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Lindt Lindor Limited Edition Ball Bag 585 Grams $15 (Was $33) at East Village Coles Zetland NSW


Although Coles online states $17.50 they were $15 in store in Zetland NSW. Unsure about other stores.
$2.56 per 100 grams is pretty good for Lindor Balls.
Flavours are milk, white, dark, cappuccino, strawberries & cream, coconut

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  • Away from the cool store, refrigerate contents ASAP because the plastic ball warms them up.

    • Does the ball bag not sweat?

    • You really know your balls.

  • Any chocolate salty balls in that ball bag?

  • My apologies! I thought thys post referred to this product.

  • +1

    You had me at ball bag

    • Do you like ball bags?

    • Surprised it took more than 1 hour for this comment to be made

  • Ball Bag 585 Grams

    That's one hell of ball bag.

    • Over 250g each

      • The bag would only be about 5g so each ball would be 290g.

  • Will Santa's sack be big enough?

  • This looks like it has been extended!!
    Get your balls on!

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