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Chair Mat in Carpet or Hard Floor Options and Four Sizes from $21 and Free Shipping @Matshop


We have been asked to bring this deal back again.

PVC Chair Mat available in carpet floor option (with grippers on underside) or in a hard floor option (no grippers).

Available in four popular sizes

90 x 120cm with lip

114 x 135cm with lip

120 x 152cm rectangle

120 x 183cm rectangle

Due to the overwhelming response we are currently taking this off sale, keep an eye out for it coming back on!

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    I was only looking at these yesterday in Officeworks - cheapest was $39. This seems a pretty good deal.

    • Thanks @Hinee, the free shipping to your door saves you struggling out of the shop with it too!

    • I'm also looking for the same, was thinking to goto Kmart, OW, etc and look at ebay (overseas). Have u looked at kmart or ebay for cheaper options?

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        Hi @electricbluee I stand to be corrected however I don't believe they stock them. One tip we learn from customers is to make sure that the mat is delivered flat and not rolled up otherwise they take ages to unroll and can create a trip hazard on the rippled edges

      • They do not stock these at Kmart and the cheapest ones at OW are $39. After a quick look at eBay the cheapest I see is $23.89

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      My thoughts exactly I need one

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    Thanks Mat

    • You're welcome @malouphix

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        I like to believe your name is Mat and the shop is named after you, not by the products you sell.

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          Kinda like Doug who sells shovels and Bob that sells pool bouys or Douglas who used to sell shovels but is out of stock

        • @Lizard Spock: or Nicholas who used to sell underwear but also ran out of stock

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    OP - we welcome prices to be posted on OZB directly.

    Floor Surface*
    Carpet Floor $23.10
    Hard Floor $21.00

    90 x 120cm with lip $21.00
    114 x 135cm with lip $31.00
    120 x 152cm rectangle $43.00
    120 x 183cm rectangle $55.00

    • thanks @dynamike will do it going forward, appreciate your help!

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        You know you can edit the post, don't you? Find the edit button in the yellow bar underneath the title.

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    shame you don't have paypal

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      Why is it a shame?

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        Because they don't have paypal.

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          Oh. That’s a shame.

  • Is your name really Mat? Cause that'd just be so perfect.

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    Bought from these guys a few times; awesome service, great prices.

    • Thanks for the feedback @batrarobin

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    costco has 114x134 for 20.99, if are a member..For hard floors


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      Mat's is 1cm longer

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        Size does matter :)

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        1cm can make a difference ;)

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    Great price but mine cracked in a few places after about a year of use

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      As someone pointed out, Officeworks has them around $30. but if you spend $30 on one expect it to be thrown out in 6-12 months cause it's cracked.

      You need to get the ones closer to $100 if you want them to last years.

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    My current mat from Officeworks is cracking and my chair leaves impressions in it. Do you have any really good quality ones for thicker carpet that wont crack and is very solid?

    Currently have my eye on this one:

    If I order it now, would it arrive before the 21st? Ordered and just left instructions to throw it over my fence. Been looking for a replacement for agessss

  • Do the sizes for the mats (with lips) include the lip in the size?

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      90 X 120cm with lip

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      Is the lip meant to be under the desk? In which case, going by the images, isn't the lip in this case too small?

      • Hi @WaywardOne the lip was originally developed for the area where your feet rest

  • Just ordered one, would it be possible to dispatch today? Going away late next week and hoping it's here by then so post office doesn't get annoyed at me lol

    Order ID 100013612

    • Hi @dyl, you should see this on Tuesday, is that okay?

      • Tuesday works great, not leaving until Friday!

        Cheers :)

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    Bought one last time and they gave me a larger size than I had ordered, so that was a bonus. The PVC wasn't as thick as I have had before but still good for carpet.

  • Hi I somehow forgot to write down my street number and I can't amend my order.
    My order number is 100013623. I've since added my street number in my address book on my account, but I'm not sure if that will correct the order.
    The street number is 61.


  • Hi mat or matshop, how long will this deal last? Because I am not in the office now, can only check the size of the worn out mat in my office tomorrow.

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      Hi @edfoo I will hold one of each for you if we out sell like last time, just email me on [email protected]

      • Ah you are too nice, don't have to hold any for me. I will check back tomorrow.

      • Hmm, what's just happened? I tried to order 10 carpet mats, it had $23.10 each in my cart, but after I put in the postcode for shipping, the price went up to $33 each. That's with free shipping too.

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    Do these mats move from a large chair like a DX Racer rolling back and forth after time?

    I currently have a cheap carpet mat which annoyed the hell out of me as it moves alot.

    • Hi @Axelstrife, it is hard to say without testing it sorry.

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    Can anyone confirm that the carpet floor mat will NOT move all over the place like the one from Ikea?

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      Hi @aec it will depend on the carpet pile thickness. The longer the carpet pile the more it rocks and creeps. You may need something with longer spikes or a thicker surface.

    • We are using the mats from Ikea and cut plush carpet and they do not move.

      Maybe buy new chair

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    6 month warranty (https://www.matshop.com.au/pvc-chair-mat)

    At Mat Shop as the Manufacturer of the best mats we are able to stand behind our product and offer a 365 Day Money Back Guarantee. (https://www.matshop.com.au/90-day-money-back-guarantee)

    We Cover Our Chair Mats with a Four-Year Warranty (http://blog.matshop.com.au/the-benefits-of-using-chair-mats-...)

