh

  • Seeing how well the respond is, I think you should reconsider closing down your business.

    • Good response is probably due to the discounted prices though. So I guess the question is, would it be sustainable for them in the long term if they were to lower their prices permanently.

      Probably have to reconsider their business model.

  • Finally I find short tights that have lots of pocket space - and of course it's going out of business. Bought two pairs to check size (and a bunch of other stuff) and if they fit OK I'll order more if they haven't all sold. Best of luck OP.

  • any chance of a free shipping for spend over $100 or $140?

    Tried to purchase a few times today but paypal never works - giving me an error

    • +1 vote

      Most of the orders placed today were via Paypal and it seems to be working fine.

      Unfortunately, as we're selling below cost, we can't cover the shipping.

  • I've ordered a hoodie and t-shirt, checked out with bank transfer, just thought I'd notify you here.
    Assuming most people are checking out with PayPal or card. Thanks! :)

    edit: I'm with Commonwealth, so I'm not sure how long until it'll be in the account.

  • Awesome! just splurged a little!

  • 1x Black Infinite Series Short [M] (MM-SH-001-BL-M) $18.00
    1x Charcoal Quantum Series Hoodie [M] (MM-OH-001-CM-M) $23.00
    1x Charcoal Diffuse Singlet [XS] (MW-SI-001-CM-XS) $14.00
    1x Black on Black Axium T-Shirt [M] (MM-TS-002-BL-M) $11.00
    1x Grey on Light Grey Axium T-Shirt [M] (MM-TS-002-LG-M) $11.00

    Subtotal    $77.00
    Shipping    $6.95
    GST Included    $7.63
    Total   $83.95
  • Once the order has been submitted, how do you go about changing the shipping details if you've made some mistakes?
    Logging in as a member doesn't seem to work (actually I couldn't log in with my newly set password)

  • Looks like your sizings were also inspired by the likes of Lululemon and locked out a good portion of the market.

    My calves have next to no squishy factor and 2XU XL tights fit well but is tight in that region only. Your stuff, not a chance of fitting larger frames (not talking about fat, just broad)

  • Awesome Prices!! Picked up quite a few things - Paid via CC for $90 worth of gear.
    Shame the company is shutting down as only ever heard of it just now. Quality from the photos looks pretty good.
    Props for replying to all these comments as well being quite informative.

  • Thanks OP - got a few items for the mrs - great prices - lets hope quality is as described.

  • what's the weight of the model?
    I'm 175cm/68kg lean build. wondering if the medium hoodie and pullover would be a good fit.

  • Hey Op, just ordered a tonne of stuff. Wishing you all the best in your next endevour. Thanks for the sale :)

  • thanks OP
    wish you all the best

  • Thanks OP. Xmas pressie sorted.

    Shame you're closing down. The site looks good and the product looks great. Perhaps if you posted some great deals here earlier you may have gotten some attention. As it stands, this is the first time I've heard of this brand. Anyways… Best of luck for the future.

  • Thanks OP, great stuff on your site. New gym outfits for next year done. Wish I'd heard of your store earlier!

  • I made a mistake with the sizing , how do I adjust an order before it’s sent ?

  • Hi OP,quick questions in terms of sizing.
    I usually wear size M tees on brand like uniqlo & h&m, would it be ok to purchase size M on your tees?
    For the charcoal hoodie size L should be alright or way too loose?
    I'm weighing 88 kg, & 1.76m tall.
    My build is fairly buff & bulky.

  • Just purchased:
    1x Black Quantum Series Hoodie [M] (MM-OH-001-BL-M) $23.00
    1x Charcoal Quantum Series Hoodie [L] (MM-OH-001-CM-L) $23.00
    1x Black Quantum Series Hoodie [L] (MM-OH-001-BL-L) $23.00

    I'm not sure which one fits better! And I'm located in WA so I'm not sure how long will it take.. hope to fit them soon and hoping to buy more when I know my right size!

    • I’m in WA as well, three items I ordered day before are all size M, I guess they should be size as NIKE,

      • Hi helloeatty,

        Thanks alot. I'm actually a size L at Nike but then bought another M. We'll see how it goes!

  • Just wanted to update you guys on the sizing and fit as I went to pick up my order today. I usually wear size S (170cm roughly around 73kg), ordered size M in the hoodie and pullover tops. Would have to say it's a snug fit even with the recommended size up.the quality is definitely on point too.

    • Hmm what’s your build like? I’m 172 / 75 and ordered a large hoodie, I have a slightly stocky upper body