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Logitech G610 Mechanical Keyboard (Cherry MX Blue) $74 + Shipping @ Computer Alliance


This is pretty hard to go past, for a mech with legit cherry switches for less than a hundred dollars, not to mention fancy lighting.

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    If you can tolerate the noise of the MX Blues, it's a very good price

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      Everyone is different.. I love the blue clicks. lol

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        I also love the clicks, others around me not so much…or others using them around me.

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      I like the feeling MX Blues, but having recently had the chance to borrow a keyboard with White ALPS - blues sound like high pitched cheapies.

      The clicky noise the alps make are loads better.

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      If your key clacks aren't waking up your neighbors, you need a new keyboard.

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    $16 postage to Sydney makes it $90 all up.
    Limit 1 per customer, so can't split postage with a friend.

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    Cheers, bargain. Will pick mine up later. Glad to see it's cherry switches a not some dodgy in-house branded switch

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      Yeah, my thoughts too. I can't stand the other Orion series' switches. They barely feel mechanical.

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        Yeah, Romer-G's feel mushy.

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    Be aware that this keyboard uses a non standard layout, you will not be able to easily use aftermarket keycaps.

    I believe the space bar is 5.75U with the modifiers both 1.5U and 1.25 U

  • are these any good for general typing or just gaming ?

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      I find them better than membrane keyboards for typing too. But Blue keys are loudest(?) out of all, might drive your coworkers crazy with the clickity-clack.

      • It's not so much the loudness…most mech keyboards are pretty clackety. It's the "sharpness" of the sound made by the blues that gets pretty grating after a while.

      • That's why I'm considering getting this. My coworker has a mech keyboard and it's bloody annoying at times when trying to concentrate or during conference calls. Open plan office of course. The amount of noise cancelling headphones has gone up rapidly though so there's a selling point.

      • +5

        seems brown is the go …. one of quieter ones.

        • I have this keyboard with brown switches and like it very much. The only annoyance is that the default lighting effect is the very distracting continual "wave" pattern, so you have to install the Logitech software just to have a plain backlit keyboard without a nauseating pattern. No biggie, but it would have been nice to have a plain backlit keyboard as the default lighting so I didn't have to install software just to get no frills backlighting.

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          @Rusty McMusty: You can also change to static backlighting by pressing the backlight button and 0 at the same time.

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          @Hacheoy: the 0 above the letters not the one on the numpad

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      I've had one of these with brown switches for 18 months now. Bought it for using at work for typing and absolutely recommended it. Not sure how loud the blues are though.

    • Blue switches aren't exactly the best for gaming, particularly when you're on voice chat with friends. Yet, I'm still using one myself for it. The heavier actuation force reduces the chances of typing error, and I personally find the clicks satisfying to the ear. As always, ymmv.

    • I rate blues as good as browns. Then reds, then blacks. Blacks are the worst.
      I love the clicks, and they're actually pretty good for gaming for me at least.

  • Are the mech keyboards on gearbest any good?

    I'm currently using a wired apple keyboard which isn't bad but just prefer something not as slim line.

  • Do they have a shop in Melbourne? Is this the price for pickup or delivery?

  • +1

    Nope. no stores in Melbourne. quick look at their store locations on their website tells me this…

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      In that case, $16 delivery fee should be added to the title and QLD only for pickup.

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    Good work OP. Nice price. People will need to consider if cherry blue best option for them but that doesn't take away from the deal.

    And a good dealer too. Brisbane Southside, been around for many years. I've personally spent >$10k there through buying 4 desktop systems + most of my monitors / peripherals over a ~12 year period and always have a good experience there.

    • +1

      Yeah I've always been looked-after there on the rare occasion something's gone wrong with a purchase. I would recommend them over the nearby stores every time, though they are usually slightly more expensive.

  • -1

    Aren't these RomerG instead of Cherry blue?

    • +1

      No. The G610 uses Cherry blue switches. If I recall there's another Orion-branded model which uses Browns.
      The rest use RomerG though. Can confirm these are not RomerG!

      • +2

        EDIT: I need to correct myself. It seems the G610 models all use Cherry switches, of Blue, Red, or Brown type. The G810/G910 models use RomerG.

        • Ah I have the G810 :P Thought it looked similar to G610… It does. Wonder what the real differences are.

        • @StoneSin: G810 uses Logitech/Omron switches and has RGB lighting. G610 uses Cherry MX Switches and has white lighting.

  • Thanks OP, being waiting a long time for a deal on this model!

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    just plugged mine in and I think the clicks are awesome.

  • Great price

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    Currently out of stock, pre-order only

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    Found out that they have it on their ebay page as well , after I purchased mine through Computer Alliance web

    $15 shipping + 1% cashrewards , bring them down to $88.26, also good option to avoid their 1% paypal surcharge if you haven't purchase it through their website

    Also if y'all haven't used the P5OZZIE code bring them down to 88.26 - 3.7 (74-5%) = $84.56

    Edit: Bugger , someone snatch the last keyboard at the last minute

  • This is VERY good deal. Logitech quality, all the bells and whistle (no RGB but white is good) and genuine cherry switches.

    • +1

      Considering most of the new logitech mechanical keyboard all used the romerG mechanical switch (Similiar to Cherry MX Brown but musshier)
      I reckon the old Logitech Mechanical Keyboard is a better deal.

      • I have the G910 with the Romers…pretty good I'd say. Slightly mushier but they're also quieter…

  • Damn that's cheap for legit Cherry switches

  • If the Blue is louder or more 'clicky' than MX Brown (what I currently have) then ill skip this even if its for $50.

    I cant stand the noise my keyboard makes when im typing, it seriously feels like sitting in a call centre.

    For gaming it's great because most of the time you have WSDA held down

  • +1

    I see all this chitta chatta about keyboards with Cherry switches and I want one, just not loud blue ones.

    Does anyone know of a deal on a keyboard with brown switches?

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