    Isn't that a little contradictory? You won't warrant your product beyond 6 months, but you are happy to return my money within a year. Your chair mats come with 4-year warranties, but then perhaps not this model?

    Please clarify!

    • I bought mine back in 2015 thru ozbargain deal and started showing cracks in less than 12 months of use which was disappointing.

      • Bad luck! It is out of warranty but Matshop will gladly give your money back! Have no fear, Matshop backs its products with a 4-year warranty.

        Still no clarification from Store Rep on this important matter.

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    OP, my password was mailed back to me in plaintext, this needs to be fixed.

    • +1

      The sales system is incredibly slow and UX needs improving. At least it's not broken like many other small retailers.

    • +1

      No one cares about your password for an online retailer that sells plastic mats.

      • +2

        Many people (including myself) tend to simply re-use passwords for other smallish retailers that we intend to purchase from once a year <— which I believe you will focus on, should you choose to respond.

        Even hashed passwords aren't safe these days, which is why a salted hash is expected to be a standard. The fact that you believe No one cares is irrelevant if you want to run a reputable business.

        • Many people (including myself) tend to simply re-use passwords for other smallish retailers that we intend to purchase from once a year <— which I believe you will focus on, should you choose to respond.

          I couldn't care less what you choose to do in your spare time, but people still aren't interested in any of your online purchasing.

          The main part of the site is safe and secure, that's all that matters to me.

        • Your premise that this revolves around MY shopping habits, and people couldn't care less, is wrong.

          The main part of the site is safe and secure, that's all that matters to me.
          Great, then.

          How about you let the others point out glaring security issues on a website that is obviously getting a large amount of sales from this post, and not be snarky about it?

      • +1

        Yeah, that's the problem. No one really cares… until there is a big data breach with mass identity theft, credit card fraud, credit history damage, and all the other not-so-fun stuff that people experience every time it happens.

        It's also concerning that matshop upvoted the comment. I'd prefer that the person entrusted with my password, personal details, credit card etc., would actually care about basic security.

  • 20 dollars at costco. Made in USA and bigger than this. Though costco has a membership…

    • And you have to pick it up

      • +3

        from USA?

        • +3

          No silly, from your Mum.

  • How long is the deal for , not back in town for two weeks


  • +2

    Does it smell?

    • If it does, just unwrap it and leave it in the garage, laundry, or somewhere airy until the smell goes - can be a few days to a couple of weeks

      • yeah I had a $10 PVC one from Bunnings left it outside on the pool table for a week and the smell didn't go away. couldn't be bothered waiting forever for the smell to not kill me. was too strong.

  • What is the point of these mats? To stop the chair from sliding?

    • +4
      1. To make the chair move more easily over carpet
      2. To not destroy your carpet
    • +1

      To protect the floor? Smoother surface for the wheels?

    • On carpet floors wheels dont work well and if you try to roll forefully it will damage the fibres in carpet.

  • do you have any mats for a glassed desk station?

    • Rectangle might work (hard floor)

  • +1

    Thanks just ordered one.
    Please be aware when you place your order, Matshop will send you a welcome email with your password in plain text.
    Very poor security - be aware and make sure to choose a unique password.
    Otherwise, looks like a good buy.

  • Hi Matshop

    I accidentally made two orders

    Regardless, both have the status as ‘canceled’. I have also sent an email trying to cancel an order. Pls help. Thanks

  • a close up image of the 'lip' would be handy.

  • Not sure why all the positive votes - cheaper prices on ebay:
    1140 x 1350mm Carpet Floor Office Computer Work Chair Mat Vinyl Plastic protect AU $33.58

    vs $43.00 at Matshop. Ebay one deliver it rolled up but other than that looks very similar (except 5mm thick vs matshop's 6mm thick)

    Any reason to go for these over ebay? Are these ones better quality than ebay?

    Edit - oh, it's expired so back to normal price doh

  • I'm a little disappointed with their lack of communication.

    I ordered one yesterday around 4pm. As soon as I ordered I realized I made an error in my shipping address.
    To remedy this I emailed them immediately at [email protected] and I also left a comment here which didn't get answered (but the other comments around me did…)

    But today at 9am I received an email from [email protected] saying it has been shipped out. I know it was my fault for forgetting to enter the street address, but I would have thought they would have noticed the shipping address before shipping it out. It had no street number listed, just a unit number and street name. The unit number is listed as the street number now on the dispatch email.

    I contacted the courier so hopefully that will get sorted out before the delivery.

    • Just thought I should mention they did actually update my shipping information. But it was weird that it wasn't updated on the dispatch email.
      I only found out when I contacted the courier.

      But anyway it arrive today so I'm happy.

      • Sorry @chanleystan that we didnt get back to you, glad it was delivered all good though.

  • I purchased the largest one, for carpet. I hope it lasts; my previous ones all crack within 6 months because my carpet + underlay might be a tad soft, and the weight thru my chair rollers onto the mats make them fail prematurely.

    There is a contradiction on this seller's website as to the length of guarantee. In one place it says 12 months, and in another place it said 6 months.

    As to other sources, Costco have very well priced chair mats, but only in one medium size. We have purchased those for desks and occupants smaller than mine/me.

  • When was this marked as expired? I was charged a different price since placing the order this morning.
    I was supposedly paying $23 but got charged $36.30 instead.

    • Click the revisions button in the yellow bar underneath the title. Each revision is timestamped.

  • Mine arrived today and I'm really happy with it.

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